Hmm what is valentine sef? All you people making a big deal out of it, do you know the meaning? But can you blame them ni? it’s been abused from the moment a mother won’t even show love to her offspring, a man forgetting the reason he proposed to his wife and girls and boys turning it to a business of exchange… but truly, valentine is a time of love,a time to share, to hold, to receive and to give.

Valentine! Valentine! Valentine! What a day! Many will be INFECTED, ENGAGED, LOVED, DISSAPOINTED, PROMISED & SO ON AND SO FORTH…..

“INFECTED” Such is the story of a Titilayo, a young woman of about 25. Titilayo had travelled to the UK for her masters degree in the summer of Last year. She left home and her wonderful boyfriend, Victor with whom she had a lasting 3-year old relationship. Titilayo decided to come home just before valentines and dreamt of how pleasant it would be to surprise victor on the 14th with a visit without his prior knowledge. She planned her arrival for the 12th of February. When she returned, of course she didn’t call victor, rather, she appeared at victor’s place on valentines day. Needless to say, they were both happy and overjoyed; got ‘down’ and had a marvellous time. After sex, they lay in bed naked and, Titilayo confessed to victor amidst tears of happiness that she never cheated on him throughout the time she was in the UK. Victor was so happy to have Titilayo in his arms and re-affirmed he had been committed to her by telling her he never had sex in her absence. Titilayo chose to believe him because she was frightened.  Knowing very well her boyfriend was a play boy, it would kill her to inquire and discover he was unfaithful.  In the end they both agreed she moved in with him. Three months passed and Titilayo was offered a job in a multinational. She went for some compulsory medicals only to discover she was HIV positive. She was INFECTED‼!

ENGAGED… is that of a wonderful friend of mine who will today, by love’s grace, become engaged. Infact, looking at the ring, I can’t but wish it was mine (yes na, me sef wan engage lol). He’s going to do it in a very special way, I just hope he doesn’t cry and I hope she does cry just to fulfil my own fairy tale kind of proposal sha. Jealousy will fill the eyes of her friends while his friends would ask questions like ‘is he truly ready?’ And all, but they WILL be ENGAGED :p

LOVED… Hmm… well, who wouldn’t want to be loved if we truly are ready to give it back. There are a lot of children who wish they had a mother, a father, or at least a sibling L They hope that one day, even if for just a few hours, they can feel what I feel for my mum and what you feel for yours. Well, today, some of them will have their prayers answered as you and I or some of us will go visiting them, giving out what we can, holding their hands and telling them it’s going to be alright… On a more personal note, I’m willing to show some love to my very own mum today by cooking her a special meal 🙂 and I’m sure that so many of you will be giving me gifts ( I hope *wink*). Eateries will be filled with so much love in the air as the movies will make extra money, some will be shown on the bed and others will be shared with the family we LOVE. ❤

DISAPPOINTED… This is d funniest of all as the sad and lonely already do not expect anything and would try as much to remain sad or enjoy the day like me am doing (not sad sha). So many people will sleep with disappointments in their hearts and minds today, not that I’m wishing anyone bad but it’s the fact. Not all ’cause they were dumped but some ’cause of work, some cashless, but some just ’cause they expect too much. A friend of mine, (am sure she’s reading this) said she’s been saving up for today to get her boyfriend a sports shoe ’cause he’s a baller and that cost her $475! Hmm… am so ‘in-between’ as the guy coincidentally called me that he’s not sure he’s getting his girlfriend anything because he doesn’t trust her. Knowing well that he might be right, I still encouraged him to make her happy. Trust me, she’s doing it as an investment though (lips sealed). Well, aside this backbiting story, many people will be disappointed because the guy has to share his budget between 3 girls so that they all can get their expected wish.

PROMISING… is that duo who are not of today but who share and experience love everyday. They have and will share together as one, so do not expect anything from each other but get there heart-filled with joy and happiness. They are not head over heels worried about the 14th of February because the love they share is forever and PROMISING…

AND MANY, MANY MORE things will happen today, for the accomplished that will get their gifts, the cheats that will scale through the obstacles, and the ones that know their place in each other’s hearts. But, most of all my dear readers, today is all about love not relationships, it’s about giving, receiving and sharing, you DON’T have to squeeze yourselves dry to satisfy that partner. If you are truly loved, whatever you give will be appreciated. Do not wait for particular dates to give gifts, always show love anytime and anyday.

May we experience MANY MORE of today…

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY… and remember to use condom 😉