At 5:45 a.m. it begins with an incessant beep-beep-beep

I fumble clumsily for the alarm, eyes still closed because I didn’t get enough sleep

I could have gone to bed early; I always say that I will

But as the final moments of my weekend slip away, I desperately cling to the thrill

How is it already Monday?

Eventually i decided to start the week but wanted to turn over, i woke up again it was 6:02 am

i was late for solat, i woke-up to bath and said my prayers.

Resting my face in my palms as I think about the week that lies ahead

put on my clothes… look my best, it is Monday, after all.

I will lose my keys, say my byes and have to make a run for the bus

I was at my door when the heavy breeze blew my face away

I wondered what it was but then the down pour came, i went back to my room to take a nap 😀

Hopefully this rain lasts the whole day or I will make it to work just too late

Mother, called on me as she brought in my breakfast,

Yellow and milky it was, one of the simplest meal i still cant make – custard

I looked up and smiled at her

As i cleared my cup so did the sky clear

I’ll have to face my boss if he made it earlier to work

About to jump a bike when i heard a slit.. oh my red pretty skirt tore

Not to worry am still home, changed my below and threw on a wooly pant.

Got to the office an hour and half later than usual.

Time for proper breakfast

It’s then that I’ll realize I forgot my purse.

Oh, the life of an office drone.

'the office drone"