Well, it is official, I am sick, i have been feeling a lot under the weather these days and my oxygen-routine changed,a situation where you get to feel under pressure at night and more relaxed during the day causing you to sleep more during the day, it could be a symptom to many things ( even pregnancy- will you criticize me if i am?). have been too lazy and even grown more nonchalant to see a doctor (very much against what i preach), no production through out last week, no new designs and i didn’t write anything until today.

Anyhow, in my clouded haze I stumbled upon the question of attraction. I wanted to pose the question in a manner that was not directly linked to romantic attraction. In my opinion, attraction is the sense of being drawn to someone whether it be because of the way they look or their mannerisms. Many things can attract one person to another. How many times have you encountered someone you may not find physically appealing but once they speak and engage in conversation you find that you are attracted to their person…to their being. You may not necessarily feel a romantic connection but you feel a desire to be around them.

There are a ton of qualities I find attractive in people. Confidence (confidence not cockiness or arrogance) is probably one of the most attractive qualities a person can have. When a person is obviously secure with themselves they exude a natural happiness in life. I love to be around people like this because it makes me feel like they are living their ultimate bliss. I believe in the law of attraction as well so I choose to surround myself with people like this as often as I can.

The ability to make people smile and to treat people with a great amount of respect to draw people in. These are some of the most attractive qualities that a person can hold within themselves. These are the qualities that attracts me to others and make me want to build relationships with people. Times have changed though. Society has changed and media has emerged in a way that has (at least I believe) has made us lose those personal connections with each other. When I find qualities like this in a person, I hold onto them with dear life. These qualities portray a sense of balance. In this crazed world, if a person is able to keep up with media and technology but still maintain personal relationships on deep levels then I am hooked.

People are all so different and that is what makes life so interesting to me. I have been drawn to complete strangers because of only mere words they have spoken or body language that portrays passion and desire.…some of these things may cause romantic(wink wink) feelings in me while others may cause a desire to want to get to know the person more and hear more about their lives and adventures.

Creative / artistic -I am absolutely drawn to people that love creating in some way or another-whether it be through writing, painting or music. Someone that exudes passion in a creative form.

Physical appearance– i am strongly attracted to either a girl or boy/man by their looks, i keep a lot of people just because they amuse and interest me just by their looks, dressing, appearance and carriage, it actually helps me to want to look better. For guys- especially heights, i can hug YOU till the next full moon.

Kindness-It may seem like an obvious thing to be attracted to but kindness comes in many forms. I am attracted to people that perform kind acts naturally, without even realizing that they are doing it. A simple gesture of remembering something about yesterday and asking or asking if you had breakfast. hmm…

Goal-getter: in a way if you are an achiever or someone that pursues goals, you automatically have my heart, i can easily forgive your shortcomings because this alone carries a lot of burden and confidence.

Humor-If you can make me laugh and make me feel like I have a hanger stuck in my mouth from smiling so much then I will 100% be attracted to you as a person.

Adventurous-I chose this quality because sometimes I am not as adventurous as I wish I was and when I encounter people that are it drives me to step outside of my comfort zone.

Happiness-I am so ridiculously drawn to happy people. I am drawn to people that see the silver lining majority of the time. I am drawn to people that do not let the stresses and struggles control them. I do not like people who are always sad and always have bad things to say about things, because i am a strong believer of  “laws of attraction“.

Eager-This is broad but I guess what I mean is I find eagerness for learning to be very attractive. I have such a thirst for knowledge and love meeting others that do too because then I am able to learn even more. I am allowed the gift of a different perspective.

Digression– I am not in anyway attracted to quiet people, I am a big, fat talker and quiet people with cold eyes make it very easy to make you feel bad about being a talkative and the fact that they can easily tell word for word what you have just said makes it even worse, I am afraid of them actually, because silence can mean a lot of things and if I’m not able to figure you out then i cant be close to you.

There are other qualities (many other qualities) that people have drawn me in with. Attraction is a concept in which we tend to label in the manner of romance but in truth we are all attracted to each other in some way or another whether we are friends, lovers or even complete strangers.