they gRabb(ed)it

they gRabb(ed)it



Even couple haVIt

Even couple haVIt

Its all about an attitude of gratitude
To those who sized me, wore me, cald my name, from d single to your multitudes
On sunny days to those that did in high altitude
A word of thanks, in every language you know… I say its similitude…
For your patronage and for gettin right ur fashion aptitude
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well packed!!

well packed!!

Leave your thoughts pls,

its been 3yrs Micheal!

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Music miss you Michael Joseph Jackson

Music miss you Michael Joseph Jackson

On the 25th of June 2009 Michael Joseph Jackson passed away. I remember the date clearly because i was on the sick bed, listening his songs and then i got a text from a friend “ur super music-man is dead! I felt a sense of loss because he created music to both critical and popular acclaim for most of his life. He was an enigma, a thing too incredible to be described on the pages of newspapers or magazines. Too few people can actually claim to understand Michael, but that’s part of what made him such a huge figure, almost a deity.
It’s easy to label people “the next…” but every so often there comes an artist so great, so different from the pack that it’s impossible to compare anyone fairly. Michael Jackson was that rare breed – a person so absorbed in music he failed in so many other ways – from paedophilia scandals to financial difficulties to extensive bleaching and reconstructive surgery to repair the damage, he was hounded by an all too eager press trying to find out all they could about the genius that was Michael Jackson.

Different people will remember him for different reasons, but the truth remains absolute – Michael Jackson was an incredible singer, songwriter and dancer. His songs have inspired other acts to take up music, and even today dancers are compared to him. The Ushers, Justin Timberlakes, Chris Browns and now Justin Bieber of this world all owe a huge debt of gratitude to Michael for giving them a template to base their careers on.
But today I’d like to focus on the music. The first three CDs I ever bought were Michael’s – Thriller, Bad and Dangerous. For that reason most of my favourite MJ songs are from that era (1984-1992) when i only 2.  Well, most people’s favourite MJ songs are from that era anyway. I say “most of my…” because it’s almost impossible for me to pick out one favourite MJ tune. When I’m heartbroken there’s She’s out Of My Life. When I’m reflective there’s Stranger in Moscow. When I’m angry there’s Give in to Me and Dirty Diana. When I’m happy there’s… erm… wait a minute. Now that I think about it MJs music wasn’t really happy after he grew up. Yes there is Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough, but for the most part there was a sadness that pervaded Michael’s music, a melancholy that crept into almost every track made after the Off The Wall album was released.
When it comes down to it there’s a track for every mood. There are tracks that make you get up outta your seat and dance, tracks that make you think, tracks to make babies to, tracks to scream to, tracks to be all self-righteously pissed off to, and tracks to just savour in any way you can.
Michael often said his favourite song was Smile, a song he eventually recorded for his 2005 HIStory  album. It quickly became my favourite song. It was written by Charlie Chaplin – like Michael a troubled, misunderstood genius. It’s one of those songs that you can sing when you’re sad to raise your mood, and it’s just as good when you’re happy, to make you think about those who aren’t smiling – who don’t have as much of a reason as you to be happy.
This brings me to the real reason why I wrote this. I’d like to know your thoughts on the man – What do you remember Michael Jackson for?

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Am one of the happiest breed on earth today, well i have been for over a week now, the act of writing even made me a more fulfilled person. I cannot begin to emphasize on the things that are filling my long broken hearts but am sure a lot of you my readers would have noticed in my last few posts.

I am HAPPY… for the first time in a while I can truly say that and am, forever grateful to God.

Today in history(22-05-10), history was M’ADE,  a talent was M’ADE, ideas were M’ADE, a decision was M’ADE and if that day or days after or even months after someone (even my mum) told me it was going to be M’ADE then i would have given the dis-believe look.

As a child I have always had encouragements and drives, I am the all knowing breed, who was interested in many things and today it has not stopped.

Wondering what am talking about? well am talking about a grace that was sent upon me through my very own organization “AIESEC” (DRUM ROLLS), FRIENDS, COLLEAGUES AND FAMILY. it was first to be a team leader and then i discovered my weakness of talking too much, i wasn’t condemned but embraced to turn my talkativeness into speaking for a cause, and to speak for a cause, you have to know what you are talking about so i developed myself to finding out things which brought about the researcher in me.

why do i care so much? well, that was ordained from the day i was m’ade. being the first from both my parents who are firsts from both their parents has given me about 40cousins whom i have cared and still care for.  I knew i always did a good job if every weekend their parents came to dump them in my house :D.

I can remember telling my mum at 18 that i want my own kids (lmao) but really since i cant have my own kids yet, i decided i will care for kids that cant have their own parents yet. I will go states to states and town to town just to spend days with the motherless, prepare projects that will care for the needy. even though many i didn’t spend my money or time on but at least my ideas would drive people to do something.

This went on for few months when i was given a task to come up with an agenda for “AIESEC DINNER”. it was tough but then we came up with a very good one, there was no designer available for the fashion show we included then someone came up with the idea that i have beautiful set of clothes and since most of my friends copy my style, we could just style models and make it a style show instead. i was proud to tell them that 95% of my clothes were designed by me, it was a shock when after the event about 20people wanted me to design their next dinner gowns, i couldn’t disagree.

I thank you all from that moment that even though i didn’t sew the clothes myself, you supported me, you encouraged me, you gave me extra pays just to believe in myself, i thank all the organizations that helps with my projects. i thank all my customers and clients, i thank those that joined along the way(I THANK THOSE THAT LEFT), i thank all my mentors. I thank my mum and i thank God for never letting me down, ( i am actually crying in my office right now).

Today, I am only 21years old and 363days old but I am a researcher, an event planner (minor), stylist, A fashion designer, A writer, A mother(LOL aunty)  to many kids,  A mentor, A project executor and yes you can call me an OLIVER TWIST or even as my best fan would say GIFTED HANDS but I’ll rather be called M’ADE , reason being God made me and left nothing undone just like he made you and blessed you even more.

22-05-10 hopefully we can all celebrate 20years and more down the road. GRACIAS !!!

whatever you are doing now, please make sure its for a good cause, because where words go, legs don’t ever get.

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Why are you single?


Why am i single?

Oh how I love this question…NOT REALLY! I figured I would address this question because it has been asked of me more times than I can count. No, I am not tooting my own horn by saying that. I am a 21 year old fairly attractive lady so people feel the need to ask. The other day, my bestie and i almost got into a fight when he tried to force me into a date with his cute friend and he reminded me a single lady of 29 with no kids and said, is she my role model? Apparently if you haven’t taken the plunge of marriage and children by a specific age then you are looked upon as a diseased creature….I mean something MUST be wrong with you.

I am single because it is my choice to be single. Sure I would love a companion in my life but another person is never going to define me. Having a boyfriend/being in a relationship is not going to define me. Being married is not going to define me either. These things are not the end all be all of my existence. Maybe I am single because I am stubborn and hard-headed ;0). I spent many years of my life wallowing in my own self-pity. I was too thin. My teeth aren’t perfect. I am too proud. I am always right. BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! I don’t know when the turning point was but I finally got a big slap in the face and realized that my woes were just superficial. If I was unable to see how amazing I am then how in the hell would anyone else see it. I would be an asset to anyone’s life. There are no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. When I feel moments of self-doubt and self-pity I just turn on youtube videos about young girls being sold into sex slavery or women that have been disfigured by having acid thrown on their faces and I get over it pretty quickly.

I am single because I don’t want to settle. People can tell me that I am picky all day long and my answer to that is, “why shouldn’t I be?” If I want to potentially spend the rest of my life with someone (being married or not) shouldn’t I know for sure it is the right person. I want someone that challenges me not someone that agrees with every thought of mine and someone I absolutely love to talk to….someone that makes me feel 100% comfortable. The fact that i have a lot of male friends makes it pretty hard for the potential boyfriend to be,. I just don’t know how to be or how to act. I don’t want to be phony and I don’t think I am but when you start having a conversation with someone and their eyes gaze in another direction and they blantantly act uninterested then I make no more effort. I do not want to be the one on the dates that holds all of the conversations afloat. I think when it is right with someone the conversation just comes naturally and very easily. After years of dating it does not take long to figure out when you have met you UN-SOULMATE!

I could boast about myself and say that I am single because men are intimidated by my education or passion but I do not believe that to be the case. Yes, I believe I can be intimidating to some people but just the same…some people can intimidate the hell out of me. We are living in a time where dating and romance are drastically different than 40 years ago. I think when it comes down to it I am an old soul that wants the story book romance and if that doesn’t happen then I want to still love life every single day. I can experience different journeys all alone and love them or I can love them in the company of someone that I share my life with. Either way I am going to choose to love life. Love is something I cherish and I define it in a way that it should never be taken for granted to taken lightly.

I guess if anyone wants to know why I am single they can hunt up my exes and those that I have dated in the past and ask them all of the reasons I wasn’t “The One”. While helping a friend last weekend. Of course they were all cutting up with me and hitting on me (yep, they were all married) and one of them said, “You are a cute girl with a good head on your shoulders, why are you single?” My response was, “I don’t know but I feel sorry for all of the guys not dating me.”

But then another consolation for you all that think its bad, is that am still far from that single 29 years old… *wink* mine is working hard to sweep me off my feet.