The award’s with a difference: Celebrate to inspire

A lot of youths have opined that there exist little or no rewarding
systems for them in the country; the little that exists they claim is
targeted at just a section of people mostly “party go-ers” and
celebrities. This has necessitated us to come up with the Gidi Youths
award’s which has its main focus on Youth Entrepreneurs, Youth Artists,
Youths in New Media (Blogs and social media), Students and the societal
youths and places amongst others.

This award is different from the conventional awards setting because it
does not only seek to recognize or celebrate success but it seeks to
highlight the ways in which these successes were attained so as to be
able to help and inspire other youths to tap the potential in them and
create. Hence, the award has its motto “celebrate to inspire”.

The question that also comes to mind is, why the name Gidi Youths
awards? The word “Gidi” is from the ancient Indian word “Gidian” which
literally translates to “Unique”, it has however undergone a kind of
transformation and “Nigerian-isation” to become associated with cities
such as LasGidi, AbuGidi, KwasGidi and so on. We decided to go with this
youth culture since it tallies with the uniqueness of the awards.

We have identified certain key areas in Entrepreneurship as those with
high youth’s interest and concentration; areas such as Events and décor,
Fashion and Design, Confectionary, Beauty and make-up, graphics and
designs and music. These areas we would be focusing on both the upcoming
entrepreneurs and the professional already excelling in the industry.

“Our resolve in doing this is not just to celebrate these individuals
but to create role models that other youths can aspire to be. We would
not just reward them but interview them and listen to their success
story so as to inspire others towards success.”

The nominations are already open to everybody on
,one can nominate oneself and have friends, fans and supporters also
nominate. After this stage, the result would be collated and the final
nominees would be released and notified.

You can vote for M’ADE too lol *blushing*

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