my soul my demise


My soul. My demise.
By Abu Khattab

Who is it that will hold my hand,
And guide me on a Day when the swarms shall come?
Who is it that will come and make an excuse for me,
When my book is dropped in my shaking left palm?

What shall be asked to a man of corruption,
After being forgiven he returned to the deed?
On a Day when the accounts shall be brought forth and clear, Happiness shall come only to those who are freed.

Shall I not be asked about the chances I had,
To prepare for my account before I faced my death?
But a loser I am for indeed I procrastinated,
Until finally I had taken my pathetic last breath.

Will it be that I shall drown in my demise,
While others enter through the gates of the garden?
Woe to me who has forgotten His Lord,
Woe to me – will I gain my Lord’s pardon?

What shall I say when He informs me of sins,
Instead of the good that I thought was surely sincere? But to dust they are, my intention was for others, The reality of my account striking me like a spear.

Deed after deed begins to evaporate,
From a watery ocean to a puddle that’s dried.
The ones who I once called my true best friends,
Have sold me out as to their Lord they cried.

“We are free from what he has committed in vain,
So free us O Lord from the chambers of strife!
Free us O Lord and have mercy on us!
For indeed we regret what we did in our life!”

Alas, my account has been dropped in my left,
Alas, my destination is what I thought was away.
Alas, my tears have now become blood,
Woe to me – for my sins I’ll pay.

You ask me my Lord about the deeds of my hands,
Was I not shy to turn away from this trade?
In the darkness I committed that which I was ashamed to show, To the people around, but from You I wasn’t afraid.

But my heart had swayed and it knew the truth,
But my arrogance grew to ask from You.
To ask You for forgiveness for what I had done,
But woe to me! If only I knew.

So my Lord I have hope in your infinite mercy,
That You may see good in what remains of my deed.
The one that remains that was surely sincere,
At a time when faith from my heart would bleed.

So do as You please with my sunken soul,
For indeed I have earned what awaits for me.
O Nafs Al-Amara you have sent me away,
To that which I thought I would never see…

What if as i move, every step of mine is closer to death than i thought, will my years past lived take me home to rest?

What if i go now, just like many that left yesterday and today. Will my soul be missed?.

May the Almighty God have mercy on us and forgive our numerous sins. AMIN

Leave your thoughts pls,

its been 3yrs Micheal!

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Music miss you Michael Joseph Jackson

Music miss you Michael Joseph Jackson

On the 25th of June 2009 Michael Joseph Jackson passed away. I remember the date clearly because i was on the sick bed, listening his songs and then i got a text from a friend “ur super music-man is dead! I felt a sense of loss because he created music to both critical and popular acclaim for most of his life. He was an enigma, a thing too incredible to be described on the pages of newspapers or magazines. Too few people can actually claim to understand Michael, but that’s part of what made him such a huge figure, almost a deity.
It’s easy to label people “the next…” but every so often there comes an artist so great, so different from the pack that it’s impossible to compare anyone fairly. Michael Jackson was that rare breed – a person so absorbed in music he failed in so many other ways – from paedophilia scandals to financial difficulties to extensive bleaching and reconstructive surgery to repair the damage, he was hounded by an all too eager press trying to find out all they could about the genius that was Michael Jackson.

Different people will remember him for different reasons, but the truth remains absolute – Michael Jackson was an incredible singer, songwriter and dancer. His songs have inspired other acts to take up music, and even today dancers are compared to him. The Ushers, Justin Timberlakes, Chris Browns and now Justin Bieber of this world all owe a huge debt of gratitude to Michael for giving them a template to base their careers on.
But today I’d like to focus on the music. The first three CDs I ever bought were Michael’s – Thriller, Bad and Dangerous. For that reason most of my favourite MJ songs are from that era (1984-1992) when i only 2.  Well, most people’s favourite MJ songs are from that era anyway. I say “most of my…” because it’s almost impossible for me to pick out one favourite MJ tune. When I’m heartbroken there’s She’s out Of My Life. When I’m reflective there’s Stranger in Moscow. When I’m angry there’s Give in to Me and Dirty Diana. When I’m happy there’s… erm… wait a minute. Now that I think about it MJs music wasn’t really happy after he grew up. Yes there is Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough, but for the most part there was a sadness that pervaded Michael’s music, a melancholy that crept into almost every track made after the Off The Wall album was released.
When it comes down to it there’s a track for every mood. There are tracks that make you get up outta your seat and dance, tracks that make you think, tracks to make babies to, tracks to scream to, tracks to be all self-righteously pissed off to, and tracks to just savour in any way you can.
Michael often said his favourite song was Smile, a song he eventually recorded for his 2005 HIStory  album. It quickly became my favourite song. It was written by Charlie Chaplin – like Michael a troubled, misunderstood genius. It’s one of those songs that you can sing when you’re sad to raise your mood, and it’s just as good when you’re happy, to make you think about those who aren’t smiling – who don’t have as much of a reason as you to be happy.
This brings me to the real reason why I wrote this. I’d like to know your thoughts on the man – What do you remember Michael Jackson for?

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