On this day, I woke up very early and excited. I had made breakfast, washed some clothes and cleaned my room. Since the 7th month, Aunty had given me and my mum a place in the house, sort of like a BQ but with two rooms. The one I chose was repainted and furnished, its about the time I started getting excited about things and the arrival of a new life. Behind those smiles were my eagerness to drop my baggage and start a new life, go to cyprus where no one knew me or my story. It probably is the wrong reason to be happy but at least I am.

After breakfast, I was on a call with Aman; he asked if he could come visit. He had been asking since the beginning of the week but I didn’t think it was necessary. I mentioned it to my mum she didn’t think it was a bad idea, I still didn’t give him the permission to. But this morning, I could use some visit. I was eager to show someone external my new room/nursery. In half an hour, he was at the main gate, all bright and smiles. Obviously happy to see me. Maybe weird but it feels like I’ve known him for ever, it feels like he now owns a part of me, we had a long afternoon talk. He helped me with stuff, cooked my meal and wrote a letter to my unborn child :). My mum was nosy all through the time and when he was about leaving, I felt all teary and sad. I tried to walk him to his car, parked far down the road because he didn’t know the exact block. I felt a sharp pain in my back, I was quick to hide it, but it was too much I couldn’t hold it back. I screamed and called attention to myself. Aman was afraid, he thought I hit my leg or something. My mum was still at the gate, she rushed towards me, before I knew it, my water broke on the streets.

Aman is a strong looking man with great physic, he’s tall, fair and quite handsome, he’s Idoma and speaks really good Yoruba and Hausa. His grandmother whom I usually see with him is actually not his grandmother but his mum. I practically called her grandma because she looks and act like one, she had him when she was 47 and now he’s 28 you can imagine. He’s got a really good job because he’s not only intelligent but also has an influential father. He would refer to him as grandpa because his father always lamented how he should have been his grandpa if not for his coming late.
At that point I was exhausted and dizzy. My mum knew the baby was coming. Then, it dawn on me that the time had finally come. My aunt was out with the car, thank God Aman brought his. He drove mum and I down to the hospital, waited for the 7hours it took me to deliver. After the long day, and several push from the doctor and consolations from the nurse. The first thing I heard was, “call the father to come cut his cord”. Father?! His?! I tried to open my tired eyes to see who was there, but iwas too tired to do that. where is the father coming from with no hesitation, the body entered the room, quite tall and all smiles. I had a boy!

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