Award with a difference!!

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The award’s with a difference: Celebrate to inspire

A lot of youths have opined that there exist little or no rewarding
systems for them in the country; the little that exists they claim is
targeted at just a section of people mostly “party go-ers” and
celebrities. This has necessitated us to come up with the Gidi Youths
award’s which has its main focus on Youth Entrepreneurs, Youth Artists,
Youths in New Media (Blogs and social media), Students and the societal
youths and places amongst others.

This award is different from the conventional awards setting because it
does not only seek to recognize or celebrate success but it seeks to
highlight the ways in which these successes were attained so as to be
able to help and inspire other youths to tap the potential in them and
create. Hence, the award has its motto “celebrate to inspire”.

The question that also comes to mind is, why the name Gidi Youths
awards? The word “Gidi” is from the ancient Indian word “Gidian” which
literally translates to “Unique”, it has however undergone a kind of
transformation and “Nigerian-isation” to become associated with cities
such as LasGidi, AbuGidi, KwasGidi and so on. We decided to go with this
youth culture since it tallies with the uniqueness of the awards.

We have identified certain key areas in Entrepreneurship as those with
high youth’s interest and concentration; areas such as Events and décor,
Fashion and Design, Confectionary, Beauty and make-up, graphics and
designs and music. These areas we would be focusing on both the upcoming
entrepreneurs and the professional already excelling in the industry.

“Our resolve in doing this is not just to celebrate these individuals
but to create role models that other youths can aspire to be. We would
not just reward them but interview them and listen to their success
story so as to inspire others towards success.”

The nominations are already open to everybody on
,one can nominate oneself and have friends, fans and supporters also
nominate. After this stage, the result would be collated and the final
nominees would be released and notified.

You can vote for M’ADE too lol *blushing*

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NYSC shouldnt be a total waste!


My pledge to Nigeria still remains the same even though a lot of us do not see it as one, for every time we recited it right from primary school to secondary up to the university level and now to serving our country “Nigeria”. Being part of the most blessed batch of all batches, 11C resuming on the 15/11/12 with little or no interest, bailing out of camp based on health issues and not minding what I will miss, the mammy market everyone looked forward to wasn’t catching my fancy, after spending two nights in camp, no shower, no wee, I made up my mind to find my way back to my abode. I’m no butty nor tush, I grew up in Mushin and Orile respectively and now live in the razz part of Lagos Island. I just couldn’t cope with our poor Nigerian system anymore. Lagos camp has been longed tagged the best ever ( well in terms of fun and opportunities) unfortunately for me, I missed out on most if not all. I for once have never been interested in the so-called NYSC; I thought it was a waste of time.
My staying out of camp gave my friends and colleagues reasons to think I had job waiting, but Alas! NO! I used these time to surf the internet looking for one even though I wasn’t exactly ready to work for anyone, I’m a fashion designer M’ADE. Why should I waste a year serving a country that never pays back? But that changed when I was offered one with a reasonable “corper pay”. Leaving where I was initially posted to teach biology and math in a School in Bariga after one week of bonding with the kids left guilt in my heart. I couldn’t forgive myself for weeks.
Then came the strike – OCCUPY NAIJA, I kept thinking “if I don’t who will? If not now, when?” Most of the protesters were heard and listened to because they went to school and acquired knowledge. I then thought, NYSC can’t be a total waste, been posted to Lagos should be the greatest opportunity for anyone, I might be earning more than 75% of Lagos corps members and less than 10% of Lagos corps members but this ratio is enough to get me on my heels and do something rewarding.
I Started with Wednesday free teaching programme at my old PPA and few schools around. The student knew me to be a proud fashion designer and making them understand the state of our country and how important it is to be self empowered was my priority. In June, a couple of friends passed out, it was a wake up call, many made no impact, some did and very few were recognised. I like to be important and valued, it is my speciality and I do not see any wrong in that, it had always been my driving force. I wanted to be important, to be make impact and to reflect on my theory of OCCUPY NAIJA. The time was now, I took up a project (I’M MADE) in conjunction with 10 other Nigerian youths and ambassadors to train 35 students in 5 vocational courses, to visit homes under the (care 4 all project) to share experiences and let the young know they still have hope in Nigeria. Today, I am dropping my old,tight and only khaki knowing fully well that I have served my country and I am sure those 35students will serve 35 each more and the trend will continue and even when I pick a white collar job or get on my sewing machine creating ideas and designs more empowered youths will be created alongside.

Am i fulfilled? YES! Am i happy? YES! Am i grateful? YES! Am a lot of things including proud of everyone around me, everyone that always appreciated me, everyone that helps me get lucky, everyone that will do anything to make my plans become project. I can’t mention names anymore because you all know yourselves.

I thank the Lagos State Govt and the whole of NYSC crew for appreciating me and awarding me as outstanding productive corps member. The Lagos State Honours Award, means so much to me.

Don’t be quick to think Lagos is the happening place. In fact, if it is Zamfara it’s a place to give a hand to peace, new knowledge and also learn craft, Kwara state is the best place for practising agriculture; you don’t have to hold hoes or cutlasses, you can be opportunistic about it, my Ibadan corps members knew what was right “business”, just think of something you can passionately sell, A friend of my does delivery business in Ebonyi and Uyo back and forth and now has a certification on that, East- west, North- south of Nigeria is full of great opportunities, it just requires creative minds and ideology. We can find more than we can wait to get, just talk to me and many through @MADE_creations with #MADE/#MADE creations, lets create more opportunities for ourselves even though the government aren’t ready to make it easy.

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This is to bring to your attention, the campaign to save the life of 2yrs old MUSIBAUDEEN SHITTU.

Musibaudeen Shittu is a 2yrs old boy who was recently diagnosed to be living with ‘HOLE IN HIS HEART’. His heart condition is deteriorating and has been medically classed as a HIGH RISK case and life threatening situation.

Musibaudeen’s case was referred by Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), under Medical consultant, Dr. Animashaun, to Dr. Shreesha Maiya of NARAYANA HRUDALAYA HOSPITALS, BANGALORE, INDIA.

The Indian Paediatric Cardiologist has responded indicating that approximately N3Million would be needed for surgical expenses, drugs and other related expenses.
Please find attached all documents relating to this issue including pictures of Musibaudeen Shittu.

The mother is a petty trader and the father just got a job, after months of unemployment, at a Filling Station. The family presently survives on the proceeds of the petty trade (the mother sells pure-water,recharge cards,biscuits). Musibaudeen is the 3rd of four Children.

The family has only managed to raise N140,000 thus far. A church in the neighbourhood also donated N100,000 out of the total sum.

Please, we need you to assist financially and also reach out to well-meaning Nigerians through available media platforms. We have already started a campaign on Twitter #SaveMusibaudeen.

Please let us make frantic efforts to come to the aid of little Misbaudeen Shittu before his heart condition further deteriorates due to lack of funds.

Kindly make donations into ;
Account No: 2058239672
Bank          : UBA, Ifako- Gbagada branch,Lagos

You can reach Musibaudeen’s Mum, Mrs. Shukurat Shittu on 08086856324, 08026907690.

Kanu Heart Foundation has been contacted on this case, we wait for a feedback from the foundation. However, Musibaudeen’s heart condition does not have the luxury of time, as he is also suffering from OEDEMA, his body is retaining liquid because the heart is not functioning properly.

We believe if 3,000 people come together to donate #1,000 naira each, Insha Allah, we will achieve the 3million naira required for the surgery in India. 

Musibaudeen Shittu is already running out of time for the Surgery in India. Thank you as you assist financially, spreading the information, canvassing for financial aid and spiritually.

Thank You.

@mubarakakaq on Twitter
Akintola Mubarak

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Hello friend,

The Slum2School Project would love to link 1Volunteer (YOU) to 1Child (An Orphan or Vulnerable Child). Over the last 6months with the help of our volunteers we’ve been able to sponsor and monitor 118 in 3schools who are doing well and now we have 200more children who have never been to school, now waiting desperately for the same opportunity.

The cost of sponsoring this 1Child/Year is a sum total of N30,000.00 (thirty thousand naira only), this covers for 100% of his/her Educational support & learning materials for 1 academic year plus Medical & Other PsychoSocial support needed that year*nerd*. So We’re raising N6Million for 200kids over the next 12daysO:).

You must not necessarily donate the entire 30k, that’s why we implore your SOCIAL network of friends on your BBM, twitter, whatsApp, Facebook , G+ and others around you to support this nobel cause({}) .
Here’s how:
1). 30people paying 1k OR
2). 15people paying 2k OR
3). 1person paying 30k OR
4). 1person sponsorinG up to 10Children or more. Surely it can be done, so let’s do it.:)({})

Acct Details:
Name: Bethesda Child Support/Slum2School Project
Acct No: 1012994165
Any Zenith bank around u.

The project fund-raising just kicked off today 22nd September, it will run through till wednesday the 3rd of October 2012..12days=-c

…Pls take this seriously and let’s give these kids a better future. Together we can do it again({}) ..

Follow us on twitter @slum2school @otto_orondaam*nerd*(*)
Follow the trend on twitter with #slum2school and retweet

Education is basic not luxury!!!

It Begins with You: Click—->

Share amongst your friends ({})

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Few days ago, i posted something i stumbled on via in an article about a good RESUME, after you have prepared the right resume, it time for the interview process.

The next hurdle after job search is the interview stage. This is when your employer gets more information about you apart from those provided in your CV. This is to narrow down their choices .Most times, the employer determines what they want at the interview process. Most employers will bring back a candidate a number of times to be sure a potential employee will fit into the company culture. Once you are selected for an interview, you may experience one or more of the situations described below:

Face-to-Face Interview

Most interviews are face-to-face. Your focus should be on the person asking questions. Maintain eye contact, listen and respond once a question has been asked. Your goal is to establish a conversation with the interviewer and show them that your qualifications will benefit their organization.

Panel/Committee Interview

In this situation, there is more than one interviewer. Typically, three to ten members of a panel may conduct this part of the selection process. This is your chance to put your group management and group presentation skills on display. As quickly as possible, try to ‘read’ the various personality types of each interviewer and adjust to them. Find a way to connect with each interviewer. Remember to take your time in responding to questions. Maintain primary eye contact with the panel member who asked the question, but also seek eye contact with other members of the panel as you give your response.

Behavioural Interview

Your past behaviour is the best predictor of your future actions.If the employer asks behaviour-oriented questions, they are now asking questions that must be answered based on facts. Here, the interviewer is looking for results, not just an activity list. They are listening for names, dates, places, the outcome and especially what your role was in achieving that outcome. Expect questions like: “Give me an example when…” or “Tell me about a time when…” Prior to your interview, think about some of your group projects, accomplishments, activities from which you can share a story. Keep in mind that the focus of this interview is on you and your accomplishments, not on the group’s accomplishments. You should prepare by thinking of specific examples that demonstrate your competence in core behaviours such as teamwork, problem-solving, communication, creativity, flexibility and organizational skills. You will want to tell your story and structure it by stating your answers in terms of the situation, the task, what action you took, and what was the result or outcome. Try to relax as much as possible.

Case Interview

In some interviews you may be asked to demonstrate your problem-solving skills. The interviewer will outline a situation or provide you with a case study and ask you to formulate a plan that deals with the problem. You do not have to come up with the ultimate solution. The interviewers are looking for how you apply your knowledge and skills to a real-life situation. Speak and reason aloud so interviewers have a full understanding of your thought process. Before answering a case interview question, be prepared to ask the employer numerous questions for clarity and informational purposes. Most employers will provide responses that could result in additional inquiries. The more you are able to analyze and dissect the case study, the more you will likely impress your interviewer. This is why you are encouraged to take a notepad and pencil. This is to allow you to take notes and jot down thoughts as you work through the case. An employer is looking to building out a team with a variety of perspectives. Fit in

Telephone Interview

It is important to treat this interview as you would treat any other. It is recommended that you have in front of you your resume, the job description, a list of references, some prepared answers to challenging questions and perhaps something about the company. The vast majority of communication is non-verbal.They can’t see your body language, it is critically important to have positive and polished answers with energetic tone and inflection.Your voice is your strength.Speak confidently.Listen to the questions carefully before you answer. Avoid using a phone with call waiting. You do not want to be interrupted during an interview.

When preparing for an interview,there are things you can control like your cv,appearance and those you cannot. Take care of the things you can control and leave others.



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Best Use of Advocacy- Babafemi Oyediran
Best Use of New Media- Gidi Traffic
Creative Artiste of the Year- Bayo Omoboriowo
Designer of the Year- Toju Foyeh
Excellence in Service (Government)- Hadiza Abdullahi
Excellence in Service (Journalism)- Alkasim Abdulkadir
Excellence in Service (Corporate) Ngozi Nkwoji
Innovator of the Year (Science and Technology)- Seun Onigbinde
Innovator of the Year (Education) Otto Orondaam
Entrepreneur of the Year (General)- Ola Orekunrin
Entrepreneur of the Year (Agriculture)- Tochukwu Ikpegbu
Entrepreneur of the Year (Communication and Media)- Uyi Omokaro
Entrepreneur of the Year (Entertainment)-Michael Collins
Entrepreneur of the Year (Technology) Jason Njoku
On-Air-Personality (Radio)- Tolu ‘Toolz’ Oniru
On-Air-Personality (TV)- Denrele Edun
Musician of the Year- Wizkid
Actor of the Year- Tonto Dikeh
Producer of the Year (Music)-Jeremiah ‘J. Sleek’ Shelika
Producer of the Year (Screen) Clarence Peters
Young Person of the Year- Idris Akinbanjo


Someday soon, i’ll be on that list 😀

Have an inspiring week.

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Ramadhan Give away!!!


Salam Alaikum,
How are you holding up, good thing Allah has favoured us with this cool weather unlike the previous years, as we go on may he Make it easy for us and accept it as an Act of Ibadah.

This Ramadhan, M’ADE will be given away a lot of things but first stop to the motherless/Orphanage home in few days, so if you have any thing to give, you can contact me via twitter @Made_crations and i can pick it up.

Also, the #PROJECTI’MMADE starts tomorrow, with registrations of candidate and interaction of candidates with trainers, we hope to have our opening ceremony on the 10th of August, 2012. May Almighty Allah make it a reality.

Finally, our dear readers and twitter followers would be appreciated with several gifts 😀 but to win gifts, there would be questions and answers about this blog, Islam, Made as a coy and much more.

To enter, follow @MADE_creations on twitter and mention for a follow back with #M’ADE, also for every question to be answered, respond in reply box and immediately mention on twitter for timing records, the first person with the most correct answer gets the days gifts ranging from;

holy Quran

holy Quran

pray rugs

prayer rugs

rosary/pray beads

rosary/prayer beads





abaya for male winner

abaya for male winner

prayer books

prayer books

cap for male

cap for male

ultimate price-dinner date

ultimate price-dinner date

Let’s get it STARted!

Please share with your friends.

Leave your thoughts pls,

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