IS Nigeria a GREAT country?

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By Tolu Ogunlesi
Coined from: Y! Naija

“The mistakes of yesterday (the missed chances at greatness) are not doing anything to influence the decisions of today. Yet, when greatness shows up, it leaves none in doubt of what it is.

Watching bits of the Olympic opening ceremony last Friday it was impossible to not come to the conclusion that Britain is indeed a great country.

Now this is a country that hasn’t had it easy in recent times; lurching from parliamentary expenses scandal to phone-hacking scandal to a nationwide outbreak of looting to LIBOR-fixing scandal, all against a backdrop of recession. Not to mention that fifty years after the African colonies, Scotland seems primed for independence.

And yet few could see that burst of Olympic glory last Friday and not think of people who, against several odds, have demonstrated that the greatness they ascribe to themselves is no fluke. The message Mr. Boyle delivered to the world was simple: ‘Try imagining the course of world history without our rain-swept island.’

As expected, it made me think of Nigeria (everything makes one think of Nigeria!). In January 1977, at the opening ceremony of FESTAC (a sort of Arts and Culture ‘Olympics’ for the Black World) in Lagos, FESTAC president, Colonel O. P. Fingesi declared: “[Nigeria is] no longer the third world. We are the first world.”

Nigerian swagger at its most eloquent, of course. Caught up in the excitement of FESTAC – arguably the most ambitious, most colourful gathering of the black race in modern times – it was easy to buy into that most resolute of myths; the one of Nigerian greatness. Thirty years after FESTAC Dora Akunyili could still find the confidence to insist that Nigeria is a “Great Nation.”

So, is Nigeria truly great?

Chinua Achebe answers this in ‘The Trouble With Nigeria’ (1983):

“Listen to Nigeria’s leaders and you will frequently hear the phrase ‘this great country of ours.’ Nigeria is not a great country. It is one of the most disorderly nations in the world. It is one of the most corrupt, insensitive, inefficient places under the sun. It is one of the most expensive countries and one of those that give least value for money. It is dirty, callous, noisy, ostentatious, dishonest and vulgar. In short, it is among the most unpleasant places on earth.”

Damn. 1983. Has anything changed?

Now Nigerians are capable of greatness – and this they have endlessly demonstrated across the face of the earth. But Nigeria as a country remains incapable of greatness. Why is this?

For a country to be deemed great it must first and foremost be great to itself; to the swarming masses of persons that fill its borders and call it home. Has Nigeria been great to its youth, its aging masses, its jobless, its sick, its disabled, its dreamers?

Every time I have to explain Lagos to a foreigner I say something like: “Imagine London without the Tube.” In fact that’s an understatement; it may be more accurate to say “Imagine two Londons bundled together, but without the Tube.”

The absurdity of it is self-evident. That a city like Lagos can exist without a mass transit scheme capable of moving thousands of persons across the city (without recourse to the roads) boggles the mind. That South Africa, with a third of our population, currently generates in excess of ten-fold the amount of electricity we celebrate in press conferences, is equally puzzling.

And here is where it gets worse. The mistakes of yesterday (the missed chances at greatness) are not doing anything to influence the decisions of today. I’m looking at other cities around the country and failing to see any evidence that its administrators are making plans to ensure that they prepare for the future. Shouldn’t state capitals like Ibadan and Abeokuta and Ado-Ekiti be falling over themselves to unveil city-wide train schemes so that the fate of Lagos does not befall them?

Back to the Olympics opening ceremony. I’m not saying hosting the Olympics is the only definition of greatness, of even an acceptable definition in the first place. Greatness, like beauty, may hard to define, no doubt. Nelson Mandela is great, but then so is (if his friend is to be believed) Udeme Guinness.

Yet, when greatness shows up, it leaves none in doubt of what it is. When those 204 copper petals rose in fiery unison at the Olympic Park I couldn’t help thinking that the biggest spectacles of fire in Nigeria currently come from oil pipelines, upturned tankers, and toppled planes.

Nigeria is not a great country. Any presumed greatness belongs to the “Exaggerations” section of the Guinness Book of World Records.

I repeat, Nigeria is not great. We may fail to agree on what constitutes greatness, what is not in doubt is that we could easily find unanimity in our notions of what DOES NOT constitute greatness.

But I won’t end it there. Nigeria has what it takes to be great. Nigerians have routinely demonstrated their capacity for greatness. What we need to do is find a way to turn individual flashes of greatness into a collective, habitual, national greatness.

In future instalments of this column we will discuss what true greatness might mean for Nigeria. To put it the way Aso Rock would: we shall attempt to draw up a “Road Map” for Nigerian Greatness. Sign up for the ‘Greatness Committee’ in the comments box.”


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just a tot ~ Billionaire Series


…Billionaire Series…

Have you ever ask yourself this question.

How long will it take me to become a billionaire?

It took Aliko Dangote approximately 30 years to become a billionaire and emerge the richest black man in the world.

It took John D. Rockefeller 25 years of oil drilling and distribution to become a billionaire.

It took approximately 10 years for Bill Gates, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Jerry Yang and David Filo to become billionaires.

But Mark Zuckerberg became the youngest billionaire in the world in less than five years.

“I was worth about over a million dollars when I was twenty-three and over ten million dollars when I was twenty-four, and over a hundred million dollars when I was twenty-five and it wasn’t that important because I never did it for the money.” – Steve Jobs

“Build wealth as a byproduct of your business success. If wealth is your only objective in business, you will probably fail.” – J. Paul Getty

So, if it’s your goal to become a billionaire in your lifetime, then just start the process and forget about the time it would take to get there.

After all, Entrepreneurship is a journey, not a destination.

Leave your thoughts pls,


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please save me

please save me

The picture here is that of George Egbuchulam, a bright young Nigerian. He graduated recently from the English Department University of Ibadan as one of the best students, and he was also a fantastic chess player while at school. We learned yesterday that he urgently needs a kidney transplant at the UCH Ibadan and the surgery costs N2.5m. You don’t have to be a money bag to be a blessing to George. N1,000 each donated by 2,500 kind hearts make up this sum. Better still, N2,500 donated by 1,000 people makes up this sum as well. Please go or send someone to make your king donation to: George Chimezirim Egbuchulam, First Bank acc. No. 3020722444. This is needed urgently. Together we all helped to #SaveOke who back in Nigeria after successful medical processes in India, we can do it again. Lets do it for George and save another brother.

Credits: JJ omojuwa!

its been 3yrs Micheal!

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Music miss you Michael Joseph Jackson

Music miss you Michael Joseph Jackson

On the 25th of June 2009 Michael Joseph Jackson passed away. I remember the date clearly because i was on the sick bed, listening his songs and then i got a text from a friend “ur super music-man is dead! I felt a sense of loss because he created music to both critical and popular acclaim for most of his life. He was an enigma, a thing too incredible to be described on the pages of newspapers or magazines. Too few people can actually claim to understand Michael, but that’s part of what made him such a huge figure, almost a deity.
It’s easy to label people “the next…” but every so often there comes an artist so great, so different from the pack that it’s impossible to compare anyone fairly. Michael Jackson was that rare breed – a person so absorbed in music he failed in so many other ways – from paedophilia scandals to financial difficulties to extensive bleaching and reconstructive surgery to repair the damage, he was hounded by an all too eager press trying to find out all they could about the genius that was Michael Jackson.

Different people will remember him for different reasons, but the truth remains absolute – Michael Jackson was an incredible singer, songwriter and dancer. His songs have inspired other acts to take up music, and even today dancers are compared to him. The Ushers, Justin Timberlakes, Chris Browns and now Justin Bieber of this world all owe a huge debt of gratitude to Michael for giving them a template to base their careers on.
But today I’d like to focus on the music. The first three CDs I ever bought were Michael’s – Thriller, Bad and Dangerous. For that reason most of my favourite MJ songs are from that era (1984-1992) when i only 2.  Well, most people’s favourite MJ songs are from that era anyway. I say “most of my…” because it’s almost impossible for me to pick out one favourite MJ tune. When I’m heartbroken there’s She’s out Of My Life. When I’m reflective there’s Stranger in Moscow. When I’m angry there’s Give in to Me and Dirty Diana. When I’m happy there’s… erm… wait a minute. Now that I think about it MJs music wasn’t really happy after he grew up. Yes there is Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough, but for the most part there was a sadness that pervaded Michael’s music, a melancholy that crept into almost every track made after the Off The Wall album was released.
When it comes down to it there’s a track for every mood. There are tracks that make you get up outta your seat and dance, tracks that make you think, tracks to make babies to, tracks to scream to, tracks to be all self-righteously pissed off to, and tracks to just savour in any way you can.
Michael often said his favourite song was Smile, a song he eventually recorded for his 2005 HIStory  album. It quickly became my favourite song. It was written by Charlie Chaplin – like Michael a troubled, misunderstood genius. It’s one of those songs that you can sing when you’re sad to raise your mood, and it’s just as good when you’re happy, to make you think about those who aren’t smiling – who don’t have as much of a reason as you to be happy.
This brings me to the real reason why I wrote this. I’d like to know your thoughts on the man – What do you remember Michael Jackson for?

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Father, Dadddy or Both?


Good morning Blog-ville, how was the weekend?

I really should have posted this yesterday but i got so occupied, am so sorry.

Yesterday, June 17th,2012 was father’s day; HAPPY FATHER’S DAY.

It was a calling for me and many others as i noticed through their updates, tweets, Facebook messages and numerous broadcasts, i almost called my father or at least text him but then my ego or lets say pride wont let me, don’t blame me i learnt that from him. i love my father, no doubt, i miss him so much but not enough to let go of my ego, he though me that too. (karma.. lol)

Back to the topic, father-daddy-both; which are you? which do you have? which will you be? which will you have?

A father: is defined as the male parent or individual progenitor of human offspring

To father: a verb is to procreate or to sire a child from which also derives the gerund fathering.

Traditionally, fathers act in a protective, supportive and responsible way towards their children. Involved fathers offer developmentally specific provisions to their sons and daughters throughout the life cycle and are impacted themselves by their doing so. Active father figures may play a role in reducing behavior and psychological problems in young men and women. An increased amount of father–child involvement may help increase a child’s social stability, educational achievement, and their potential to have a solid marriage as an adult.

The above concluding that a father’s role is very important in a child’s life.

prayers for those who lost theirs and kudos to those who took their place.

Daddy is an affectionate, familiar term, form of direct address, or nickname for a father.


This is where i am going, being a father doesn’t necessarily mean your are a daddy and vice vars a, usually there’s a misconception but truly a daddy is more daring, desiring and chilling than a father, a father sounds and is more forceful, like the only reason is to bring you to the world, of course anyone can be a father (if fertile or potent) but not everyone is or will be a daddy (be it fertile or potent) fatherhood entails the role of daddy-hood but most men have lost this in the trance of worldly views and ego.

Any man can be a father, but it takes a special mind to be a daddy- m’ade

A lot of fathers have become irresponsible and nonchalant, usually from hate of mother or just the natural sense of not caring, leaving their roles for another man or mostly the woman to handle forgetting the above said of how a child’s life is dependent on how he/she is being raised and believing that no matter what the child would home to them, contrary to this assumptions or believe many of them are at the loosing end, leaving child to waste away or having them struggle, molested by the new father or even being robed.

A father doesn’t always have to be there as we have late-father, absent-father, sperm donor, baby-daddy as the case maybe. A father’s love should be genuine and always forthcoming, there should be full sense of responsibility and remorse when he cant meet up, a father should be aware and current of the child’s situation. All these are and more are what qualifies him as a daddy.

A good father would not manage a company and let it crumble or govern a state with a heartless mind, let alone president a black country with black days and night, watch the video Michelle Obama made for Obama yesterday

All these starts from now, all the uncaring, nonchalant and heart act of treating people, handling situations and answering questions leads to the father in you, the father you will be and the father you possess. This is not one sided, this goes to both male and female.

You cannot and shouldn’t hate a child because of the mother, don’t marry someone you don’t want to see a child in, do not bring to this cruel world a child you will not be responsible for, because it is even a sin to be irresponsible, whatever becomes of your child, good or bad, you shall be accountable for by the almighty.

when a father gives to his son, both laugh, when a son to his father, both cry – William Shakespeare

It is a wise father who knows his child.  But maybe it’s a very wise child who takes time to know his father – Anonymous

A wise son maketh a glad father- Proverbs 10:1

He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. ~Clarence -Budington Kelland

The righteous man walks in his integrity; his children are blessed after him. Proverbs 20:7 

A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.  ~Author Unknown

These are the Muslim men I want my son to grow up to be like, and for your sons to grow up to be like — full of love, wit, compassion and generosity, with a deep respect for women, and a commitment to serving God by serving humanity.

As a Muslim father, I must shoulder an enormous responsibility, both fiscal and religious, and this responsibility is first encountered before I even have any children at all.-Hesham A. Hassaballa

Failing to provide for the children after divorce will not only get a Muslim father in trouble with the authorities, but he will also get into very big trouble with God Almighty.Hesham A. Hassaballa

“All of you are shepherds, and you are all responsible for your flocks. The father in his home is a shepherd, and he is responsible for his flock…” The word in Arabic for “responsible” is mas’ul. This word also means “that about which one will be asked.” Thus, the tradition can also be translated as, “The father in his home is a shepherd, and he will be asked by God about his flock.”



Good morning, at least there is something good about this morning, even though it might not be the same in another region but whichever situation we are, we should be grateful.

Let’s re-wind to about 40hours ago….

I was getting set with my friends and a cousin of them who just got in from the UK few days back, the aim was to show her the fun side of Nigeria, we were all looking fly and sexy. The gals in colorful dresses and the guy looking cool, ready to go storm the beach and have maximum fun. We were about leaving when i decided to update my status as usual, ..beach things.. Only for me to see about two updates saying there was a plane crash; to be sincere i wasn’t moved but then i decided to check twitter and that was all over my TL, I quickly asked a couple of people i know would have facts and they confirmed. I told the people around me in the house and they were so engrossed in the on-going match and no one paid attention.

We proceeded anyway, i couldn’t explain what was going through my mind. I was confused, sad, angered, disappointed, everything else but not excited. On the 3rd of June, 2012 a DANA AIR plane crashed into the streets of Iju-Ishaja at about 2pm with 153passagengers and 9crew members on board all these numbers are nothing compared to the numbers of lives and property lost in the past months due to terrorist attacks or accidents which all falls back to the Government as people already started blaming on twitter and every other social network.

At 4:50pm when i left the house, no local Television station was showing it, no media house was talking, no ambulance, no government parastatals at the scene, no help, nothing! And we hear rage and rants everywhere. I got to Elegushi beach and i kept wondering what if that plane crashed over my house, what if my friends are on that plane, what if what if, but my questions were never why.

I have grown to never question God for his actions, because he his merciful and all knowing, he will warn us and pet us. I am no better than the crashed, neither are you. But my anger is, why would this happen in this country, i am not wishing another country bad, my anger is why would a 29years old plane be allowed to fly? Why would there be houses and industries just around an airport, i might have not flown to many countries but research shows that many other countries have their airports very far away from town. Let’s agree the passengers boarded their coffin but are the ground men too living on coffins, am i walking on a ground coffin? Should i not sleep in peace because i live near the airport? Should i not transact businesses because my government is incapable? Should i live everyday as my last because by government is incompetent or because i fear God?

It has come to my notice on several occasions that life goes on after we are gone, no matter your status or figure, not minding what you have or have done, do people even have heart anymore, have we lived in a dark country with our black skin so much our souls are becoming dark, do we not cry anymore, no we not THINK anymore? Do we forget that DEATH is eminent and do we forget that there is an ETERNAL LIFE after DEATH where will would all answer to our DEEDS, this is not a matter of religion but a matter of compassion. Have you thought that your so-called cherish family could perish in a day or that one step you take today could be your last.

Let’s forget DEATH for a moment, since that’s certain, are we not ashamed anymore, have we not courtesy or fear, i was telling someone i felt bad because i had a dream δ day before about a plane crash but though i was hallucinating due to the Allied air that crashed in Ghana, this was the only reason my friend didn’t travel to Lagos that day(at least so he said) but whichever way, why would someone laugh at such things, i am not saying weep or feel sorry for me but do you ever remorse, another friend sent a funny broadcast as to

“U travel by road, A tanker will catch air, plane crashes..u sit in ur house,the plane will come and meet u, u go to church boko haram will attack u,u go by sea,militants will attack,u finally run to ur village,u r kidnapped..! No safe place in naija. Cotonue I see u=))”   just in-between the whole crisis as much has i tried to see sense in it, i couldn’t because of the last line and the sarcastic laugh symbol.

This is sad, we keep saying we are the leaders of tomorrow and we are not acting like one, you a graduate and cannot think of a good life for yourself, if your life ends, what the use of all the life you wasted? he that is DEAD is BETTER than he that is BORN. But BETTER than BOTH of them is he that NEVER EXISTED. We keep saying life is unfair but the fact that every human has to share the grace and pains of life is what defines the fairness of life.

What did the people at the scene do aside taking pictures, well at least they tried, but what about the fools that went there only to take pictures with the debris as background, what of those that took there time to compose unnecessary funny message just 24hours after the crash saying we need a little laugh. My dear brothers and sisters, what little laugh do we need?, when we do not have the basic amenities to a good life, when bombs from BOKO HARAM has become the norms to a particular elite, of what difference do the plane crash victims have to the past Bomb blast victims or is it that death now has class? If the FG had to declare 3days mourning after every incident/accident, won’t we be mourning every week? THINK! Its time to think, we shouldn’t be all about profits and fame keyword being ALL ABOUT we live life to survive and on this universe, its the survival of the fittest, nobody chose that.

Its a shame that what our fore fathers have worked for is beginning to collapse right before our eyes but what are we youths doing ? As we pray for our fore-fathers will our generation pray for us, we all updated our status and say #pray4Nigeria, how many of you actually did? . We all blame Jonathan and the likes, i am not sorry to say this is how they started, as bad sons and daughters, greedy friends and colleagues,incompetent class reps and SUGs, and the likes of us who know the right thing to do but hide in our abode, who keep quiet when we see bad planes and cars, who send worthless BCs but never take actions, who entered DANA Air to Uyo, Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt and saw or noticed something was wrong but didn’t deem it fit to send that broadcast then, you should THINK!

Ogundamisi said, he once sat in a plane with holes but never talked and prayed to grace and mercies of God just for safe landing, well he landed safe and i hope that plane never crash till they all banned. This is not a post to proffer solutions but to tell you that, weather you like it or not, this incidents are wake up calls; if not how come different people from at least every arms of the government ranging from, NUC, CBN, Ministries, Army, Military, NNPC, political parties and several business holders, people with different religions and faith, infants, married, just married, engaged, Ini the only child of her Old parent, Ibrahim the only hope of his father, the Chinese, Raju whose first trip to Nigeria brought his families and company sorrow. Please, let’s stop saying, let’s start acting! Nigerians are virus, so what we say or do spread fast, if you know or sense anything, just say. No government is ready to take care of us, its high time we joined hands together and save ourselves.

let it linger in the mind of those contractors, engineers, aviation managers, NCAA, MINISTRY OF AVIATION, DANA officials and ,many others involved that they have made a nation weep and they have dropped several heroes and hopes, let them know we might not know them by face but they will not rest or no peace for as long as the memory of June 3rd 2012 remains.

May God rest the dead, punish the cause, pray for Nigeria, and console their Families. AMEN!!


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my evolution


I thank GOD  Almighty for keeping you and i till this day 24-o5-12. from the day i was born 24-05-90 at exactly 12:24:05, my doctor has said i was a special breed.

I thank everyone that took there time to wish me a happy birthday, i thank all those that sent messages, and posts, all the funny pictures of me and all the prayers, i just cant say thank you enough but if 200 and counting are repping me on their display pictures and my twitter mentions is over 300 with the uncountable Facebook posts and net logs and the likes. i thank NOKIA for sending me a special birthday song and every other organizations that started my day.

i just feel i owe you more;

please do not laugh

i was just a day old

the day after my birth..

22years later

22 years later

i was named

i was named: Maryam Funmilayo Ajoke Morenikeji Olajumoke Adelaja Oluwapamilerinayo Olamiposinuoluwa ADEBOLA

and my names survive


and i clocked 2 in a red dress :

i was 3 and that’s my wonderful daddy

on my 4th birthday with my lil sis and mu

clocked 5 in a denim with my bf 😀

i rocked denim yesterday in memory of my 5th birthday. lol

another birthday in red 😀



and then i graduated………

currently serving my green country


























































































































Today, i am 22 years old and i cannot in any way explain the epitome of joy in my heart but hopefully when i settle, i can.

God bless you my special friend, for the fireworks you put off at 5am this morning having driven all the way from IKEJA to my house on the island, Gosh! that was awesome! i just hope you took a picture.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone else for the gifts i have received ( will post pictures later). SEE Y’ALL AT MY EXCLUSIVE PARTY!!!




Am one of the happiest breed on earth today, well i have been for over a week now, the act of writing even made me a more fulfilled person. I cannot begin to emphasize on the things that are filling my long broken hearts but am sure a lot of you my readers would have noticed in my last few posts.

I am HAPPY… for the first time in a while I can truly say that and am, forever grateful to God.

Today in history(22-05-10), history was M’ADE,  a talent was M’ADE, ideas were M’ADE, a decision was M’ADE and if that day or days after or even months after someone (even my mum) told me it was going to be M’ADE then i would have given the dis-believe look.

As a child I have always had encouragements and drives, I am the all knowing breed, who was interested in many things and today it has not stopped.

Wondering what am talking about? well am talking about a grace that was sent upon me through my very own organization “AIESEC” (DRUM ROLLS), FRIENDS, COLLEAGUES AND FAMILY. it was first to be a team leader and then i discovered my weakness of talking too much, i wasn’t condemned but embraced to turn my talkativeness into speaking for a cause, and to speak for a cause, you have to know what you are talking about so i developed myself to finding out things which brought about the researcher in me.

why do i care so much? well, that was ordained from the day i was m’ade. being the first from both my parents who are firsts from both their parents has given me about 40cousins whom i have cared and still care for.  I knew i always did a good job if every weekend their parents came to dump them in my house :D.

I can remember telling my mum at 18 that i want my own kids (lmao) but really since i cant have my own kids yet, i decided i will care for kids that cant have their own parents yet. I will go states to states and town to town just to spend days with the motherless, prepare projects that will care for the needy. even though many i didn’t spend my money or time on but at least my ideas would drive people to do something.

This went on for few months when i was given a task to come up with an agenda for “AIESEC DINNER”. it was tough but then we came up with a very good one, there was no designer available for the fashion show we included then someone came up with the idea that i have beautiful set of clothes and since most of my friends copy my style, we could just style models and make it a style show instead. i was proud to tell them that 95% of my clothes were designed by me, it was a shock when after the event about 20people wanted me to design their next dinner gowns, i couldn’t disagree.

I thank you all from that moment that even though i didn’t sew the clothes myself, you supported me, you encouraged me, you gave me extra pays just to believe in myself, i thank all the organizations that helps with my projects. i thank all my customers and clients, i thank those that joined along the way(I THANK THOSE THAT LEFT), i thank all my mentors. I thank my mum and i thank God for never letting me down, ( i am actually crying in my office right now).

Today, I am only 21years old and 363days old but I am a researcher, an event planner (minor), stylist, A fashion designer, A writer, A mother(LOL aunty)  to many kids,  A mentor, A project executor and yes you can call me an OLIVER TWIST or even as my best fan would say GIFTED HANDS but I’ll rather be called M’ADE , reason being God made me and left nothing undone just like he made you and blessed you even more.

22-05-10 hopefully we can all celebrate 20years and more down the road. GRACIAS !!!

whatever you are doing now, please make sure its for a good cause, because where words go, legs don’t ever get.

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the U in YOU..2



I called home.. explained everything to my mum, she is  someone who is very strong and optimistic, she told me not to worry, that she would fix it, i didn’t believe her, because i wondered what she would do to help, well she took extra ordinary measure, made several calls and even went all the way to see some old friends and 2days after, she called me and told me who to see, i did all this and i was made to pay fees for late registrations and was fixed in another department. That’s where it all began..

My first day as an undergraduate in the department of zoology was like the first day of the rest of my miserable life, i never saw my self in such a low class department, well so i thought, i wasn’t interested and i was ready to drop out of school, i wasn’t afraid to scream it into my mother’s ears that i hated the department and the set of courses and everything around being a zoologist, she calmed me down and advised i start embracing it because that’s how God wanted it. I would cry in my room and never go to classes. The exam was postponed and i had time to study, but wasn’t enough because i had to copy notes, do some tests and also make-up for missed practical classes, the work load was too much and i even had to drop 2courses. I didn’t do well at all in the first semester but with time i was able to catch up.

With time, i couldn’t believe myself as i became the great scientist that embraced animals and would even research and write about them, my favorite lecture then always encouraged me to write but i was too lazy to that but my narrative exams were great. writing didn’t catch people’s attention as much as the fashionista in me, i loved to draw and sew my clothes myself rather than buy them, the artistic aspect was also very obvious in my class as i would draw and sketch anything in a twinkle. After a while, advices more like pressure was placed on me to go into fashion designing as a business, my first quest was interesting, and very encouraging. I had no mentor or teacher, i thought myself, it was a talent and more of my passion, nothing stopped me and this time, there was no VC or Dean or HOD to stop me, there was no one to tell me what to do because i was on the right part and it never felt wrong because despite the hardship and lack of capital, i kept striving and even i had more reason to face my studies and excel well because i appreciated the course for helping me find the ME in ME.

Despite my resentment, fears and failures, i never stop trying new things. As my friends would sometimes call me, Oliver twist, well maybe i am but one thing i know for sure is i don’t just want it all, i want it all good. I am not stopping yet, am going to acquire more knowledge, did a little training last year, doing more after my NYSC and am currently learning how to be a professional writer. Fashion designing and writing are both my talents but it doesn’t mean i would bank on that, am meeting people and learning everyday.

MORAL: though we might have failures and not be where we want to be but we should sometimes be opportunists, one of my friend got posted to a local school and was all ranting and sad at first but now, she realized its even an opportunity to be able to attend classes for her make-over practices and start business soon enough. A lot of us don’t see through hard times because we are easy to condemn everything but trust me, in every mud, there’s always a clean stone and just as patient and hopeful we are it just might be the rare stone. Now take time and find the U in YOU 🙂

The U in YOU


Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you have to dig deep inside to muster the strength to go on and overcome sudden hardship.  It is in those times, when situations look hopeless, it is you that can find a way to come together and triumph.  With gritty determination, teamwork, and good old fashion gumption, i came out on top sometime ago.

I remember the first exam i missed in my university, it was a though course, and as a medical student, you can’t afford a D.. I had a guardian who was a lecturer and assured me i was going to write a make-up exam and should just get well. Well i did get well and i did write the make-up exams and did well but still i was tired already, i was tired of having to struggle too hard and i could imagine doing it for the next 6-8 years of my life all to become a doctor. Have always wanted to be a doctor since i was in primary 4,i had my first lab coat in  primary 5 and a stethoscope to match, i had the white dull shoes and i could do CPR, first Aids and all at 12years old, in my senior secondary i was made the health prefect and these things were to me, signs from God, my Gmama would call me doctor of our time as they all knew how obsessed i was with doctors, i would do a lot of researches and confront doctors any chance i get.
Well, the journey was soon ended when a list of the medical students came out and my name was missing, of course i was happy but i didn’t want to be dropped i wanted to drop. Now the problem was what next? I needed to decide what next in two weeks or less, i wasn’t ready, i practically am the first in my family, friends were confusing and my parents were of no help, because they wanted me to study medicine. One faithful afternoon, i had an appointment with my doctor and he ordered a young pretty girl to run some tests on me and she asked what i was studying in school, i said i don’t know, she was like huh? Ok, what department are you, i said; i don’t know. Then she tried speaking pidgin or yoruba then i smiled, i understand you perfectly i said, i just don’t know because i have been kicked out medicine which am glad but i don’t know what i want. She sighed and said, i was also kicked out of medicine that’s why i chose a course to stay close to doctors. Right there and then i thought i knew what i wanted. I wanted to be a Radiologist or a microbiologist.
I went back to school all smiles and fulfilled, i prayed to God and thanked him for always giving me signs and i did my registrations, i was back to being a student, did my tests and went for lectures, i was happy again, i was always glad and i was sure i would make very good grades. Then one day, just 2weeks to the exams, after i had copied my time table at my faculty, i saw a notice on the board in red and myself and many others were asked to report at the faculty office the day before. I was afraid and wondered why? I was more angry than afraid because nobody had told me of this notice, i called a few friends and apparently they didn’t know either, we all gathered and headed to the dean’s office.
I didn’t have the slightest idea as to why he called us but i knew it was for good, then he said;

“Why are you just coming? ( We tried to explain but he shut us up) well, the faculty is full and you all did your registration late but it won’t be fair so we split you into two groups those with above 3points and those below, those below should go and register with another faculty and the rest should check their names on this list.”
I was terrified for some of my friends because they didn’t make up to 3points and i was more terrified because we had just 2weeks to exams. I checked for my name and i didn’t find it. He screamed at me to check again but it wasn’t there, tears rolled down my eyes, i wasn’t sure what was happening but i knew i was in trouble. He said; ” it means you’re no longer a student of this school. I can remember all this words exactly because they were mean and from an old, heartless man called Prof WHO. (His son used to be my friend) he said; what were you doing when your mates were registering? He asked so many questions and never allowed me to answer. My CGPA was 3.75 how can i not make the school when a lot are in with much more less. I left his office in tears and fears. Headed to my department and the Head of microbiology said; that was the new rule, late registration, no identity. I thought of so many things but i wasn’t going to give up…


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