Domestic Violence shouldn’t be allowed to stay…..


I could barely sleep last night. Actually, I haven’t slept in about a week. I usually start dozing off around 4am, then get up again to pray and it’s almost impossible to go back to sleep with all the hustle and bustle that everyone is about. Due to this and my no-make up till the end of the year pact, I go around cranky with a face that looks like a certain former president of Nigeria that has been likened to an ape (Abeg I dint mention any name oh ehhen).

The reason I haven’t been able to sleep is that my neighbors can’t keep it down. They just moved in, obvious by the fresh paint and expensive renovations they did to their house (the former people were kinda miserly). Anyways after thorough investigation, I found out that they are a newly wed couple and the guy is in the…

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