For Two Bits Tuesday:  B A L A N C E

Barka Jumah People,

Yesterday after work, i was bored and alone , nothing to do and nothing to write, i surfed the internet especially twitter, i stumbled into @exschoolnerd’s TL and something struck my mind. she was worried about what to tell people who ask; “who are you?” usually i also dont know how to answer that question. she finally found hers with a link and i checked.

on getting to i was wowed, i took my own personality test, very different from the one i did in year three (WHY YOU ACT THE WAY YOU DO). Its very exciting and impressive considering i had a lonr-heart-breaking weekend.

It’s so refreshing considering the kind of people I share personality with, in all honesty i didnt cheat because I have longed been in the shadow of myself rather than mirror image.


Representing approximately 5 percent of all people, people with the ENFJ personality type are great leaders, distinguished by the unshakable faith that others want to follow them. Usually this is exactly what happens as the main trait of the ENFJ personality type is their extraordinary charisma. ENFJs also greatly appreciate the cooperation and assistance of other people and are eager to offer their own cooperation wherever possible.

ENFJs pay a lot of attention the needs of other people and often believe they are responsible for other people’s emotions – this behaviour can even complicate their relationships if the ENFJ is not careful. This

personality type radiates leadership qualities, such as concern and willingness to help, so those who need support often turn to the ENFJ – and usually receive the help and guidance they need. However, this kind nature can sometimes turn against the ENFJ once they become overloaded with requests for assistance – ENFJ personality types feel great discomfort and guilt if they are forced to refuse requests of this nature.

ENFJ are especially vulnerable due to their tendency to idealise interpersonal relations. It is nearly impossible to meet such standards and ENFJ friends may feel inferior knowing that they cannot achieve that ideal. On the other hand, expecting the best can be considered one of the most important leadership traits – and even though ENFJ may be somewhat idealistic (thanks to the NF combination), they are also very tolerant, uncritical and truly reliable people.

Barack Obama ENFJENFJs enjoy communicating with others and consider this an essential personality trait. As a result, ENFJs often get very surprised or even offended when they learn that not everybody (e.g. strong introvert types) shares this attitude. However, this rarely happens, as ENFJs are talented and highly intuitive speakers, very adept at communicating face to face. Naturally, someone with the ENFJ personality type is likely to have a great impact on people, as they are eager to express their opinion, no matter how large the group is.

This personality type has an unusual ability to recognise and “translate” other people’s feelings, “absorbing” their characteristic traits, emotions and value systems. This is a very potent gift, but it is also dangerous, as the ENFJ can sometimes unwittingly take on other people’s problems, as if they were their own. ENFJ personality traits also tend to award this type with amazing imitation skills.

ENFJs should take advantage of their strong intuition as it is one of their strongest personality traits, but it is advisable to consult a friend with a dominant T trait when it comes to making logical or long-term decisions. On the other hand, ENFJ personalities can easily make decisions based on their feelings – they are usually able to recognize other people’s motives, hidden or not, with amazing accuracy.

ENFJs are quick learners, able to instantly recognise the big picture in many situations. In addition, they are great entrepreneurs who can easily cope with numerous responsibilities or projects – this is likely to result in many fruitful opportunities.

Anyways, I’m blushing and after a long “hard, heart-breaking” filled week I’m feeling fly that I share same personalities with great people like: Barack Obama,David, King of Israel, Abraham Lincoln, former U.S. president, Ronald Reagan, former U.S. president, William Cullen Bryant; poet, Abraham Maslow; psychologist, Francois Mitterrand, former French president, Dennis Hopper, Brenda Vaccaro,Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck, actor (my crush).

YOU SHOULD TAKE THE TEST TOO, IT REALLY HELPS IDENTIFY YOUR INNER SELF AND IT IS RECOGNISED BY MBTI. I would love for you to share your personalities in the comment box and for the few that know me, let them like or comment how true this is about me. 😀