This style is chick, matured, simple and GREEN. it very appropriate for all kind of body type especially the slim, and too chubby ones. i see me rocking this with my new grey-gold scarf. šŸ˜€

watch this space for more appropriate style.

blissful weekend!


the praying child…

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Take me far…

Far away from all my troubles…

If on the sea,

Take it deeper than the dept of the ocean…

If above me,

Take it far into the the sky…

If revolving,

Take it wider than arc of the world…

If visible,

Take it further than the eyes can see…

If wide,

Take it wider than the width of the desert…

IfĀ  up high,

Ā Take it higher than the height of the mountain.

I Pray

That I will see the beauty in every shadow

That I bask in the warmth of every lightā€™s glow

That the passing of day will birth my fame

And as I sleep,I cease to be same

I Pray

For a heart that will love even in pain

A soul that will give without an intent to gain

For a tongue that speaks not to break

But words only for men to make

I Pray

For fulfillment in the midst of wealth

For significance in every success birth

That I will have joy even when not happy

That Iā€™ll celebrate God and His Glory

I Pray

That I find The Way,The Truth and The Life

To give me hope and victory through every strife

And for all that happens positive or odd

Iā€™ll get on my knees and Thank God

I Pray

Oh i ask….

IĀ ask that you forgive all my sins

IĀ ask that you direct my steps

IĀ ask that you lead while i follow

IĀ ask that you grant my wish

Oh this i ask

IĀ ask that you help me serve you better

IĀ ask that you bless everyone reading this

IĀ ask that you grant me peace

IĀ ask that you adore me with wealth

Oh this i ask

IĀ ask that Nigeria is fruitful agai

IĀ ask that its fruit shall bore more fruits

IĀ ask that this fruits are harvested by the right farmer

IĀ ask i ask i ask for salvation

Oh this i ask.

IĀ ask that you AMEN my prayers

IĀ ask that you pity my lost soul

IĀ ask that you protect my unguided interest

IĀ ask that you grant me AL-janah

Oh Lord i ask.