letter to my mom



You’ve been the greatest mother to me
Teaching me many things that others never see
And so I write to you this very day
That The Lord may bless you in every way

Through the years of heartbreak and toil
You’ve always been there for this girl who you spoil
And now I’m a lady whom you trained in the past
Though sometimes I may tell you to ‘just kiss my ass’

Anyway I just wanted to say
Thank you my mother for starting me on this Way
For without your teaching I’d be lost today
But because of you and God by my side
Maybe I will find the bravery inside

The strength to withstand every personal attack
That mine enemies throw at me and I might just lack
And so to you the ‘world’s best Mom’
I’ll remember you always especially on your birthday.

happy birthday shugar! ! !

My Real Goddess
Today my mother
Came to my room
With lots of blessing
And full of good wishing
To live long
Happy and healthy
Progressive and wealthy
My mother
My sweet mother
My beautiful mother
My loving mother
My real goddess
My ever goodness
My first lady I loved
My life my mother
My soul my mother
My God-gift my mother
My pride my mother
My aim my mother
My teacher my mother
My friend my mother
My preacher my mother
O the Absolute Almighty
Give me my mother
Again and again
And again and again
My mother
Only my mother.

Thank you, I love you Mom

Love, Your first born Daughter!



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Who sat and watched my infant head
When sleeping on my cradle bed,
And tears of sweet affection shed?
My Mother.

When pain and sickness made me cry,
Who gazed upon my heavy eye,
And wept for fear that I should die?
My Mother.

Who taught my infant lips to pray
And love God’s holy book and day,
And walk in wisdom’s pleasant way?
My Mother.

And can I ever cease to be
Affectionate and kind to thee,
Who wast so very kind to me,
My Mother?

Ah, no! the thought I cannot bear,
And if God please my life to spare
I hope I shall reward they care,
My Mother.

When thou art feeble, old and grey,
My healthy arm shall be thy stay,
And I will soothe thy pains away,
My Mother.
Ann Taylor


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AIESEC is a renowened world wide student run organization present in over 113 countries and territories with over 86000 members. Focused on providing a platform for leadership development, the organization is based on opening avenues for youths all over the world, opportunities that are endless and beneficial to the total development of the essence of one’s being. AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to be global citizens to change the world and to get experiences that matter in the world today. AIESEC is interested in leadership management and world issues.

With a fast growing base in major cities of Nigeria viz Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Kano to mention a few, AIESEC in Ilorin gives students the opportunity to be part of this organization that provides members with opportunities to travel while studying, exploring cultural differences, work opportunities and gainful international experiences in its partner countries.

AIESEC also helps improve the totality of the youth by presenting avenues to improve himself by going through practical team experiences, expanding networks, acquiring skills and gaining competencies AIESEC has global partners that include DHL, TATA and Alcatel-Lucent, Its national partnership boasts of Unilever and Opera software to mention a few.

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For new and potential members, an information seminar has been slated for Wednesday, 14th November 2012 at 4pm, Lecture theatre IV on the main campus of the University of Ilorin.

For more details, Please call, AbdulWahab Oloko on 08162014268 Or apply here: http://bit.ly/AIESEC2012Recruitment Forms are available at Kiosk 5 and Law Restaurant both on the main campus of the University of Ilorin.

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Kind Regards,

Lolu Shomuyiwa Publicist,

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#wonder what got me here? well, AIESEC is a part. 😀