Oh dear,

How i love you so much,

before i knew you would ever exist, i had kept a space specially for you.

“hi dear?” i have something to discuss with you” she said,

oh really?, what is it because I’m quite busy.

I’m pregnant! x_x .

WOW! :]x

that’s all i said till the next day.

she sent me a long message of how i didn’t care about what she said,

still, i said nothing.

she means so much to me and I know she told me first,

she told me because she wanted me to be a part of the decision process,

she told me because she was afraid.

Two days after the first conversation.

I SAID: we wi;l be having a baby in 8/9 months time?

“I don’t know” she said.

days and weeks pasts and I could see you grow.

we watched you grow, day by day,

week by week, month by month.

the first scan was made and you were so cute,

so much of a miracle than wonder.

never saw the sperm tho =))

but seeing how you change every month was amazing.

your mum did every and anything she heard was good for you.

seven months down the line, it was time for shopping.

the economy wasnt a factor, she got you everything you need.

i didnt carry you but i was more afraid at the way she jugled herself round the streets of lagos.

your mother is strong, she is beautiful and she loves you.

everytime i left her alone, she was found rubbing you from outside and speaking to you.

she would talk and smile, because you always responded with a KICK!

smiles! smiles!! smiles!!!

its a girl!!!

that was the message i got next. she went for the last sonogram.

how many of them? i said.

“lol, just one sweet girl my dear”

joy filled my heart because i know dep within that you will be loved.

right then and there, you were named: ATINUKE (loved from within).

At about every day, i wish i could feel your kick but i was far away, but every chance i got,

you kicked at the sound of my voice,

you loved me too *winks*.

many and all were eager for your arrival, questions here and there as to when you should be expected,

many couldnt wait because you will be beautiful,

many couldnt wait because you will be fair,

many couldnt wait because you will be great,

many couldnt wait, just to hold you,

many couldnt wait because you are a symbol of the sun.

you were called upon by a shower,

so wonderful, chick and sweet,

music, food, dance and pictures,

colourful and bright,

just as you wished.


one week later,

1-11-12 1:20pm,

you cried to the world,

neither me nor your father can explain the pain you caused your mother,

because even she cant explain,

for all that lingers is the joy you brought us all.


you were called until today,

when you shall be officially named.

i look forward to seeing you cry for boobies, (you did already)

i look forward to you crawling,

i look forward to you reaching for heavy objects,

i look forward to you calling mama,

i look forward to you calling papa,

i look forward to hear aunty mimi from you to me *smiles*,

i look forward to you growing,

i look forward to taking you to the mosques,

i look forward to teching you alot of things,

i look forward to your first birthday,

i look forward to your fifth, sixteenth, twentieth birthday,

i look forward to the first date, where i would sit in the corner peerping at you and the lucky guy,

i look forward to alot of days with and for you,

i look forward to play dates with you, your siblings and my kids,

i look forward to saying goodbye to the world and im rest assured you will pay last respects to my soul,

along side my kids.


welcome to the world,