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*Emptyhen, thanks for been the Bipolar Network of the century.. You are soo confuse, you make GLO look like a freaking princess*..  

I just heard a very wonderful news.. A friend of mine just got engaged… *Yaaayness* I am ecstatic.. Very much happy for her.. Although, the rate at which young girls are getting married, whether to older men or slightly older guy is alarming.. Its a freaking epidermic.. I think every other weekend or weekday, its been two weddings or more. Just two days ago, another guy from my alma mata sent me an invite to his wedding in september. Atleast, over 10 girls/guys from my alma mata are married, engaged or wateva else is next.. A couple are mothers/fathers, already..

It’s beginning to feel like a Fashion statement.. Like, owning a Channel purse or something.. Imagining, you walking down the street and some asks you, “Aren’t you married…

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