Today, you all probably know Aisha, A TV host and presenter, you probably envy her and want to be like her and wonder why she hasn’t married Aman, you probably have so many guesses on your mind right now and i really do wish she can be revealed but Aahil Basim is my responsibility and keeping him safe and happy is paramount. Hopefully with time, we all can get to refer to this blog when he grows and understands why he doesn’t have a biological father or even why his mum keeps him a secret from everyone. Aman’s opinion of letting go doesn’t matter here because even this space can’t express my view.
After several threats, apologises and pleads from Josh, my mum had to get a lawyer to sort things out. One year in my baby had started walking and calling me aunty and his grandmother mummy, i liked it and still do. At least it saves me the questioning of who is the father. My life has taken a great turn, Aman has been very helpful, my mum moved to lagos, still distributing for Dangote. We have our own apartment and we doing fine.

Getting back to the world hasn’t been easy, good thing i have a good degree and always ready to go, getting appointments here and there makes it easy to feel free, talking to people every day and trying to get a job hasn’t been any easy but recently things have been great. My iman has increased and I’m ready to put the past behind me.
I have taken my time to write this post not to relate any bad morale or negativity but to let you know that there’s more to life, people wake up daily with pain and sufferings in their heart, people live days looking at the next with regret. If i had spoken up earlier, Josh and I won’t get to the point we are today. Even though I’m not sure he’s the father of my child but he wasn’t there, neither was his family. Him showing at the delivery room doesn’t make any sense to me but i do not care and i have moved on, I will go everyday with my head up high. “The brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past, you can’t go on well in life until you let go of your past failures and heartaches..;;)”
Major life decisions come to place, questions will be asked and getting it all sorted will be a great challenge. I shared my story here because of all the inspirations i get from here, i could have gone to were i can have many hits and probably boost my career but the point is to go in line with what my peers have in stock. There is no such thing as” lived happily ever after” well except you live in mars. Every happy person you see have one struggle or the other and the common one for humans is survival.
Josh is living a regrettable life now, he’s lost everything to drug and dealings and many people around still blame him for my rape. Even we girls and potential girlfriends and wives need to be very careful, being desperate doesn’t cut it, it lands us in pits and buries us alive, leaving great scars we live to always nurture. Mine is Aahil and having a different life from what i presumed but am lucky and blessed, i have taken this struggles as reasons to survive and succeed.
If you have missed this series please kindly go over it, there is one or two or more things to learn from it. Thank you all for the messages and contact share, may we not go through hell to feel heaven.

#AishanJosh ends today, there’s so much embedded and untold but during my next posts i’ll refer to them. #gracias

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