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Today I will be talking about forgiveness, how far does forgiveness go? Do you forgive? How come people can’t forgive but they want to be forgiven?

We all make mistakes in life, sometimes it wasn’t meant to hurt anyone, but it usually does hey, unintentionally..
Then what do you do in that situation? You explain yourself, apologize and hope that they forgive you, I mean you are at a point in that friendship that you trust that, that person will know and believe that you wouldn’t do anything to hurt them.. But they choose to believe the worst in you, and what hurts the most is you’ve forgiven that person a million times before, you understood that their human after all, they are immune to mistakes!
But they don’t forgive you, and at that time, there’s nothing you can do, but hope that they take your word for it I mean you’ve worked hard to earn their trust, it is at that time that you need for them to trust that you would never hurt them intentionally, but they choose not to? What do you do? You’ve tried everything! And at that point in time you don’t think you could be working that hard for them to believe you, you have earned your keep.. But do they recognize that? Noo..!
That’s when you know that they really don’t know you as well as you thought they did, or they wouldn’t think that of you in a million years! Then you end up giving up and telling them what’s really on your mind.. At that time you are angry that it even went that far, they still don’t understand why you angry because you are the one whose on the wrong, but what they really DON’T understand is that it is not about right or wrongs, its past that after you apologized, its about saving the friendship that’s been going on for a while now, its about how you know me and also know that I want the best for you.. I would never hurt you intentionally..
Do they get it now? Well a bit but I’ll keep working on them because I can’t give up on them, I’ve invested a lot on them, and this friendship so it can’t just be written off over a silly thing!
Have that much trust in me as I have for you, before you cry foul, and think that I’m the big bad wolf, think of what you’ve done to me but I still forgave you!
Think of the worst we’ve gone through and I still stuck by you
Think of the laughter and cries we shared, the best memories we had together, all the times when we went through hardships, I was there and I’m still here.. That same person could still turn around and suddenly be the bad guy? Overnight? Without anything bad occurring? Seriously? You have that little faith over me?
*big sigh* I know life is full of strange people but I’m sure you are not that shallow not to notice that there are still a few good people too, who genuinely love you and want the best for you.. But if you are blind to see that then I don’t know what’s become of this world!
I literally give up!
I hope you realize who are the good people in your life, and treasure them, don’t treat them bad, as when they leave, they are gone for good and won’t even look back!

This piece was inspired by what happened in my life this passed week! Someone questioned my love and trust, someone whom I thought knew me better than anyone, it hurt me the most but I’ll live!
Love and trust is earned, so bank enough that you can still deposit on those when bad times occur!

cubbed from Lessy 101’s blog fortunately it read my mind.

Have a blessed week.

but dont forget their names

but dont forget their names

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