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Earlier this morning at about 12: 23 am i was trying to re assure myself that i was on the right track, a lot have been going on in my life recently, i need to make major decisions that would affect me for the next first two years of my life and these first two years will also build who i intend to become in the next five years which would be about three years from the first two years ( well that’s how confusing my thought process have become) I am a people’s person but i recently have been tagged strong so getting concrete advice from people have been hard because even they come to me for some. I have been stuck with myself, twitter, my new job role, new series and my latest best male friend. Even though all these things and people give me hope and make me see a sweet reflection of myself i cant seem to get a grip of it. i looked through a cupboard where i keep books and files and finding my 2011 black book on a normal ground was suppose to make me feel great about my self because truly i have evolved, i am a better person, i write for pleasure and inspiration, i have my coy registered, i am in-love with myself, i have a good job and good colleagues, i have a complete healthy family, i have a close boyfriend 🙂 ( yeah right), i have people who look up to me, i am gracefully serving my father’s land, i have almost finished my first book, i have a lot of inspirations and aspirations, my fashion line is growing, i am becoming a better muslimah. God has been faithful but really and truly within myself i do not feel fulfilled and in August I had a major breakdown because i couldn’t figure out what i truly wanted for my self what i am truly good at doing, people’s idea of who i am is gradually taking me away from my personal goals and dreams, pride is beginning to set in, fear and sense of incompleteness is almost taking over my personality.

But alas! i have so much to be grateful for, so so much i can not mention all, I needed something to keep me going something to help drive my decision making process, something to curb my fears, something…. just something to make choosing between three major careers of my life and prioritizing my next goals EASIER. I couldn’t find, i got bored of thinking, I spoke to a friend and the same thing was said ” you have great potential, i respect you so much and i wish you can see a reflection of what you are, you inspire people, you make people feel good about themselves, you create lives and mentor both young and old” these were her words, i wasn’t exactly touched because i hear them at least once in a while. my mum reminds me everyday of how proud of me she is, my sisters looks up to me, i am currently mentoring 3o kids into entrepreneurship but i just dont feel fulfilled.
Having what i want sometimes make me act silly I remeber one sunday morning I woke up with this hunger for “akara”, I tweeted about it and got a very good friend and neighbour of mine @hobalola to be interested too, we set out to buy akara knowing fully well we might not get it, we asked several people on twitter and got several responses, after trying about six spots on the adeniji adele axis, we dashed to his friend (@engr_ejo)’s house hoping to get akara around his aboda, but unfortunately we didnt, he contacted the akara virus immediately, the rain poured heavily after we waited a few minutes we agreed it wont be a bad idea if we scouted for akara under d rain before the people selling pack up, we got two umbrellas and swappped simultaneously as we roamed the street of lagos looking for akara, we had covered the west part of eko in an hour under the rain and in the flood looking for akara, it got to a point we wouldnt mind were they were frying akara for someone’s burial but we didnt see, apparently people stopped dying on the island or maybe no one died 41 days ago,abi?.

Another 30minutes had passed it was already half 11 am, we were hungry and tired, found a nice spot to chill and eat puff puff. it was so nice but we were not tempted into remitting our money to the mallam frying it. This time we were at Idumota coming from Tinubu Square, on getting there i called a cousin of mine who promised we would see in their area, I was so happy and glad, we draggedourselves down and up the dirty streets of Idumota going to the obas palace around were my cousin stays, we got there with hopes and smiles on our dear faces, we sat on a bench just by the corner, it had been a great journey after searching for akara on a rainy sunday, we finally got to a spot were we would find. my cousin arrived and gave the bad news that the woman had packedup, i was sad and close to tears, i really do want to eat akara that day, i havent had it since the begining of the year and i never start what i wont finish. i felt defeated i was willing to go all the way to Ebute Metta or even Ikorodu if i would find the akara but everyone discouraged me that it was a sunday afternoon already and no one would fry akara 9 ofcourse i added that to my goals that some day soon, i would sell sunday akara and other stuff people dont get to see and buy on sundays).
Before heading back home, i went to greet my grandaunt as you know(if you pass in front of obas palace you must greet him) she scolded me at my foolish adventure into finding akara and blamed the jobless boys who followed me all the way and said ” cant you fry akara in your house?” wow! non of us thought of that but even if we did, i dont know how todo it, i have never tried it. it was time to go home and we realised we had spent all the N200 we had to buy akara on transport and puff puff, it means even if we saw akara, there would be no money to buy it. foolish us. but atleast we tried, we got back home really tired and angry but you know what? we didnt Stop!

we didnt stop our quest, we bought beans, pilled it together, added neccessary sauce: fish, beef, oil, pepe and the likes, mixed it up and started frying. we didnt know how to measure or fry after the first set got burnt, we did the next very well. it came out in funny shapes and sizes but the outcome was great and delicious, we shared with family and friends and now our story and stupid journey was worth it.
At this time 3:45am i thought to myself, even though everyone thinks I’m fulfilled, some think i have arrived and some dont even recognise me, my personal golas have not been achieved, though i might be confused and helpless but i will buy my beans, make my mixture, fry my akara and I wont stop trying! and the few i don’t get right i will seek help.

dont stop!!!!

Aisha n Josh ~ episode 12


On this day, I woke up very early and excited. I had made breakfast, washed some clothes and cleaned my room. Since the 7th month, Aunty had given me and my mum a place in the house, sort of like a BQ but with two rooms. The one I chose was repainted and furnished, its about the time I started getting excited about things and the arrival of a new life. Behind those smiles were my eagerness to drop my baggage and start a new life, go to cyprus where no one knew me or my story. It probably is the wrong reason to be happy but at least I am.

After breakfast, I was on a call with Aman; he asked if he could come visit. He had been asking since the beginning of the week but I didn’t think it was necessary. I mentioned it to my mum she didn’t think it was a bad idea, I still didn’t give him the permission to. But this morning, I could use some visit. I was eager to show someone external my new room/nursery. In half an hour, he was at the main gate, all bright and smiles. Obviously happy to see me. Maybe weird but it feels like I’ve known him for ever, it feels like he now owns a part of me, we had a long afternoon talk. He helped me with stuff, cooked my meal and wrote a letter to my unborn child :). My mum was nosy all through the time and when he was about leaving, I felt all teary and sad. I tried to walk him to his car, parked far down the road because he didn’t know the exact block. I felt a sharp pain in my back, I was quick to hide it, but it was too much I couldn’t hold it back. I screamed and called attention to myself. Aman was afraid, he thought I hit my leg or something. My mum was still at the gate, she rushed towards me, before I knew it, my water broke on the streets.

Aman is a strong looking man with great physic, he’s tall, fair and quite handsome, he’s Idoma and speaks really good Yoruba and Hausa. His grandmother whom I usually see with him is actually not his grandmother but his mum. I practically called her grandma because she looks and act like one, she had him when she was 47 and now he’s 28 you can imagine. He’s got a really good job because he’s not only intelligent but also has an influential father. He would refer to him as grandpa because his father always lamented how he should have been his grandpa if not for his coming late.
At that point I was exhausted and dizzy. My mum knew the baby was coming. Then, it dawn on me that the time had finally come. My aunt was out with the car, thank God Aman brought his. He drove mum and I down to the hospital, waited for the 7hours it took me to deliver. After the long day, and several push from the doctor and consolations from the nurse. The first thing I heard was, “call the father to come cut his cord”. Father?! His?! I tried to open my tired eyes to see who was there, but iwas too tired to do that. where is the father coming from with no hesitation, the body entered the room, quite tall and all smiles. I had a boy!

Let’s remember to #Savemusbaudeen
#saveAlife pls RT and donate

Musibaudeen Shittu is a 2yrs old boy who was recently diagnosed to be living with ‘HOLE IN HIS HEART’. His heart condition is deteriorating and has been medically classed as a HIGH RISK case and life threatening situation.
Kindly make donations into ;
Account No: 2058239672
Bank          : UBA, Ifako- Gbagada branch,Lagos

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This is to bring to your attention, the campaign to save the life of 2yrs old MUSIBAUDEEN SHITTU.

Musibaudeen Shittu is a 2yrs old boy who was recently diagnosed to be living with ‘HOLE IN HIS HEART’. His heart condition is deteriorating and has been medically classed as a HIGH RISK case and life threatening situation.

Musibaudeen’s case was referred by Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), under Medical consultant, Dr. Animashaun, to Dr. Shreesha Maiya of NARAYANA HRUDALAYA HOSPITALS, BANGALORE, INDIA.

The Indian Paediatric Cardiologist has responded indicating that approximately N3Million would be needed for surgical expenses, drugs and other related expenses.
Please find attached all documents relating to this issue including pictures of Musibaudeen Shittu.

The mother is a petty trader and the father just got a job, after months of unemployment, at a Filling Station. The family presently survives on the proceeds of the petty trade (the mother sells pure-water,recharge cards,biscuits). Musibaudeen is the 3rd of four Children.

The family has only managed to raise N140,000 thus far. A church in the neighbourhood also donated N100,000 out of the total sum.

Please, we need you to assist financially and also reach out to well-meaning Nigerians through available media platforms. We have already started a campaign on Twitter #SaveMusibaudeen.

Please let us make frantic efforts to come to the aid of little Misbaudeen Shittu before his heart condition further deteriorates due to lack of funds.

Kindly make donations into ;
Account No: 2058239672
Bank          : UBA, Ifako- Gbagada branch,Lagos

You can reach Musibaudeen’s Mum, Mrs. Shukurat Shittu on 08086856324, 08026907690.

Kanu Heart Foundation has been contacted on this case, we wait for a feedback from the foundation. However, Musibaudeen’s heart condition does not have the luxury of time, as he is also suffering from OEDEMA, his body is retaining liquid because the heart is not functioning properly.

We believe if 3,000 people come together to donate #1,000 naira each, Insha Allah, we will achieve the 3million naira required for the surgery in India. 

Musibaudeen Shittu is already running out of time for the Surgery in India. Thank you as you assist financially, spreading the information, canvassing for financial aid and spiritually.

Thank You.

@mubarakakaq on Twitter
Akintola Mubarak

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How Far Does Forgiveness Go?


Hi Everyone 🙂

Today I will be talking about forgiveness, how far does forgiveness go? Do you forgive? How come people can’t forgive but they want to be forgiven?

We all make mistakes in life, sometimes it wasn’t meant to hurt anyone, but it usually does hey, unintentionally..
Then what do you do in that situation? You explain yourself, apologize and hope that they forgive you, I mean you are at a point in that friendship that you trust that, that person will know and believe that you wouldn’t do anything to hurt them.. But they choose to believe the worst in you, and what hurts the most is you’ve forgiven that person a million times before, you understood that their human after all, they are immune to mistakes!
But they don’t forgive you, and at that time, there’s nothing you can do, but hope that they take your word for it I mean you’ve worked hard to earn their trust, it is at that time that you need for them to trust that you would never hurt them intentionally, but they choose not to? What do you do? You’ve tried everything! And at that point in time you don’t think you could be working that hard for them to believe you, you have earned your keep.. But do they recognize that? Noo..!
That’s when you know that they really don’t know you as well as you thought they did, or they wouldn’t think that of you in a million years! Then you end up giving up and telling them what’s really on your mind.. At that time you are angry that it even went that far, they still don’t understand why you angry because you are the one whose on the wrong, but what they really DON’T understand is that it is not about right or wrongs, its past that after you apologized, its about saving the friendship that’s been going on for a while now, its about how you know me and also know that I want the best for you.. I would never hurt you intentionally..
Do they get it now? Well a bit but I’ll keep working on them because I can’t give up on them, I’ve invested a lot on them, and this friendship so it can’t just be written off over a silly thing!
Have that much trust in me as I have for you, before you cry foul, and think that I’m the big bad wolf, think of what you’ve done to me but I still forgave you!
Think of the worst we’ve gone through and I still stuck by you
Think of the laughter and cries we shared, the best memories we had together, all the times when we went through hardships, I was there and I’m still here.. That same person could still turn around and suddenly be the bad guy? Overnight? Without anything bad occurring? Seriously? You have that little faith over me?
*big sigh* I know life is full of strange people but I’m sure you are not that shallow not to notice that there are still a few good people too, who genuinely love you and want the best for you.. But if you are blind to see that then I don’t know what’s become of this world!
I literally give up!
I hope you realize who are the good people in your life, and treasure them, don’t treat them bad, as when they leave, they are gone for good and won’t even look back!

This piece was inspired by what happened in my life this passed week! Someone questioned my love and trust, someone whom I thought knew me better than anyone, it hurt me the most but I’ll live!
Love and trust is earned, so bank enough that you can still deposit on those when bad times occur!

cubbed from Lessy 101’s blog fortunately it read my mind.

Have a blessed week.

but dont forget their names

but dont forget their names

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Hello friend,

The Slum2School Project would love to link 1Volunteer (YOU) to 1Child (An Orphan or Vulnerable Child). Over the last 6months with the help of our volunteers we’ve been able to sponsor and monitor 118 in 3schools who are doing well and now we have 200more children who have never been to school, now waiting desperately for the same opportunity.

The cost of sponsoring this 1Child/Year is a sum total of N30,000.00 (thirty thousand naira only), this covers for 100% of his/her Educational support & learning materials for 1 academic year plus Medical & Other PsychoSocial support needed that year*nerd*. So We’re raising N6Million for 200kids over the next 12daysO:).

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Acct Details:
Name: Bethesda Child Support/Slum2School Project
Acct No: 1012994165
Any Zenith bank around u.

The project fund-raising just kicked off today 22nd September, it will run through till wednesday the 3rd of October 2012..12days=-c

…Pls take this seriously and let’s give these kids a better future. Together we can do it again({}) ..

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Education is basic not luxury!!!

It Begins with You: Click—->

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Baby’s development in the womb

Owing to the fact that i have a lot of pregnant and intending preggies as friends and colleagues i thought it will be nice to share this piece after coming across it along while ago. im not a doctor nor a nurse but you can be sure when it comes to BABIES i can go to lengths on finding information on them, right from sex to their youth-hood.

In this description, we have adopted the method doctors use. For example, where we write ‘week 8’ we have counted this from the first day of your last period — your baby will usually only be 6 weeks old at this point.
How doctors date your pregnancy

The average pregnancy lasts for 38 weeks from the date you conceive (this is called conception). However, doctors usually date your pregnancy from the first day of your last menstrual period — that is the day your last period started. Using this method a pregnancy is said to last 40 weeks (280 days).

Your due date is usually calculated as 40 weeks from the first day of your last period. However, fertilization of your egg by sperm happens a day or 2 after ovulation, which occurs in the middle of a 28-day cycle, and then it is a couple of days before the fertilized egg implants in the uterus, so for the first 2 weeks of the 40-week ‘pregnancy’ you are not actually pregnant at all.

First month

After the egg has been fertilized by the sperm, it starts to divide into more cells. This happens all the time it is carried along the fallopian tube to the uterus. By the time it reaches the uterus the fertilised egg has become a cluster of cells which float in the uterine cavity until it embeds in the wall of the uterus. This implantation in the wall of the uterus is when conception is complete. This is roughly 4 weeks after day one of the last menstrual period if you have a 28-day cycle.

Second month

At 5 weeks the embryo is the size of a grain of rice (about 2 mm long) and would be visible to the naked eye. It has the beginnings of a brain with 2 lobes and its spinal cord is starting to form.

At 6 weeks of ‘pregnancy’ (3-4 weeks after fertilisation) the embryo has a head with simple eyes and ears. Its heart has 2 chambers and is beating. Small buds are present that will form arms and legs later. The beginnings of the spine can be seen and the lower part of the body looks like a tail.

embryo at 6 weeks

At 7 weeks, the limb buds have grown into arms and legs. Nostrils can be seen on the embryo’s face. The heart now has 4 chambers.

At 8 weeks, the eyes and ears are growing, and your baby is about 2 cm long from crown to rump. The head is out of proportion with the body and the face is developing. The brain and the blood vessels in the head can be seen through the thin skin. The bones in the arms and legs start to harden and elbows and knees become apparent. Fingers and toes can also be seen.
Third month

What is known as the embryonic period finishes at the end of week 8 and the fetal period begins. This period sees rapid growth of the fetus, and the further development of the organs and tissues that were formed in the embryonic period.

fetus at 11 weeks

At week 9 the head is almost half the crown to rump length of the fetus. Then the body grows substantially in length until by week 12, the head is more in proportion. By the time you are 12 weeks’ ‘pregnant’, your baby is just over 5 cm long from crown to rump.

Its body is fully formed, including ears, toes and fingers complete with fingernails. The external genitals appeared in week 9, and now, by week 12, have fully differentiated into male or female genitals. By week 12 the eyes have moved to the front of the face and the eyelids remain closed together.
Fourth month

Your baby may suck its thumb now. By 14 weeks your baby will be about 9-10 cm long. Its body is now covered with a layer of fine hair called lanugo. By 16 weeks its face is becoming more human in appearance, although the chin is small and the mouth is quite wide. Between 16 and 24 weeks you should feel your baby move for the first time — it may at first feel like butterflies.
Fifth month

The rapid growth that your baby has been experiencing now begins to slow a little. By week 20 your baby measures about 18 centimetres from crown to rump and is half as long as it will be when born. The legs are now in proportion with the body and the fingernails are well developed. Faint eyebrows are visible. At this stage, you will feel your baby moving about a lot, often when you lie down.

fetus at 20 weeks
Sixth month

By 24 weeks your baby’s organs are fully formed. The baby now has the face of a newborn baby, although the eyes are rather prominent because fat pads are yet to build up in the baby’s cheeks. The eyelids are fused until weeks 25 to 26 when they open.

The skin is wrinkled, red and thin with little underlying fat. The skin is covered with a waxy substance called vernix, which protects it while it is floating in the uterus. The body is well muscled, but still thin. The baby has become better proportioned, with the size of the body catching up with the size of the head.

Your baby’s hearing is also well developed by this stage; the baby will respond to noise.
Seventh month

By 28 weeks lanugo hair has almost gone and hair is present on the head. Fat is being deposited under the skin.
Eighth month

Your baby is becoming plumper. By 30 weeks the toenails are present and by 32 weeks the fingernails have reached the ends of the fingers. The baby’s eyes will be open when the baby’s awake.

By about 32 weeks the baby will have settled into a downward position as there is no longer enough room left in the womb for it to move about freely. You will feel occasional vigorous jabs of the baby’s arms and legs.

If your baby is a boy, his testes will migrate down into the scrotum in the 8th month.
Ninth month

Sometime between 36 and 40 weeks, the baby’s head will engage — that is, the head will be lying just on top of your cervix. By 40 weeks, your baby should be plump and healthy.

The lanugo hair that had covered your baby has now mostly disappeared, although some hair may remain low on the forehead, in front of the ears and down the center of the back. The toenails should have reached the tips of the toes.
Full term

By full-term, your baby should weigh about 2.7 to 3.5 kg, although full-term babies can weigh anything from 2.5 to 5 kg, and measure 35 to 38 centimeters from crown to rump and 44 to 55 cm from the baby’s head to its toes. These are just average figures, though, and there can be wide variation in the measurements. So now, 38 weeks after conception, your baby has all its organs and body systems ready for the big moment when it is born into the world.

Aisha n Josh 11


Months after leaving the hospital, trying to reach Josh with no success my mum went to his mother’s house, the response was inhuman as usual, I’ve never known anything good of this woman, i understand she’s being protective of her son but I’ve known her to be reckless, sad and wicked. Even though i warned my mum not to go all the way, we just had to try our luck.
The decision to keep the child wasn’t just my decision or my mum’s, Dr Olu also advised it, he had said trying to get rid of it wasn’t only sinful but dangerous considering the state of my health. I have been living at my aunt’s place growing lean and sick by the day, as much as i tried to console myself i couldn’t but find myself in tears day in day out.
Days passed, months flew, the arrival of my wonder child was fast approaching, mother left all her work in kogi, took the last 6weeks off to stay with me at Aunty’s house since her husband was out of the country. Together we went to Ibadan to get a referral letter and also to see my therapist, i was due in 5weeks but it looked like i was going drop the baggage in no time. Just before i said my goodbyes to Dr Olu and smiling at his promise to see me immediately i deliver. I gazed towards the corridor. I saw Aman and his grandmother, i tried to rush back into the doctor’s office but my mum was already behind me. I was shy and ashamed.
“Hi Aisha, how have you been? I always ask of you from Dr olu, do you remember me?”. “Of course i do, Aman right?” Yes, your are right. I have missed your innocent face. Not so innocent as you can see, showing him my big belly. Oh my God! You are almost popping, do you need me to carry you? He said as he laughed. Some how i genuinely smiled back “I’m perfect, i carried myself all the way from lagos” lagos?! Why come here for clinic all the way from Lagos? No i didn’t come for clinic, i came for a letter and also for my finally session. I’m good to go, not coming here except necessary.
Oh, so i won’t see you here again? That’s not nice acceptable. He smiled looking at my mum. Dear ma, can i marry your daughter? So i can always see her. She just giggled and said; as you can see, she’s more than married so just don’t waste your time. We all walked towards the car saying goodbyes, i knew he was the only friend i had made in 8months and i wanted to keep in touch, i gave him my number and email address, he promised to always check me whenever he is in Lagos.
The referral letter was for deferring my admission in cyprus, i had gotten the admission letter one month earlier, i wasn’t exactly happy but my mum was, she said having my child wouldn’t stop me from being who i want to be and that i would leave my son with her when I’m strong enough to travel. I don’t even know if its proper or if i would care. I do not in any way feel anything for this child i carry, i always imagined it come to pass (the love of a mother) but now its here, i can’t feel it. I have tried to, i have read a lot of books and my therapist had tried, my last session was full of pretence and promising words. I hope soon, when i have him, i can get hold of the L♥√ع and make it happen. If its not too late.
Aman has been a great caller and now i have something doing on social networks because we chat all the time. He would always pester me for my due date, teasing that he wants to be there for me and how much he cares about me. He obviously asked about the father but i didn’t think he had the right to know. I just wanted to keep my story to myself and the few people that knew. The only thing is how much he makes me laugh and i know secretly my mum appreciates him, because when I’m on the computer chatting and laughing out loud, she automatically knows its him.
On the 17th of september 2010 something life changing happened to me..

Before you know please go to nominate[]for Best book,poetry or writing blog(2), personal(17), best topical(24) and best new(14) blog:)

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