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Something about being an hausa is very common, we L♥√ع each other and when you happen to be a non-hausa, being able to speak the language is almost like being an hausa, Also, in our culture, a married woman is highly respected whether she’s working or not but women like my mum who are extremely independent are regarded whores of the time and no matter the hard work, they are still crucified. This, hasn’t stopped my mum from doing what she loves doing best and loving her independence, although she emulated these acts from mingling with a lot of Yorubas. She learnt other things too but she was always more about gaining her respect back home which would be through me her child, she often says ” my daughter.. My pride” and this helped keep me moving forward and higher except when it comes to Josh’s issues. My over confidence and zeal to change religious views about relationship was too ambitious thereby getting me blind to reality, Doing all things above my age and intelligence, i started taking alcohol all to satisfy my boyfriend’s sexual needs, i wasn’t doing bad generally until last night i realised how corrupt i had gotten, the freshness of my skin was a deceit to my decaying under laying life.

I laid on that bush path lifeless, helpless and hopeless, the flash of the touch usually would have made me scream and curse the bearer but at this moment i had lost my voice, too weak to speak and too tired to be heard, as it came closer, he held his gun, close to his nose as the head lamp directed his gaze, he his definitely a good hunter. He corked his gun as if he was going to shoot the best animal ever, as i closed my eyes to death, knowing he would shoot me, my fingers had become so numb, several ants had settled on my feet area feeding on the blood coming from between my laps, i couldn’t even shake them off. Suddenly, i a big bang sound went off, i couldn’t be more alive as he spoke out loud in hausa cursing the bird that flew to his face, disturbing his focus from his prey, I’m sure he wondered at this point why his prey hadn’t moved, he used his gun to clear the grasses as i opened my eyes to the brightness of the flash he screamed “its human” as i blinked my eye lids shying away from the flash, he knew i was alive.
He made a loud whistle and two more fulanis came out. Then and there, i went in shock and fainted.

Waking up must have been the order of the day, as i had several noise in prayer, far, far away in my sleep as i struggled to keep my eyes open, my mum realised i was awake. She called on the doctor and kept saying “my pride, you will not die” non-stop. Knowing i was a shame to her brought non-stop tears to my eyes. As i wept, every muscle and vein in my body ached, i held her hand as tight as i could, she was looking miserable and tired, she had swollen red face, her voice trembled as she spoke to me, her friend tried to hold her back. The doctor finally spoke, she needs to be transferred immediately, i wondered how damaged i was but that was the least of my worries. I asked, mum, please what day is it and where exactly am i? She answered with a smile and told me it was a thursday and that i was in Ejigbo. Eji what! I had to catch my breath as i felt a stretched between my thighs. I busted into another round of tears and begged my mum to forgive me, she assured me i would be fine and would do anything to take care of her pride and that whoever did this to me was going to pay dearly.
The reason for my tears was unknown to anyone, i asked my mum to call Josh to check if he was around, i saw the frown on her face as she managed to tell me Josh had travelled and my friend, Toke even tried to reach him but it is confirmed he had gone to Cyprus. Ah! Mo je gbese! That’s all i could say, i tried to sit up but i was advised not to. The nurses where packing my stuff, i smiled because i was excited to go home. My mum sat down with me to tell me how she found me and why i wasn’t going home, i had three stitches in my woman area, one on my head, another around my pelvic, one of my fingers were still dead and i had lost a lot of blood, the hospital needed to transfer me to ibadan for proper care, blood transfer, brain test and to check out my infections. She assured me once again that i was going to be fine. the fulani that found me had taken me to the hospital, clothed me as i was half naked, went back to the scene to find my purse and called my mum. He was with me through out the three days i was unconscious just to confirm i was alive and safe.

I had many questions but i couldn’t speak, the nurse injected me on the arm and i just dozed off….

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