Fear of Karma!


Hi everyone, my name is Kamila and I love my boyfriend. Big deal? No! But how I came to love him, big deal? Yes!!

I’m such a fun girl, I’m more of an extrovert, loving, playful, sassy but a bit responsible, I can be crazy when necessary and I can be gentle if required.

I’m not exactly faithful, well until recently. I love to experiment even though I’m not a scientist. I just finished my ACCA exams and it was a success. Thank Goodness karma, didn’t try to deal with me in that area because that would have been a big loss.

I’m 24years old, from a middle class family and well mannered. I have three siblings, two brothers and a sister. I’m the third child but I get no pampering because my parents are disciplined. I was thought the right ways of the lord but I also learnt from the streets Yo!

I will not bore you with my life but I’ll ask you to please read carefully. I don’t know why I approached M’ade but I just thought I’ll use her platform to get my story out.

I have been dating my present boyfriend for about 3years now. We have been weak, strong and determined but it didn’t change who I am or what I love to do. I am an extrovert, he’s more of an introvert and my relationship with him gets really boring, I particularly don’t have many friends and my best friend is happy married.

Since she got engaged I brought myself to reality because we met our boyfriends at approximately the same time and I wondered what I was doing with mine.

Since my first sexual intercourse, I have slept with six guys, most of whom I slept with after I met my boyfriend, we never had any official breakup but whenever it gets boring I find myself cheating.

Usually, I’m never in regret but I’m afraid of my past catching up with me. He probably has cheated but he’s a guy. He lies and pretends but whenever it’s about me, its 100%.

Back to why I’m writing this, recently about 6months ago, my boyfriend and I always had issues of how to chill and hangout, but he always wanted us to sit at home and do nothing which leads us to either too much or too little sex. That’s not what I want; I want to be adventurous with my boyfriend. I want to go shopping, see movies, laugh outside, go visiting friends and xxxxxxxx just under the sky. He’s gotten boring by the day. Each time I complain he promises to adjust, and after about 2days he’s back to his boring old self.

I love him and I’m ready to do whatever he wants, but being boring isn’t just working. So, one of my friends noticed my constant complaint on my personal status on BBM and asked what’s up with me. I reluctantly answered because I never discuss my relationship. A lot of girls are out there single, they just complicate yours. She advised I make new friends, try new platforms and learn to be happy without my boyfriend. She then asked what kinda guy I liked. I gave her the girly description of a perfect man. She wowed me by sending pictures of the intended boredom saver. I immediately disapproved of him because he is fair skinned. She laughed and said he was fair to the heart. We exchanged contacts and that’s how it began.

Day 2, into my chatting up with Hussain has been amazing. Oh Hussain is his name, we from the same state. He works in a cargo company and lives in Port Harcourt just around my parents second home. My present boyfriend also works with a communication company in Port Harcourt but I school in Lagos. Just one week into our friendship, I knew almost everything about Hussain more than I can say about any guy I had met. He makes me smile, happy and free. We talk about everything and anything. He’s just a sweet guy. But I still wasn’t sure of his personality since it was virtual. Then we decided to meet. It was magical, as we were both thinking the same things. On my arrival at the airport, Hussain was there waiting for me with flowers. He took me home and got me lunch. Not that I’m comparing but I just need you guys to see it all. My Boyfriend Kamal has never picked me up from the airport even if it’s a weekend and his office is on the airport road Port Harcourt. I never complained because I had never tasted the other side. Hussain calls me up for lunch and talks to me about everything including his girlfriend as I did him mine.

I consciously and unconsciously daily expressed my love for him and all he did was smile, he never told me he liked me but his action shows it. I became confused as I never worried about chatting or calling Kamal. Time passed and we felt more close and intimate, we had our first weird kiss and the several followed. I took my time but I also wanted it. He was sweet and fun. I didn’t feel a bit of guilt about it and I still don’t.

Two months ago my parents asked me to bring home a man and because my mum had met Kamal, she expects me to bring him but I needed to make clarifications with my mind. I tried discussing with myself in the mirror but it kept bouncing back. I couldn’t talk to anyone about it because it sounded insane. I love Kamal sooo much because every time I cheat or draw away from him, we sometimes find ourselves in each other’s arms like we were meant to be together. I love Hussain because he’s sweet, adorable and makes me ‘happy’. I’m happy with Kamal but I fear it might fade out of boredom.

I spoke with Hussain about meeting my parents and how they wanted my man home, he reluctantly responded, I know it’s too soon but I just hope he’ll at least say something about his feelings for me. I needed him to give me a go ahead or stall my parents but he didn’t. The pressure was getting high and I didn’t want my father to think I’m irresponsible considering I’m 24 and they know I’m seeing someone. I told Kamal about it and he was excited. Even though we are not ready yet, he’s ready to make it official, he’s long taken me to his parents and I’ve been accepted.

A week after Kamal’s meeting with my parent, Hussain gave me the shocker story; of how he loves me and has made up his mind to marry me and all. I was devastated as to why it took him so long. he cried on his knees and begged for a chance but I can’t break my engagement with Kamal because I have promised him. I can’t go back to my parents and say stories. That night, we made out and said goodbye.

 The first few days were hard but I was left to myself to learn to appreciate my man and I hope I have made the right choice. My heart has refused to speak to me, I am hoping you can.


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A good résumé


Good morning Blog-sphere,

How are we all doing? lets hope the introduction of N5ooo note isn’t getting to us just yet. by the way, my new job role have me opened to a lot of opportunities and new ideas which leaves me wondering why do we complain about unemployment when we are not even ready for one. The number one readiness to finding a good job is having a good resume / CV. Here are some tips i got from a wonderful job search site.

Your résumé (or CV) is your sales pitch on paper. It’s an important job-search tool that gives a summary of your background, work experience, skills and it’s usually your first contact with any potential employer.

How you go about preparing and presenting your résumé altogether determine whether you’ll land a job interview or not.

You may have the right qualifications but with a bad résumé – like what most job-seekers carry around-, you can hardly convince a potential employer you are fit for any job.

That said; however, here are essential features of a résumé that stands out:

–          A good résumé has a profile: unlike the résumé objective that focuses on you, a profile focuses on your employer by connecting your skills with the specific role. Having a profile also makes your résumé look more targeted and prevents it from looking like an information dump since your accomplishments have to match with the profile content. The more specific your profile, the more appealing your employer finds it.

–          A good résumé avoids spelling and grammatical errors: most employers would rather throw a résumé filled with errors out the window than having to expend their energy trying to pinpoint what the job candidate has to offer. Imagine you were the employer with a pile of résumés to screen, would you read any further a résumé that misspells your Company name or has a profile that reads “financial analist with a passion for new invstments…”? I guess not.

–          A good résumé efficiently uses keywords: citing words and sentences that are vital to the potential employer.

–          A good résumé is organize and professional: having the appropriate format, page color, font size and type, with few personal statements.

Tips to help you prepare a good résumé :

–          Avoid the use of ‘I’ in your accomplishments.  Use words like co-organized, co-led, worked with a team, etc.

–          Use the right fonts type and size, bullet points and double-line spacing for clarity. Also use Bold and italics to emphasize relevant points. Avoid paragraph formatting.

–           Do not use ambiguous words or too many Industry jargon in a bid to impress your reader, simple sentences or catch-phrases are very necessary to allow your employer an easy read.

–          Include skills that are relevant to the employer. Explicitly use words in the job description. Write a title which contains the name of the position you are applying for, this would make you look the ideal applicant at first glance.

–           Weave in accomplishments that match the title concisely stating the problems you solved or the values you added to your previous employers. You can also make good use of figures to quantify your achievements and bring life to your experience statements. Include awards, publications and certifications if you have any, to deepen impressions in the reader’s mind.

–          Your CV should not be more than 3-pages long. Focus on what you can offer and not merely list irrelevant responsibilities.

–          Ensure to set the tone of your résumé by including a few personal interests as additional information; this helps your reader match your skills and qualifications with a picture. Though in a less formal manner, these personal interests however must relate to your formal skills as aligned in the résumé. Interests like surfing the internet or watching movies shouldn’t be in your résumé.

–          Take out time to proofread your résumé; give it to friends, siblings or mentors who can proofread it objectively. It won’t hurt to edit your résumé one more time.

Lastly, bear in mind that a good résumé should not only effectively communicate those skills that match with the job requirements, but also persuasively tell the employers what they stand to gain hiring you the candidate.

It’s however advisable that you explore professional résumé writing services, with experts who have up-to-date knowledge in résumé requirements and the requisite experience to help you look good on paper.

Credits: Jobberman.com

Aisha n Josh episode 8


Let me not bore you with all the dreams i had on my way to Ibadan, according to my mum, it took forever to get there, we got there on emergency, i was taken to the theatre with immediate effect, at this time i was back to life, every sound was too loud for my eardrum to manage, i could hear a cockroach sneeze, my mum held my hand tight trying not to squeeze the one with the drip. I yearned for water but i couldn’t ask, something dropped from one of the trays and it was as loud as the described triumph of the last day. I opened my long closed eyes and screamed. Alarming everyone on the corridor, fighting away from the bed, falling of the stretcher and hitting the ground, making the drop-sound like that of a cement bag, the nurses came rushing with Dr Olu. He picked me up pressing my head against his chest, telling me it will be alright, he kissed me on the fore head and asked what i wanted, i felt so much relieved than i had felt in the last one week.

I looked at my mum, she was black, sore and sad, her eyes were dry (obviously, struggling to hold back tears) i tried to stand on my feet but i couldn’t, she helped Dr Olu lift me up to the stretcher, he sat by me telling me what i went through was rape and how i’ll be well taking care of. I had TBI- Traumatic Brain Injury. He explained that i need to be away from too much noise or light and i have to be within the hospital till my stitches heal, he also added that i had minor STI which are not from the rape because they are not new. He requested me to tell him few things about my sex life but i shook my head disagreeing because my mum was present, she smiled at me saying she understands. Because i had difficulty speaking, i wrote them down.

Days after days, Doctor Olu was my guide, he would feed me and tell me stories of different patients, encourage me to forgive myself as i kept blaming myself, meanwhile Joshua was nowhere to be found, and the news of my rape was in every newspaper, my school mates and everyone who knew me dropped comments and sent letters. Good thing my phone was missing but i miss my friends, i would stroll round the clinic to exercise and console myself.

One saturday evening, i was walking pass the dialysis and chemo unit, i saw this young man. He was staring at me i almost ran but couldn’t because my thigh was still healing, i thought he was irritated at my hair,look, ugly face and my weird way of walking. I tried to look away but i couldn’t, he was right opposite me. Just as i approached, he bent over an aged woman and whispered something to her, she smiled and waved at me. I managed to smile back as i turned right just to go through another exit, this guy walked up to me. He greeted me and held my hand as i shivered away from him, his palm was too cold and sweaty. I tried walking away as fast as i could but he caught up with me. I’m i scaring you? So he asked, i said No but i need go. He asked what i was there for, Dialysis or chemo? I replied none. I’m an in-patient here, i have been here for 4weeks hoping to go home by weekend, i walk pass this corridor to console myself. He smiled, that’s a very good self-therapy, meet my Grandmother, she’s here for check up her husband is here for Dialysis, he’s in with the doctors.

He walked me back to my room, asking me what my ailment was. I told him straight away, I’m a rape victim and the doctors think I’m traumatised so they keeping me here. I have my final tests in 2days then i can go home. Where is home sick girl? I looked up to him, I’m not sick (with a straight face). He immediately apologised saying he meant to be humorous. I told him to go that i needed to be alone, his voice was beginning to irritate me. He begged to know my name but i asked him to leave. My name is Aman, he said as he walked away. His face brought tears to my eyes, the word “humorous” reminded me of Josh. I cried all over again till i slept off.

The next day, Dr Olu tried helping me with my physiotherapy, my knee and shoulder still had bandages. He joked around Aman’s case saying he knows him well and that he donates to the hospital, he couldn’t have meant any harm. At the time, my mum walked in, she claims she hadn’t seen me smile in the past 5weeks and that whatever we were talking about must be good , I just smiled. Dr Olu knew i had reservations and knew i had thoughts about Joshua. The truth is, i am more worried about him being alright than missing him. I am angry that he hasn’t called. I had long forgiven my rapist and all the people spreading wrong stories about my case. But why haven’t Joshua called or email me. Everything changed except my email. He has no excuse. As much as i tried to forget him, a part of me holds on to him.
My final day at Ibadan Teaching hospital soon came, i woke up fresh and happy, ready to go home and start a new life, my mum had earlier told me i was going to lagos, i couldn’t wait to meet my new neighbours and make new friends, most importantly i was overjoyed knowing i won’t have to answer questions about my rape. Getting to Dr Olu’s office in company of a matron, i met my aunt(the one i’ll be staying with in lagos), her husband, a nurse and two other Doctors. I knew something was wrong, i looked around for my mum but she was nowhere to be found, the thought of not seeing her since i woke up came alive in my mind, i tried to erase every bad thought crossing my mind. As Dr Olu spoke, Aisha…

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Best Use of Advocacy- Babafemi Oyediran
Best Use of New Media- Gidi Traffic
Creative Artiste of the Year- Bayo Omoboriowo
Designer of the Year- Toju Foyeh
Excellence in Service (Government)- Hadiza Abdullahi
Excellence in Service (Journalism)- Alkasim Abdulkadir
Excellence in Service (Corporate) Ngozi Nkwoji
Innovator of the Year (Science and Technology)- Seun Onigbinde
Innovator of the Year (Education) Otto Orondaam
Entrepreneur of the Year (General)- Ola Orekunrin
Entrepreneur of the Year (Agriculture)- Tochukwu Ikpegbu
Entrepreneur of the Year (Communication and Media)- Uyi Omokaro
Entrepreneur of the Year (Entertainment)-Michael Collins
Entrepreneur of the Year (Technology) Jason Njoku
On-Air-Personality (Radio)- Tolu ‘Toolz’ Oniru
On-Air-Personality (TV)- Denrele Edun
Musician of the Year- Wizkid
Actor of the Year- Tonto Dikeh
Producer of the Year (Music)-Jeremiah ‘J. Sleek’ Shelika
Producer of the Year (Screen) Clarence Peters
Young Person of the Year- Idris Akinbanjo


Someday soon, i’ll be on that list 😀

Have an inspiring week.

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why didnt he call back?- male perspectives


It’s a story as old as time…you meet a great guy, have a “perfect” first date, and then you never hear from him again. Some girls spend weeks waiting by the phone and agonizing over what possibly could have caused him to forget their 90 minutes of awesomeness. So I decided that the most efficient way to dust off this cold-case file and crack this age-old mystery would be to go straight to the source of confusion and mercilessly grill a man for answers. My friend Stephen, offered to martyr himself for this cause, and contributed the article below even though i didnt tell him.

So let’s break down the Top 10 thoughts of what us males are thinking and the reasons behind it.

1.You Look NOTHING Like Your Online Dating Profile

Fellas, if the girl has some funky ass “twitter” or bbm angle in her profile picture or if it’s dated: turn and run. There is usually a very real reason why the picture is from different angles, dated or overloaded with silly photo effects. Not trying to be mean here but if you’re guilty of the “twitter” pose, that’s false advertising. And guys, don’t think you’re getting off scot free on this, I’ve seen my fair share of guys posing from different angles, or taken in the mirror. You look stupid fellas, show your personality not your biceps. Either way, for both sexes, look at it like this – If we were standing in line somewhere, let’s say at a store, and we made eye-contact and you didn’t find yourself sexually attracted to me, would you be inclined to start a conversation with me and give me your number at the end of our chat? Odds are on probably not. So if you opt for the online dating option, make sure you update your profile picture and that it looks like you!

2.Blah Blah Blah

Cell phones and females go hand in hand. But if you’re out on a first date, set your phone on vibrate. There is NOTHING more annoying than being in the middle of dinner and your phone goes off…followed by you answering it and talking to your girlfriend about meaningless shit that can wait. We like the attention that being out with you gives us and it generally pisses us off and leads to observing you in a different light if you are on the phone constantly during the date.

3.”Am I Paying For Dinner Or Your Services?”

Ladies, us guys understand that you’re blessed with certain “assets” that us males are not. Don’t get me wrong, we appreciate the eye-candy, but if we are looking for a potential relationship with you, there is nothing that will make me high-tail it outta there faster than if you show up with those “assets” hanging out on full display and you are blatantly checking out other guys in the venue. I realize I have probably broken Man-Law here by telling you lovely ladies to cover up, especially on the first date, but we want respectable girls, not the ones that are looked at as “red-light” quality. Now we aren’t asking that you show up in a hoodie and covered up like you’re in the arctic. There ARE other options that you can rock without looking like you should be swinging off of a pole. Think about it girls, would you like to meet a guy for the first date and he shows up in a shirt unbuttoned to his bare stomach and seemingly painted on pants? Doesn’t seem too classy does it?

4. The Lion King Soundtrack Theory

If we are out for dinner and it looks like you’re humming the words of “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” in your head, I’m looking for ANY excuse to end that date IMMEDIATELY. I’ve said this numerous times in the past, I KNOW I’m not the best looking guy in the world, but I do realize that some women out there find me good-looking or borderline Fabio-eqse (minus the gloriously epic flowing mane and accent), but if we are in conversation and I notice your eyes glaze over and you “fall into a trance” looking at me, that just fires up red flag rockets left right and centre. Yes, it’s nice to feel attractive, but if you’re already imagining a life together after the first date; don’t expect a phone call.

5. Did You Just…

We realize that ladies try their hardest to act like ladies all the time. But nothing kills the first date mood than “accidentally letting one go” that is audible enough to echo in the Grand Canyon. This should obviously go without saying and we realize that accidents do happen. But if possible, please try and excuse yourself from our conversation and do your business somewhere else. Guys, this goes for you too… You may laugh at this…but I’ve actually had this happen to me during a first date.

6. I’m Feeling It

Guys are not mind readers. When we go out on a first date with a girl, we are nervous. We may fake it and act all cool about it, but deep down we feel like we are on egg-shells. “Does she like me?”, “Did I say something stupid?”, and “What is she thinking?” bombards our thought process constantly like the little devil sitting on our shoulder. If we are not getting any obvious signs that you’re interested, we probably won’t call you. Guys hate/fear rejection just like girls do. That being said, I’ve had my fair share of girls call me a couple days after our date and just verbally BLAST me because I neglected to call them, and they felt that I was “leading them on”. Well to those girls as well as the ones reading right now; if you are interested in the guy, show it.

7. I’m Not Feeling It

I really can’t break this one down any further. I am sure this goes both-ways without saying. If I am “not feeling it”, I will not lead you on, and you will know that it just isn’t happening for me. I would only hope that you have the same courtesy to do that to me instead of leading me on.

8. Red-Flags

I’m writing this post from the “guy looking for a relationship” perspective. If I was writing this from the perspective of guys just looking for a “one night stand” this point would be drastically different as we wouldn’t be AS picky. During the course of the date, us guys are trying to pin-point certain traits or aspects we find unattractive, or the aforementioned “red-flag.” Statistically, it is a scientific fact that most people exaggerate on the first date to make themselves look more impressive to the other person. Don’t know why we do this, it just happens. So if the “red-flag” flies like it’s at a football game, it’s time to move on. Which leads me to point number 9 as it is one of the most common “bullshit” lines you’ll hear during the first date.

9. The 3rd Element

Again, I’m going to be breaking “Man-Law” on this one, but it is a general rule of thumb (sometimes), that if a girl tells you how many men she’s been with, you multiply it by 3. Yes, I realize that there might be multiple different break downs of the formula or other numbers to multiply her number by, but always remember you can’t go wrong with 3. Why am I telling you this? Because when I am looking for a relationship with a girl, I don’t want to know how many men you slept with (even though I do). Does this make sense to you ladies? If not, then my work here is done.

And Finally… The Most Controversial Of Them All….

10. There Was a Game on TV and We Forgot

To all the women who are wondering why a guy never called them back, I have just one piece of advice: FORGET ABOUT IT. There is a reason (be it good/bad or otherwise) why the guy didn’t call you back. Maybe he didn’t like you, maybe he did like you and is too shy to call you back, and maybe he lost his cell phone that had your number in it. Whatever the reason; he isn’t calling you back. Get over it and move on. There are WAY too many proverbial fish in the sea to get all worried and bent out of shape because a guy didn’t call you back. I can’t even begin to count how many women in my life haven’t called me back. It’s just the name of the dating game and the nature of the beast. Cry yourself a river then build a bridge and get over it.

Until Next Time…

THIS IS MEAN…… Stephen you’re mean, but my dear girls, we still got our grills let’s keep it up! :Δ

My saturday is so sweet, how’s your?

Aisha n Josh 7


To read episode 1-6 please check the category> series on this blog. Thank you.

Something about being an hausa is very common, we L♥√ع each other and when you happen to be a non-hausa, being able to speak the language is almost like being an hausa, Also, in our culture, a married woman is highly respected whether she’s working or not but women like my mum who are extremely independent are regarded whores of the time and no matter the hard work, they are still crucified. This, hasn’t stopped my mum from doing what she loves doing best and loving her independence, although she emulated these acts from mingling with a lot of Yorubas. She learnt other things too but she was always more about gaining her respect back home which would be through me her child, she often says ” my daughter.. My pride” and this helped keep me moving forward and higher except when it comes to Josh’s issues. My over confidence and zeal to change religious views about relationship was too ambitious thereby getting me blind to reality, Doing all things above my age and intelligence, i started taking alcohol all to satisfy my boyfriend’s sexual needs, i wasn’t doing bad generally until last night i realised how corrupt i had gotten, the freshness of my skin was a deceit to my decaying under laying life.

I laid on that bush path lifeless, helpless and hopeless, the flash of the touch usually would have made me scream and curse the bearer but at this moment i had lost my voice, too weak to speak and too tired to be heard, as it came closer, he held his gun, close to his nose as the head lamp directed his gaze, he his definitely a good hunter. He corked his gun as if he was going to shoot the best animal ever, as i closed my eyes to death, knowing he would shoot me, my fingers had become so numb, several ants had settled on my feet area feeding on the blood coming from between my laps, i couldn’t even shake them off. Suddenly, i a big bang sound went off, i couldn’t be more alive as he spoke out loud in hausa cursing the bird that flew to his face, disturbing his focus from his prey, I’m sure he wondered at this point why his prey hadn’t moved, he used his gun to clear the grasses as i opened my eyes to the brightness of the flash he screamed “its human” as i blinked my eye lids shying away from the flash, he knew i was alive.
He made a loud whistle and two more fulanis came out. Then and there, i went in shock and fainted.

Waking up must have been the order of the day, as i had several noise in prayer, far, far away in my sleep as i struggled to keep my eyes open, my mum realised i was awake. She called on the doctor and kept saying “my pride, you will not die” non-stop. Knowing i was a shame to her brought non-stop tears to my eyes. As i wept, every muscle and vein in my body ached, i held her hand as tight as i could, she was looking miserable and tired, she had swollen red face, her voice trembled as she spoke to me, her friend tried to hold her back. The doctor finally spoke, she needs to be transferred immediately, i wondered how damaged i was but that was the least of my worries. I asked, mum, please what day is it and where exactly am i? She answered with a smile and told me it was a thursday and that i was in Ejigbo. Eji what! I had to catch my breath as i felt a stretched between my thighs. I busted into another round of tears and begged my mum to forgive me, she assured me i would be fine and would do anything to take care of her pride and that whoever did this to me was going to pay dearly.
The reason for my tears was unknown to anyone, i asked my mum to call Josh to check if he was around, i saw the frown on her face as she managed to tell me Josh had travelled and my friend, Toke even tried to reach him but it is confirmed he had gone to Cyprus. Ah! Mo je gbese! That’s all i could say, i tried to sit up but i was advised not to. The nurses where packing my stuff, i smiled because i was excited to go home. My mum sat down with me to tell me how she found me and why i wasn’t going home, i had three stitches in my woman area, one on my head, another around my pelvic, one of my fingers were still dead and i had lost a lot of blood, the hospital needed to transfer me to ibadan for proper care, blood transfer, brain test and to check out my infections. She assured me once again that i was going to be fine. the fulani that found me had taken me to the hospital, clothed me as i was half naked, went back to the scene to find my purse and called my mum. He was with me through out the three days i was unconscious just to confirm i was alive and safe.

I had many questions but i couldn’t speak, the nurse injected me on the arm and i just dozed off….

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Olakunle Sorinyan

Olakunle Sorinyan

12% of the world’s population uses 85% of its water, and more of the 12% live in developing countries. 2,500 children die each day due to conditions of poverty. Every five seconds, a child dies from hunger-related diseases. More than 11million children die each year from preventable health issues such as Malaria, Diarrhea, and Pneumonia. 925million people do not have enough to eat—this is more than the population of the USA, Canada, and the European Union combined. Every year, 15million children die of hunger.

Since you have started reading this post, at least 200 people have died of starvation. Nearly one in four people, 1.3billion—a majority of humanity—live on less than $1 a day, while the world’s 358billionaires have assets exceeding the combined annual incomes of countries with 45% of the world’s people; and 3billion people today struggle to survive on $2 per day. Throughout the 1990s, more than 100milllion children died from illness and starvation. Those 100million deaths could be prevented for the price of 10 stealth bombers, or what the world spends on its military in two days.

Even in the USA, one of every eight children under the age of twelve goes to bed hungry every night. Interestingly, to satisfy the world’s sanitation and food requirements would cost only $13billion—this is what the people of the United States and the European Union spend on perfume each year. Again, millions are trafficked in slavery, and pandemic diseases are ravaging entire nations. Each year, nearly 2million children are exploited in the global commercial sex trade. More than half of all Africans do not have access to modern health facilities.

Do you know that a mere 2% of the world’s grain harvest would be enough, if shared, to erase the problems of hunger and malnutrition around the world? Amazing isn’t it? There is enough food on the planet to offer every person twenty-five hundred calories of substance a day. We actually have enough food to feed the hungry. But of course, policies stalemate the best of efforts. International relations are strained. Officials drag the system. What’s true however is that there’s enough available. The problem is not the availability; the problem is in the distribution. God has given this generation, our generation, everything we need to alter the cause of human suffering.

But our problems continue to prevail inspite of the fact that they are artificial-–they are manmade. My issue is not just with the facts of the challenges. It’s actually no longer news and these problems have been there for decades. My challenge tonight is that a lot of people are not even aware. How can we not be aware? How can all of these be happening around us and we are not aware? The average young person can tell you about the latest R&B songs from America or the latest movie. They know the latest fashion and the newest model of cars. University graduates can tell you everything about Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Rihana but they know next to nothing about Climate change and Global warming. 70% of our people are supposed to be youths and that’s future energy.

It’s heart-breaking to note that over 80% of this 70% are lost on sports, entertainment and fashion. It’s sobering! A student of international politics does not know about the Rwandan genocide, and a Geography student didn’t know about Hurricane Katrina. But he knows about Dbanj and knows the lyrics to all the songs. The strange truth is that these young minds are the first to complain about the government; and part of their concern is to wonder how the government is not aware of their plight. They forget that the same reason the government is not aware is the same reason they are not aware of what’s going on in the world around them.

The government is concerned about what interests them and the young people and the masses are also only concerned about what interests them. So, interest is the common denominator. Those asking for a better economy are doing so to ask for adequate purchasing power to fund their superior commitment to enjoy sports, entertainment and use fashion—all at the expense of necessary social equilibrium and welfare economics. The care that government officials don’t show is the kind of life they have mastered before they became governors.

The citizens who could not do anything about the social evil around them will not do too much if they make it into public as governor or president. He’s simply used to not feeling the pulse of society. He only took care of his friends, family and relatives for many years before he became a public office holder; nothing in his new life in office says he will do so. We are all the same and we only hide under the cloak of government’s irresponsibility to shield our own selfishness and greed. It’s all about responsibility.

If the government is responsible for governance, every human being is also responsible for love, empathy, benevolence and the kind of kindness that defines our humanity. When the government is responsible and takes care of its people, that is robust welfare economics. When the government neglects this, it is poor leadership. Likewise, when human beings accept responsibility for the societal peace and balace they can individually create, it’s called Personal Social Responsibility and it is the expression of human dignity. When individuals neglect this responsibility for any reason, it is wickedness.

With the social disequilibrium prevailing in our space, shame on any Nigerian or African who makes more than N40,000 ($300) and will not share at least N1,000 ($7) of it to bless someone monthly. While none of us can solve all the problems, each of us can all do something. It’ll be tough to sleep well tonight but I will eventually. Good night and God bless.




LOVE is a DUTY, KINDNESS is a MUST. And the commitment for you to DO SOMETHING is a NECESSITY for the WEAK and HELPLESS around YOU. Your CONSCIENCE is your GUIDE.

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