Every graduate is entitled to one job or the other, but are we all getting the right jobs we desrve and desire??? Please read this and know why!

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I have just finished a one week intensive leadership and employability programme organized by LEAP (Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability and Professionalism) Africa, and one of the salient issues discussed therein is the disturbing issue of unemployment as it affects the Nigerian graduate.

In Nigeria, the analysis of labour statistics indicates that the unemployment rate for university graduates may be around 25% and that their prospects for being employed have worsened over time. According to the 2006 provisional census figure, Nigeria has a youth population of over 80 million, or 60% of her total population. Of this population, more than 80% are unemployed while about 10% are underemployed. Data provided by the National Manpower Board and Federal Bureau of Statistics indicated that only about 10% of the graduates released into the labour market annually by Nigerian universities and other tertiary institutions are able to get paid employments.

This situation is disturbing and…

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