Forgive Me

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem
AsSalamu Alaikum WaRahmatullahi WaBarakatuhu

– Forgive Me –
Forgive me for not doing my duty properly

Forgive me for not teaching others about al-deen

Forgive me for not inviting the Kufaar to al-deen

Forgive me for not spreading Tawheed

Forgive me for keeping the Islamic Ilm within me

Forgive me for failing to share it with others

Forgive me for not teaching others of that which I knew of
Forgive me for Praying Salaah – And not bothering to call others to it aswell

Forgive me for being in Dhikr of you – And failing to remind others to remember you

Forgive me for beginning every Action, ever Speech in Your Name – And not telling others to do the same.
Forgive me for Keeping Obligatory and Nafl Fasts – And Failing to not encourage others to keep them as well
Forgive me for giving Zakat – And not informing others about the importance of it to give aswell

Forgive me for learning so much about Jihad – And failing to teach and share the information I have with the others

I’m down on my hands and knees

I’m begging you ‘O All-Mighty One – Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem’

To forgive me Please

All this hits you hard when a close misguided family or friend dies. And you sit and ponder Where you – Yourself went wrong Without a doubt many of us get along with one or two Non-Muslims. We had many opportunities to teach them, To teach them about the One and Only – True Deen

We had many opportunities to teach them

To teach them about the One and Only – Allah (Jallalahu)

We have non-practising Duniya-clinging family members We should give them Da’wah -Indeed With a lot of Patience- When someone close dies You think: “I Had So Many Chances So Many Opportunities Could They Be in Hell Cos of Me If Only I Had Only Acted Upon What I Knew Off If Only I Had Done My Duty Correctly” Your heart breaks in two. You cry day and night, You sit there tapping your head, -No Peace of Mind-

You see Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters, Death can come any day, anytime, any second No matter where you are or what you are doing and no matter what age you may be because death doesn’t ask for one to meet its requirements

It has neither limits nor any conditions

It can get you whenever Allah (AzaWajal) decrees

Now and then many of us say:

“Next Week I’ll Teach so-and-so about Tawheed,

I’ll Try and Invite them to a New Life To The True Deen, To Islam” But that –Next Time- Never comes

The intention of doing good is there But one for some reason fails Fails to put those words into practise And when one least expects it, The news about that –Person’s- Death gets to you first. Before you made that move, And taught them “La Illahaa Illallahu Muhammadur Ra’soolullah’

I had a best friend – She was dying, Knew her for 15years, She was 22 years of age, She was a Sikh, A Sikh who was interested in our Deen She would ask certain questions And I would answer them to the best of my ability, Everyday I said the same old thing “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow I’ll go teach her man!”
I knew she was very close to death
She was on her final stages of her life
A week ago I had planned to –Literally Go-
I was all prepared and feeling –**** Good-
I was all geared up to tell her about this –Peaceful- Religion of ours
But …
A day before I was going to go
I received the news
The news that she had left this world
That she had died with breathing difficulties
Do you all see the mistake I made?!?!?!?!
Take my advice people:
‘Invite, Invite, Invite, Invite as many of your close friends and family to Islam’
Because trust me What I’m going through ain’t easy 15 years of friendship –
And 2 years out of the 15years I’ve been a practising Muslimah
And never – Never did I even bother to invite her
2 years ain’t little
When one is interested in Islam then 2 years is more than enough
But I didn’t – I didn’t do what I was meant to do
I always thought of
I always remembered to
But death got to her before I could teach her the Shahadah
And now … I feel
Pathetic and useless
I feel stupid and ridiculous
I feel as though I have let Allah (SWT) down
I have angered and annoyed Him
What has been made obligatory upon Muslims
To spread Tawheed – To invite – To teach
I failed to meet
I Pray Sincerely,
That you all attain and reach your goals
Attain and reach you goals in the field of Da’wah
In inviting others to Islam

I Pray Sincerely,
That Allah (SWT) guides you and your families
That we all become better Muslims
That we all die as Righteous Muslims
One day or another we’re all going to die
And we will –Have To- face reality someday –

-Ameen ALLAHUMMAH Ameen-

WaSalamu Alaikum WaRahmatullahi WaBarakatuhu

– Umm Musab al-Gharib –