The Glorious Qur’an

Unique is its style.

Most eloquent is its speech

Clear is its expression.

Conclusive are its proof.

Most protected it is from addition or omissions.

No falsehood can approach it.

In it are glad tidings and warnings of admonitions.

It is the most greatest and noblest of the revealed books.

Sent to the greatest of all Messengers.

This is the Most Glorious Qur’an

O Allah!
Make the Quran a joy of our hearts and the light of our breasts,
make it a relief of our sorrows and the comforter of our grief. the
means to attain Your good pleasure and guide to Your garden of bliss.

O Allah!
Make us recite it in a manner that is pleasing to You. Make us
from those who practise what they recite and from those who heeds it
warnings, commandments and prohibitions and of those who are rewarded
from its completion.

O Allah!
Lead us by the Quran from misery to happiness, from disbelief to
belief, from innovations to the sunnah, from evil to good. Remind us
of what we have forgetten from it and teach us from it what we know

O Allah!
Endear us to its recitation (day and night) in a way that most
pleases You. Make us from those who recite its words and apply its
rulings and not from those who ignore it. Make us of the people of the
Qur’an who you have specially favoured people and make us from those
to whom it will be said in there hereafter “Read, ascend and recite as
you did in the world”.

O Allah!
Increase our blessing by it and make us of the successful on the
Day of Recompense from it. Make it the clarity of our eyes and the
remedy for our illnesses, the atonement of our sins and our saviour
from the hellfire and the torments of the grave. Benefit us and raise
us in ranks by it and establsh its authoirty and make manifest its