Coming from a non-muslim? I am inspired and elated! Jazakum lah kairan nd May Allah bless ur household:


Asamu de awe tele eni tio gba we ojuti yin ( first it was Asam followed by fasting, and it’s a shame on those that didn’t fast now that it’s over) this is one of my childhood songs… Hold it!!! Before you ask me if i am a muslim… There is no place my Amebor/my ITK can’t take me and with the help of my muslim friends and family members, it was easy :D. As a child, one great thing about Ramadan is Tawaweeh (prayer at night) all of my friends will be out for prayers and their parents will be inside the Mosque while the children were outside with me playing around, buying all sorts of things available for us and our female friends ,causing our normal trouble in the neighbourhood at night. The greatest part of the Holy month is when the fasting is over but a little…

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