Few days ago a friend lost his dad and then i thought about mine 😦 


May the souls of the departed rest in peace.


Ina lilahi wa ina lilahi rojihun. AMIN


Dear Daddy, 


How are you doing, how’s your health and that broken teeth of yours ::D ? (Picks race) anyway Tenny also got a broken teeth 2/3years ago while trying to punish a junior in school, wow! You didn’t know that? You have missed a lot….. I hope you are taking your meds and remember to dilute your bathing water, i know you’ll remember its about you, whenever something is about you, you never forget. You never missed a spot when washing your car even thou you burnt your food all the time and still complained about every meal brought to you lol.. So much for a perfect man. 


 How is work, i presume there is one even though i don’t know what kind it is anymore, and am sure your solat is never missed as am grateful you thought me that part (God bless you daddy) i miss you being my daddy, i miss you caring for me and my sisters, i miss you lying to us just to make us feel special and i miss your anger, i miss your anger because it never used to last until recently ( God, take charge) i am also grateful you thought me never to give up, i never gave up and that’s why i am who i am today, i am who i am today not because you stayed around but because you made our mother stronger when left and left me in charge of keeping the rest of the family together, thank you for making me responsible after putting me in charge of your company one weekend in 2002 when i was only 12, i can remember you made me account for everything that went δ and punished me for all the things i did wrong but you remembered to pay me my salary 🙂 what a wonderful daddy you are but i can remember you borrowed it and never returned it until the christmas in 2003 😀 yes! I remember everything because it was always you and i. 


 I miss the days you thought me how to wash a car, i washed my boyfriend’s car and got N5000 for doing it well, you thought me how to iron clothes bigger than myself, my husband should appreciate it one day, you thought me to collect receipt everywhere i go and that’s why i still do it for my budget now, oh Daddy, i miss you so much, i miss you every single day of my life, i miss you when i cook, i miss you when i eat, i miss you when someone spells my name wrongly or pronounce Moria because you thought me not to every answer to the wrong name, most importantly i miss you when a guy breaks my heart, as you were the firs to teach me many things even when i started my period, you were the first to teach me heart break, i didn’t know what heart break was until you left.


 Daddy why did you leave? Why have you left us? What have we done? What did you see? What can we do? When should we do it? Have you forgotten so soon? Those days you promised to teach me how to drive, someone’s took your place. Those days you promise to scold any guy who treats me badly, some one else did that, you promised me a red GUCCI dress for my graduation in O6, i wore a jean. You promised to take me to Ghana before i was 20, well i went at 21. I waited and could wait no more, i called till my hands tremble, i cried till tears knew me by name, i prayed, prayed and am still praying that one day you’ll come home to us again!


I enrolled for medicine and left because probably your push and encouragement was missed, my days of sickness, poverty and fear, you were no where to be found. The days mother got tired, there was no one to call, people came in place of you but when darkness fall they remember their family and go home, do darkness not fall where you are? Did you bury your conscience in the house you built and abandoned for the careless friends and family, how about you saying you will see me through everything but when i had fears of surviving your words were harsh? 


I graduated and there was no daddy to hug, several people came with family and friends and those that didn’t come called, my  was with me all day but i didn’t hear you voice! Daddy, why? Even when i was called to services you didn’t care! Have forgotten the day we went seeing your friend in oyo camp and you promised me one day you’ll drive me to camp, now have been on it for months and you don’t have an idea what my life is about or that of my sister, i remember we all fought for the space in your bed now we all don’t even care who sleeps in it.


You always called me first on my birthday, took me out and tell me a new story at night, give me reasons why you will never forget me, you even gave me wonderful names to live by, took me everywhere you went and told me things to tell mother and not to tell her ( I’m still lip sealed). Daddy, do you believe me? I hope you do. Yoy will diss any guy that passes by and tell me why they not worth my time, you thought me how to read, you taught me to L♥√ع and analyse football. Why on earth did i L♥√ع sport if not that you encouraged me to go train at the stadium on sundays( it was suppose to be your training but you sat to watch and remained fat. Lol) you taught me how to combine clothes and colours. I miss you more than i miss you!


Its bitter, its sad, its hurting and piercing through every vein that connects to my heart and brain, that you are not here. And that makes me wonder, what if i had died on the sick bed 3years ago, or that car crash had killed me or i had been posted to the north and bombed away or i had been on a trip form Abuja to lagos and terminated with Dana 153 or even if i had slept and never woke up again, would you be the same or would you care? Are you waiting for all these to happen before you come home? Are you concerned about my life as a muslimah? Are you even bothered whom am going to drop your name for? I guess not except some way some how you reply my letter then am going to give up that you have left me to make my mother my daddy!


The few things you stayed to give me i still keep with me.




PS: my father is alive o ( because on father’s day a lot of people misquote me)