Good evening everyone? How is the cold treating you, its not treating me bad but i wouldn’t mind some warmth around me, that’s why am chilling in my room under my duvet.
What are you doing to keep warm, whatever it is just remember AIDS is real and alcohol/smoking shortens life too.

My day was pretty cool, in fact this week has been amazing after several YES and NOs at the right time to the right person, a buddy of mine travelled back to his abode and i kinda miss his wahala but then i made new cool friends( story for another day). Recently, have been asked too many questions about my sexual life! Dunno why anyone would think i have one, but then let’s gist

SEX-At least for humans, this most basic act is anything but simple. As the pioneering sex researcher Alfred Kinsey put it, the only universal in human sexuality is variability itself. Within the universe of intimacy and pleasure that sex affords, however, there’s a lot of room for error. From the behaviour itself to our orientation, sex never fails to be a provocative topic. we can all come to at least one consensus: It’s why we’re alive today and it’s the first thing future generations depend on.

SEX-Soul Expressing Xcercise

SEX- free sex, business sex, compulsory sex, involuntary sex, voluntary sex and many more

Today i read something about exchange, another about patriotism and another about feelings, you know i still wonder what some men derive from having sex with a prostitute atleast i know the part of the prostitute who needs the money which is outrageous, am more astoned as to male-prostitute what on earth are they thinking? Anyway to the topic! SEX! SEX!! SEX!!!

The business sex is much more easy and understandable, you bargain for a particular goods of your choice which most times isn’t refundable, the only thing is you don’t go back to that material any more, but in a case where the business partner is good at transactions, then there could be subsequent patriotism. Usually, people think what they are engaged in is actually a free sex but trust me it isn’t free, especially when there is a bond/feeling/aspiring relationship, this kind of sex is the one that involves a lot of caring, dates, hangout, laughter and the likes just to entice the receiving partner, this type of sex on the other hand could either win or loose, in a respectable transaction where a guy has taken a girl on a couple of dates and after a particular drop off, requests a kiss and she says NO its almost impossible for the guy to lament on what he has been given because then its back to business, in this case he either keeps trying or backs down, which he’ll have to put all cost in miscellaneous column (laffs)

NOTe: this type of sex is usually expensive but worthy, stressful, and it requires a lot of follow up and caring, except in the world of today where almost every one is horny and guys don’t have to go to lengths to get laid, sometimes and even most times its been read on the horny-female and all they do is approach and man.

The voluntary sex, mostly occur between two friends of opposite sex, which mostly isn’t expensive nor free or cheap, its in-between the balance but usually pay the price of guilt for the person with no-guts, this kind of sex is usually sweet (so i heard) because you do not expect anything from the supposed-partner unlike the first two where something is expected in cash or kind, it doesn’t have to lead to a relationship and no one has to know either.

InVoluntary sex, is the one you have with someone irrespective of the status or age or colour and circumstance you just have as a result of hormonal discharge (pop known as KONJI ) i really don’t think people know the difference between konji and being horny, well that is it.

SEX in the compulsory world, happens to the married šŸ˜¦ this duo are obliged to have sex, well to fulfil one of the points of marriage, production of a new generation, even my sweet God said ” go forth and multiply” aside from reproduction, in order to keep your partner from cheating or smiling due to an outside source, you need to keep an enjoyable sex steady.

But note: whichever SEX you are having, there’s always a price to pay. Monetary, spiritual, material, guilt, fear, Lā™„āˆšŲ¹, need, relationship, tHere’s always a price šŸ˜€

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