Dear O,


From afar i look, for even as a child, i know what beauty is and since i have learnt to wake up everyday to appreciate myself, appreciating others wasn’t difficult, each time i gaze upon the slim structure i wonder where its been all the while, might be sinful but i like what i see, i love to be friends with it, what do i do, i can’t keep staring and oh! It dawns on me, it’s a genus from a familiar species (now that’s another).
Time flies, though i do not think of it when in another habitat as some other holds a major space my heart, but with time i liked it even more, its adaptation, its diversity, its calmness like that of the lagoon, its softness like air, beautiful and fresh but i do not know what it beholds within and so am more curious.
Time flies, i get to know better, its a living creature; full of life, joy and sparsity. Its beautiful to look at, enchanting to be around, joyous to behold and satisfying to call yours. How do i say but gladly as long as have been thinking and trying to get familiar it was busy doing the same, how can this be? It is human.
Time flies, we begin to enjoy each others company talked everyday for over 250days now, i didn’t get that much to study a course in school but with this, i would continue till i cant see any thing new, how can this be? He is male.
Time flies, A male? full of life and focus, ready to go any and every time you call, though too cool for my lousy self but then how special can he be when he can jam himself in all sort of bread available, the softness he brings into the space, his smile, his gentle touch and even though sometimes he talks to low but that smile never seize, how can he be so perfect? Oh he’s inlove..
Time flies, L♥√ع is that one thing that makes man complete act completely in line with what others want to see, but how can this be, have been watching him and he’s been watching me. How i like that but what can i do, i belong to another he beholds another. But still he’s mine to behold as a friend, soul mate and trash-can (yea, i tell him all my trash and he gives me a reason to smile). Is he smiling? Yes!
Time flies, now i behold a name, a face, a soul, a heart so sweet, beautiful and calm, religious was just the icing and for all this i cherish him, and the chocolatey thing is that he cherish me too *battling eyelash* what more can i ask? Nothing!
Time flies, Nothing? Of course something! Something? Of course many thing! Many things? Oh no Everything! I ask that all that he ask shall come to pass in due time that it would be worthwhile for him and i ask that he’s my true friend.
Olawale, is my friend and i like and cherish him, and hope that it that behold his eyes doesn’t blind him and where his heart lies doesn’t fail him.. And that those palms of yours never go dry or hard because its the reason i wanna hold you when we talk….

Congrates on ur convocation today… Many more graceful and joyious celebration.

Congrates to Tyty, Tess, Lolade, Funke and all LASUITES convocating this week, may the burden of the Nigerian Graduates not be your portion! AMIN

Mosha Allah

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“I told them to take it easy, that I would do what they say, and they took me to their car, blindfolded me and drove away. I asked where we were going, and they said Port Harcourt, then Benin, then Asaba. Instead, when they took off the blindfold, we were in a forest. That night, I slept on the ground.

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Are you where you thought you would be?


Are you where you thought you would be at this point in your life?

I have been asked this question over and over again and every time the answer changes. The answer changes because I am always changing. Where you want to be in your life and where you think you will actually be are 2 very different things. As children we all wanted to be rich and famous and well-known (well most of us-maybe not all). But realistically we knew this was not going to be the case.

I can honestly say I never had a clear picture of what I thought my life would be like at this point.

I am the type of person that wants to learn and experience so much that I am unable to think of a life only one certain way. It would actually be almost impossible to picture my life at a future time. I will always have goals and dreams and I do hope some of these come into fruition but I don’t rely on these things to shape my life to define me.

I believe I am undefinable. I would have never guessed that I would be working in an IT firm or even be a fashion designer or at most surprising be a writer. I want to pursue a degree in human resource management or project management, I will eat my words with saying this and probably catch a lot of hell, but I am unsure of exactly how I want to use this degree and i definitely will go to fashion school. When I first started with this it was never my intention to make a name out of this but over the past year I have dove a lot into art and even learning how to sew and more on design techniques. people recommend, request and call me for different projects i don’t even have any idea about, its so sweet to know that few people believe in me and that as earlier planned am a role model to a few and still in-charge of my little tittle “FIRST CHILD”

OK, now back to the topic at hand…Am I where I thought I would be at this point in my life? As stated, I never saw my life in a certain way. if going by my initial plan, i should still be in school studying medicine, but going by the later plan, well what can i say Alhamdulilah. The only thing that is most important in my life (and I hope it is in everyone else’s – even through the hard times) is happiness. The thing about that though that I needed to change was realizing that happiness is a journey and not a destination. I still have to remind myself of that all of the time because I am always looking for an end…and while looking for that end I am missing the incredible journey I am on in this very moment. It has taken me a really long time to get to this point.

I am at a crucial point in my life where things are starting to make sense and I am feeling more in tune with who I am than I ever have. I still have a hard time accepting things and I do not always stand up for myself and I dislike confrontation in any form but I am learning. I am accepting what is right now. I am learning that I am beyond lucky for the things that I have in my life. I go through phases of loneliness and anxiety but I never stop forgetting that they are only moments and the world is too big of a place to get stuck in one small rut. I am slowly starting to talk more about who I really am and face fears that I had been ignoring for a long time. I am bringing what is on the inside out and the journey is absolutely breathtaking.

So i am not there yet, a lot of things have gone out of place, a lot in place and a lot too arranged am over whelmed but i am grateful and happy to be where i am because it is so promising and with you all by my side encouraging me.. i will get there!

ARE YOU THERE YET? and if not, where would you be in 5years?