Good afternoon Blogosphere, how is everyone doing? Hopefully the day is going on fine and definitely the week is a blessing to many.
Well, i seem very happy and organized, a new me has been born and ready to manifest. Before i go on, let’s have a 153secs of silence for those who lost their lives in the Dana Crash.

Another 1min silence for those who died on ground

Thank you.

You know they say; events happen to open our eyes to happenings. I have been living my life based on principles, rules and books, especially knowing and being conscious of righteousness. This weekend was different from me. Very different i must say, i did a lot of new stuff and gained several grounds, i am actually growing 😀 of course, i lied, i pretended,I sinned, i stole, i ate too much and slept so well.

My long fulfilled weekend started with a good-long Friday night sleep, for the first time in a long while i didn’t wake up at night, I slept so well i can’t remember having a dream, i woke up refreshed and relaxed, wrote down my to do list and BOOM!!!

I washed some clothes, cleaned my room and make breakfast, its a big deal, because i rarely have time to do this things, especially to wash… After doing all my house chores, i had a really cold bath- must be wondering so? Well ‎yea, i never have my bath on a Saturday before 12 O’clock at least not this year, sometimes i don’t even bath. I set out for a stroll with my baby, just for a view of the estate where i live, afterwards i went to the market.

I have never written about fabric shopping, wow! That’s like the most interesting part of fashion designing, the moment you see a fabric, you have this whole idea built up, the size and shape you want it in, the design , the cutting, everything just falls into place, no matter how angry i am or depressed, the moment am in that fabric store, am in another world. In that store i purchased fabric for about 10orders i had last week and 2 for my self *wink*.

I went back home and had some meetings and slept again, this one was the Nap kind of sleep. But here comes the chats and visits, as much as i liked and missed my friends i was able to tell them i need my siesta time, i NEVER tell them that, i usually shy away from hurting people and hurt myself in the process. I said NO to someone, i have been procrastinating this for months now, i have writing several stuffs but never posted them. I don’t say NO to people because i hate being turned down, not saying NO has brought me more harm than good.

A lot of people are still in my radar because of my inability to say NO, i have been hurt, stolen from,lied to, starved and fallen sick because i couldn’t say NO! NO is actually a good thing to say when you have to. The most amazing part of saying my No was that i didn’t feel bad about it.

Later in the day, i went to Silverbird Galleria for the JPKingdom Fashion show to show some L♥√ع for my colleague Tsignature who is a daring designer, there i met an old school friend i hadn’t seen in 7years and we cruised around before settling for a light meal. OH! I forgot 2say i was looking hot and edgy with my grey 4.5inches boot like shoes, blue pants and a poker dot top, that’s another highlight of my Saturday, i rarely wear heels, i usually wear them to special occasions but this time i carried myself.

Sunday, started with a long chat with my friend, and another asshole(am sorry, but he really is an asshole) and even though i used to like him so much i take all his stupid talks, this time, i was ready to loose him by telling him how much he sucks and how rude he usually is, am sure he was surprised and i could imagine his face as he said “Later” buhahahaha.

After a 7hours sleep i woke up and had my bath again before 10am, the day went on and on with talks about so many things, i read about 20posts from different people, tweeted my ass off and smiled a lot, gave out some things and embraced a lot,

My day was weird but i didn’t care, it feels good to do something you have not done/enjoyed in 8months or even more, and its so passionate and fulfilling. You ever been in a position you have to do something so sinful and shameful but you don’t mind because you know its something you really want. During my decision time frame i remembered this quote; “We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same.” – Carlos Castaneda. I am done doing what others want, life is too short to be a good girl 24/7 and remain sober afterwards.

Most times, having a fulfilled moment has so much to do with the party involved, be it living or non-living, it also involves timing, mood and so many things, so before you do it put all this factors into consideration and Never let desperation be a catalyst to any decision you make. The moment you do is the moment you die.

What did you do this weekend? have you done something differently of late? Have you made an impact? Have you shared a laugh and did you take that bold step? Well i did, and am sure *living the life of a fulfilled chick*

Have a great week!

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