What are some of your favorite songs?

Music is everything. In just a matter of seconds your mood can change entirely by listening to a song. I don’t tend to steer toward any type of music. I am more the type of person that enjoys the lyrics of a song and the vocalist. A lot of people want to strangle me because I detest a particular artist. I just can’t get past the sound of the voice. the lyrics may be amazing and  may have incredible stories to tell but there is nothing about the sound of the voice that is appealing to me. I love a voice that draws me in. I can’t explain how it draws me in, it just does. I thought I would open up my world of music and share some of my favorites. A lot of these songs bring me back to different parts of my life and bring me back to the story that has brought me to where I am now. If you choose to check these songs out I ask that you listen to the lyrics and feel the music…see if anything is relate-able to you. :0)

Very short right? Music changes everything in a short period….

What are some of your favs???