I called home.. explained everything to my mum, she is  someone who is very strong and optimistic, she told me not to worry, that she would fix it, i didn’t believe her, because i wondered what she would do to help, well she took extra ordinary measure, made several calls and even went all the way to see some old friends and 2days after, she called me and told me who to see, i did all this and i was made to pay fees for late registrations and was fixed in another department. That’s where it all began..

My first day as an undergraduate in the department of zoology was like the first day of the rest of my miserable life, i never saw my self in such a low class department, well so i thought, i wasn’t interested and i was ready to drop out of school, i wasn’t afraid to scream it into my mother’s ears that i hated the department and the set of courses and everything around being a zoologist, she calmed me down and advised i start embracing it because that’s how God wanted it. I would cry in my room and never go to classes. The exam was postponed and i had time to study, but wasn’t enough because i had to copy notes, do some tests and also make-up for missed practical classes, the work load was too much and i even had to drop 2courses. I didn’t do well at all in the first semester but with time i was able to catch up.

With time, i couldn’t believe myself as i became the great scientist that embraced animals and would even research and write about them, my favorite lecture then always encouraged me to write but i was too lazy to that but my narrative exams were great. writing didn’t catch people’s attention as much as the fashionista in me, i loved to draw and sew my clothes myself rather than buy them, the artistic aspect was also very obvious in my class as i would draw and sketch anything in a twinkle. After a while, advices more like pressure was placed on me to go into fashion designing as a business, my first quest was interesting, and very encouraging. I had no mentor or teacher, i thought myself, it was a talent and more of my passion, nothing stopped me and this time, there was no VC or Dean or HOD to stop me, there was no one to tell me what to do because i was on the right part and it never felt wrong because despite the hardship and lack of capital, i kept striving and even i had more reason to face my studies and excel well because i appreciated the course for helping me find the ME in ME.

Despite my resentment, fears and failures, i never stop trying new things. As my friends would sometimes call me, Oliver twist, well maybe i am but one thing i know for sure is i don’t just want it all, i want it all good. I am not stopping yet, am going to acquire more knowledge, did a little training last year, doing more after my NYSC and am currently learning how to be a professional writer. Fashion designing and writing are both my talents but it doesn’t mean i would bank on that, am meeting people and learning everyday.

MORAL: though we might have failures and not be where we want to be but we should sometimes be opportunists, one of my friend got posted to a local school and was all ranting and sad at first but now, she realized its even an opportunity to be able to attend classes for her make-over practices and start business soon enough. A lot of us don’t see through hard times because we are easy to condemn everything but trust me, in every mud, there’s always a clean stone and just as patient and hopeful we are it just might be the rare stone. Now take time and find the U in YOU 🙂