Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you have to dig deep inside to muster the strength to go on and overcome sudden hardship.  It is in those times, when situations look hopeless, it is you that can find a way to come together and triumph.  With gritty determination, teamwork, and good old fashion gumption, i came out on top sometime ago.

I remember the first exam i missed in my university, it was a though course, and as a medical student, you can’t afford a D.. I had a guardian who was a lecturer and assured me i was going to write a make-up exam and should just get well. Well i did get well and i did write the make-up exams and did well but still i was tired already, i was tired of having to struggle too hard and i could imagine doing it for the next 6-8 years of my life all to become a doctor. Have always wanted to be a doctor since i was in primary 4,i had my first lab coat in  primary 5 and a stethoscope to match, i had the white dull shoes and i could do CPR, first Aids and all at 12years old, in my senior secondary i was made the health prefect and these things were to me, signs from God, my Gmama would call me doctor of our time as they all knew how obsessed i was with doctors, i would do a lot of researches and confront doctors any chance i get.
Well, the journey was soon ended when a list of the medical students came out and my name was missing, of course i was happy but i didn’t want to be dropped i wanted to drop. Now the problem was what next? I needed to decide what next in two weeks or less, i wasn’t ready, i practically am the first in my family, friends were confusing and my parents were of no help, because they wanted me to study medicine. One faithful afternoon, i had an appointment with my doctor and he ordered a young pretty girl to run some tests on me and she asked what i was studying in school, i said i don’t know, she was like huh? Ok, what department are you, i said; i don’t know. Then she tried speaking pidgin or yoruba then i smiled, i understand you perfectly i said, i just don’t know because i have been kicked out medicine which am glad but i don’t know what i want. She sighed and said, i was also kicked out of medicine that’s why i chose a course to stay close to doctors. Right there and then i thought i knew what i wanted. I wanted to be a Radiologist or a microbiologist.
I went back to school all smiles and fulfilled, i prayed to God and thanked him for always giving me signs and i did my registrations, i was back to being a student, did my tests and went for lectures, i was happy again, i was always glad and i was sure i would make very good grades. Then one day, just 2weeks to the exams, after i had copied my time table at my faculty, i saw a notice on the board in red and myself and many others were asked to report at the faculty office the day before. I was afraid and wondered why? I was more angry than afraid because nobody had told me of this notice, i called a few friends and apparently they didn’t know either, we all gathered and headed to the dean’s office.
I didn’t have the slightest idea as to why he called us but i knew it was for good, then he said;

“Why are you just coming? ( We tried to explain but he shut us up) well, the faculty is full and you all did your registration late but it won’t be fair so we split you into two groups those with above 3points and those below, those below should go and register with another faculty and the rest should check their names on this list.”
I was terrified for some of my friends because they didn’t make up to 3points and i was more terrified because we had just 2weeks to exams. I checked for my name and i didn’t find it. He screamed at me to check again but it wasn’t there, tears rolled down my eyes, i wasn’t sure what was happening but i knew i was in trouble. He said; ” it means you’re no longer a student of this school. I can remember all this words exactly because they were mean and from an old, heartless man called Prof WHO. (His son used to be my friend) he said; what were you doing when your mates were registering? He asked so many questions and never allowed me to answer. My CGPA was 3.75 how can i not make the school when a lot are in with much more less. I left his office in tears and fears. Headed to my department and the Head of microbiology said; that was the new rule, late registration, no identity. I thought of so many things but i wasn’t going to give up…