The heart I thought is a formidable seal
Never to be broken as true as steel
But mine was soon to be torn to pieces
The last of deeds in my list of wishes

You touched my heart in a way so caring
Your look your words were so appealing
You came around and made me smile
A feeling that lasted for just a while

Like trees rejoice to the breath of breeze
The sight of my love knuckled my knees
I thought true love was what I had
But cupid had plans to make me sad

And when my night became so cold
Your lovely hands I wished to hold
But another prey you held all night
With cold and tears I slept in fright

I’ve heard of tales about love gone sour
Of kings and nobles that killed for love
Never found out till this present hour
My pain for love was sent from above

My metallic spade you ripped apart
I’m left with nothing but a broken heart
And now in tears I have to leave
But for a brighter day I have to live.

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