Hi everyone, welcome to MAY 🙂 a very beautiful month, the month in which i cried into this world, i would L♥√ع to share with you pictures from day1 of my life till date, as soon as i am free to scan them.
Last weekend i posted an article on how un-beautiful i feel and i got some calls as to why i would think such, a lot of comments and mockery. Well, am grateful cause you all added value to my line of thinking, so i took a test.
My BBM status said “i feel ugly” for about 4-5days and people asked why but it was obvious my answers couldn’t express how i felt, then my counsellor popped in and asked, what the matter was, i explained myself and told her to schedule a therapist session for me, but she declined and sent me a link to the facebook page of the MBGN 2012 contestants, She then said, google the latest contest in lagos and get back to me.
After hours and hours of checking, i didn’t seem to find any, i gave up and went on with my daily routine, took several pictures and still felt (not) beautiful, then a broadcast came in; “SISI-OGE Screening holds this Saturday 12 noon @ Ember Creek 32 Awolowo Road Ikoyi beside DHL forms still selling….” Immediately i forwarded it to her, she said “you are going to contest”. I just laughed, so hard my colleagues at work wondered what was so amusing. She gave her professional reasons that i argue during therapy, always had my decision before i came to her and blah blah. We came to the conclusion and i got the form, went to a studio the day before the screening and took the i-would-say ugliest pictures of my life, i became even more comfortable. The next day i just didn’t want to go but she was on my neck.
My trip to Ember Creek was even more discouraging with traffic and road blocks, had to trek over 20blocks from the road block, i got there saw different brands of girls and was just smiling and laughing, after hours of waiting, during which i met some really cute and nice girls; sophie(i lover her already), Raychie(ex-Miss Nigerian finalist), Gbemi, Titi, Jenifer( the hilarious fire dancer, she not close to cute), Anita, and many other not so-good-looking girls, i pinged her and told her i got the message, she said i had to wait to contest, its been 6hours and finally i was screened, there were 3judges and i was asked challenging questions,i answered and i clearly impress them.
But, did they think of me as beautiful, did this test help how i feel, did what ever anyone said since my last post change the perspective about feeling beautiful? Do i now feel beautiful?
To answer that i wrote a piece that gave several other meanings to “beautiful” and after that long day with different brands of girls and how they appreciated me, how i compared myself to so many other much more beautiful/ attractive girls with less qualities or value than i have, i have learnt to appreciate and value myself more, i have seen the beauty in me and that my face is just alil older not less beautiful.

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