Nobody can deny the beauty of a woman’s breasts as they are a source of sensuality for both admires and owners alike. Breasts are an essential food source for babies. A woman breasts are as important to her as a man sex organ is to him and they seems to drive men of all ages wild with fantasy and desires.

But do all men really fantasize about big breasts? The society seems to accept the fact that men prefer them big, but it’s unclear exactly why they are drawn to an impressive cleavage.

Today, we shall attempt to explain why men are so passionate about tiny waist and voluptuous female bodies. Although 70 per cent of men say they prefer large breasts. Many women are happy with smaller ones. When asked if they would like to have larger breasts (without having to experience any pain, or pay a cent to for them) only 5 per cent of women said yes.

Over the last 20 years, the average bra size has gone up from 36B to 40B. Although women accept that nature has given them breasts, they accept the fact that men and society seem to prefer large. They are still haunted by the fact that big breasted women steal the show. But do they? Have you wondered why men find big breast so attractive? Scientists, psychologists and sex therapist have tried to address the issue.

Men’s unending search for motherly breasts may be the number one culprit and the reason is obvious; a baby first feeds from his mother’s breast and so breast continues to fascinate him throughout his life, long after his interest in milk has disappeared. Because his mother has large breast when he was small, a man will try to find someone who can ‘nourish’ him again. Many mother’s are choosing to bottle-feed tan breast-feed their babies, but this does not seem to make their male off-spring either indifferent to or, conversely, obsessed with large breasts. The fact remains that the male child has a feel of big breast while being hugged or cuddled by his mum and he feeds longer on breast than the female child.

Another simple psychological explanation is that large, firm breasts are an indicator of good health. It is believed that a beautiful woman appears healthier than an unattractive woman. Therefore, for men large breast and well defined hips are indicative of high sex hormones levels and fertility. The general belief is that beautiful breasts bring forth beautiful children. When a man respond to a beautiful curvy woman, he does so instinctively as a future father, just as a woman responds to a kind, gentle, thoughtful, helpful, caring handsome man with broad shoulders, baritone voice and an athletic body.

Guys, am i right?