Been a long time have been wanting to write something on how to kiss, but i just needed to find a picture to back it up.

My manners, how is you and your numerous friends and family, what can i say about mine other than fine and kiss less. Sometimes, in fact most times i wake up and wondering who am going to kiss that day because i can’t actually count how many people have kissed, mostly boys though just very few girls caught my fancy. I L♥√ع to kiss, i can’t begin to explain how much and how far a kiss can take you and I . Of course, after i have done a techno-clinical psychological survey of your oral opening (mouth), i tend to make sure its free from bacteria and wounds. I stylishly talk about how much i hate to brush and how i can forget to brush so you can spill yours then i come with the “am kidding” phrase but i will hold you to your words.

You know, people tend to ask why some one seems so perfect for them and the person wouldn’t stay, my dear its not all about the L♥√ع and money, this little things like sex, romance and kiss adds flavour to it. Especially, the ladies, you need to go the extra mile to hold your man down because aside being the ONE in the kitchen? You have to be the ONE in every other corners of the room, i was scouting online one day and i saw the picture of a newly wed and i just thought if my bf/manfriend/hubby kissed me that way, i’ll have a heart attack. He was going to swallow her maybe just to show how tiny the bride looks or how concentrated and un diluted the ponmo on his lips are, or could it be joy? How can?

That aside, sometimes in 2010 i met this dude like that, even though i never caught his fancy, he’s good at bringing me closer to himself, and after several months i gave him a full hug, you know the one you give your pillow and then he was bringing his mouth, i looked up at him and closed my eyes immediately cause i couldn’t bare to see it happen, the movement was like that of Edward in the vampire diaries when he’s about to feed, the eyes were so big, i thought he wanted to bite me, wow! It was a kiss(according to him sha) after like 4secs i pushed him away and said “what are you trying to do?” He said, “oh baby, i won’t do anything just a kiss” am like huh? Kiss? you’re biting me!!!. He said he was going to try again and i said no, in fact the breathe was hian! Don’t let me get started. That was the last day he saw me sha.

Some people kiss as if the are chewing shaki(lumen) and some will just insert there whole tongue inside your throat you won’t even be able to swallow, the worst are those that we be exchanging saliva! My dear God, saliva exchange happens by it self as a result of passionate kissing not self-process, it is disgusting to even watch some nollywood movie and see the way they TURN YOU DOWN.

Kisses are meant to be sexy, turn you on and make you want more of the person, make you want to finish what you started and make you want to explore more, not the one that you kiss the person and maybe for L♥√ع, (s)he can’t leave you but will always give you the cheek, you don’t force it, its a chemistry, you allow each other as there are many kinds of kiss so is there purpose and meanings.
Just as you L♥√ع me jeje…L♥√ع me tender kondly kiss me jeje and kiss me tender! Don’t rush me! Don’t bite me! Don’t squeeze blood out my mouth and don’t make me throw up! Be passionate!

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we are all well MADE.