Goodmorning everyone, i miss our little chit-chat about LC, hope all is well? It is with heavy heart i announce the end of a productive Era and the beginning of a new one. Some of the rumours you have recently heard are sweet but true. The only way forward now is to keep bringing you good designs and clothes you’ll all L♥√ع to wear. And to end the old era, ill be compensating consistent customers/clients with the productions on ground and an intimate update of the new era.

PS: This is not a split or grudge btwn anyone, its a management/personal decision to which details would be released soon; come April and henceforth all products of used to be LC now M’ADE will be branded and delivered as M’ADE creations which is now a even wider and more ambitious brand. Be ready to be served even better.

The details in full;

On May 19, 2010 i had a fashion show in view, basically with the clothes i own, as i sew most of them and rarely bought; it was all AIESEC (story for another day) and i was asked; what will i like my clothing line to be called? I didn’t know or have any slightest idea of what fashion designing business would be like; but i was sure of the passion and readiness; my very good friend “Adeola Ajala” came up with several names and that night nothing made sense to me, i was there just thinking of the sweetest and cutiest name i had but none made sense. I didn’t want to have a name i can’t live up to or a name that would speak less of me but then we went to sleep. The next day was a very close friend’s birthday and i got her a cake and spelt her name with emphasis on the “H” she loved it.
In another corner i was still thinking what my clothing line would be called and my friend “Esho Babatunde” said call it anything with couture behind it; i agreed then we started the search and scout for meanings, samples and illustrations. We concluded it would be “LAHYOH couture” it was hard to get used to, the pronunciation sef nawa! But even with time, it got better as people shortened it and made it sweet LC.
LC has been my first baby since the, helped me grow and taken me places, i became a better daughter, sister, cousin, friend, colleague, student, Boss 😀 and ofcourse a better designer. Before iknew it people forgot me as Maryam and remembered me as LAHYOH. In 2011, i started a small charity programme and needed a name then i thought why let my father’s name just go since he has no official/legal hier then i thought Maryam Adebola foundation, it took a long path and i am always stylish and funky so i needed something short and tush, with no time wasting, my creative mind reminded me of my secondary school days, i was sometimes called made, i never liked it because it sounded like another name then and there i thought Maryam ADEbola (hmmm).
I have always sEen myself as a special creation but everyday God shows me even better and more deserving people, and why will i say i am not specially MADE considering all his mercies and favours, so instead of made i thought M’ade(made) – asin made by God, past tense of make….As many people have noticed and started reffered to me as M’ade i really do appreciate, donot under any circumstance be confused without the ‘ . Its a signature.
On the 19th of feburary 2012, just after months of contemplation and indecisiveness, i had a reason to change my brand name from LC but whatelse could fit in if not M’ade? since ihave something on it already. Big thanks to my crew and friends in person of Adeniyi Adeyemi (@kneeyie), Matemilola ADeola (@aeyeesadeedee), Mrs kogbe Bukola, Aunty Bisis Bawslady, Ohimai Atafo (@maiatafoinspired), Mrs Tope williams (@topewilliams), Mrs Eyiyemi Olivia, Akinwande Lakanu (@wandelakanu) and many more.

I would miss everything #LC but the truth is nothing is gone, just the name. You can still call me LAHYOH!
Welcome to my M’ADE creation World!

we are all well MADE.