Last sunday, the 18th of March 2012 was one i wish would last for 1week or even more as people showed there L♥√ع by pictures, display pictures, personal messages, tweets, facebook updates and so on to express themselves.
It was mother’s day and just like few weeks ago that everyone anticipated the valentines day, am sure most would also gladly celebrate the next mother’s day as they would be one (may be me teew *wink*).. And also a brodacast was circulated to celebrate the great mothers that have gone with time (May God receive them and bless the souls they left behind)

This is what you said about your mother;

She’s d best that culd happen tpo me,cos she culd die for me,I love her to my marrow<3<3…Happy Mother's Day :-yetnat

Shout out to all the great and amazing mothers♥ happy mothers day. Today is not just about your mother but to all GREAT MOTHERS out thereO:)-moblak

To the best Mum in d world -nature gurl

Happy moda's day mum's mi:Dmay u live longer 4 meO:) luv ya scarra<3<3 :*| -diddy holla

Happy Mother's day 2 d best I eva had,May d lord protect yu 4 mi nd may yu live long 2 enjoy d fruit of Ūя̲̅ labour…O:):* -valerie

She's a Queen & a mother to all, with the personality & character of an angel, she's so BEAUTIFUL & VERY HUMBLE & I'm so BLESSED to call her my MOTHER–Its hard growing up without a father, but its easy when you have a fantastic mother who plays both roles. Happy Mothers Day. -Woody

Even when scared for me, she chooses to believe in my ability to choose right! Faith & Trust in her son! #HappyMumDay. -EL

Orisa bi ya kosi, iya niwura iyebiye, luv u ma inestimable jewel. Apy Mothers Day to all d women dat r worthy of been called a MOTHER({}) -miss perry

She's eXtra Terrestrial! She's my mother! HMD ❤ || I go dance o, let noin trouble my mind o, leave all my worries behind o, its time to CELEBRATE!!! -Abdul abolore

Iya mi TOH sexy,Toh badt,toh classy,toh Sure…happy Mothers day!!:* wl make u pwoud.. -MOTEE

Thanks for everything,Mom! <3<3 ({}) -TDS

E bami kira fun maama mii<3<3 :* D̶̲̥̅̊ best mum i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ D̶̲̥̅̊ world luv u mum:* ({}), My Jewel, best friend and confidant. -Kareemat

Iya mi aduke, oni wura owan oshey bibi to bi mi, oshey tito to tomi, emi gigun nimo toro fun e lati jeun omoO:) – LC

Iya ni iya adisa i luv u baje baje happy mother's day mum({}):- alican

…..Peace n Blessing 2 ma Mama….n all mothers-oyinameen

Iya ni wura,tnks so mch for evryfyn uve done in my lyfe,I ll always cherish u,ede ma jehun omo,lov u gannnnn<3<3without er dres no me(confirm) -tyty

Sometimes I wonder where do mothers come 4m, always lovin,carin etc but Girls of Nowadays are totally opposite *sigh*are dey d future modas?-Torba

Shez simply the Best – feranmi

What do i think about my mother? Well that's a story for another day; because she's just a maxi me, she's a hand full of different good things and of course, she can be interestingly annoying. You know, that awkward moment when your mum still gets angry at the fact that you not having dinner, its just so (i can't think of a word to use) or is it the time she calls me once in every 2hours to know how am doing, oh maybe on Wednesdays when its my Cds and she keeps forgetting and still disturbs my peaceful sleep. Its annoying but sweet that she still looks out for me.
She just won't agree that am no more that little girl she used to tell everything, but i just L♥√ع her so much, her prayers keeps me going, her wishes are just superb. I call her " my personal witch" she seems to know things before they happen or even when i don't tell her about it, i am a loner in my house but then she makes me talk.
She's also an olofofo, she can like to gbeborun when am having a conversation but best of all she's not just my mum, she's a mother!

Can't really say much but i can assure you "she's the best of the best" and she's a mother to all.

Happy Mother's Day… Mothers should be celebrated everyday, they the true drivers of life!

we are all well MADE.