I woke up to my messy self, as always whenever am having my red days of the month, had to change 2wice in the office and its just 12noon, was wondering if the remaining saver I had would last me till 5pm but yea like i was advised “be hopeful” i was and it failed, only for me to get up and my yellow well trimmed M’ADE gown was all bottom red, i was furious and concluded i just have to go home, got a scalf and with my 3bags i headed to the bustop, i was there for over 30mins and no taxi, then i started getting frustrated (as usual, the impatient me) but you can save your judgements, i was in δ middle of a mess with the linen of my womb pinching me and squeezing like a skinned cow. At last one came.
I was home in 6minutes, re-directing my customers to meet me at city mall since i left work early.
I showered and off i go again, like always. Am on the road 12hours/day other hours i barely sleep, brainstorming and having to do all my work ALONE! In the recent days of my life, i feel very alone, not cause i don’t have people around me but i just don’t get what i give and that hurts, well most people think its cause am single but that hurts more that after years and years they still don’t know me, well am more productive as a single lady and I’ll like to keep that pace for a longer while.
After over an hour of waiting i finally meet princess Barbie and yeah she turned out sweet and welcoming so as earlier planned i couldn’t vex at her for keeping me waiting. I left the mall after trying like 4bikes and they said NO. Then my black angel came and he decided to take me home, we were halfway home when i remembered that i was hungry and told him to take me back to the mall to get my food. He clearly wasn’t a rough rider and all of sudden a lady was going to cross, the bike man in front of us tried to avoid her and he ran into our own lane, i know the bike man tried so hard but our bike fell to δ left side and i rolled off, i was very dizzy and as i was about standing up because cars were coming behind us, it was like a vision and i just said “lahi lah ilalahu” i thought that was the end, and i turned away, the car stopped but on my back and my jaw hit the bike.
For a moment i was wondering what happened but i was on my feet, my blackberry was held tight and my cash too, and all i know is blood was gushing (you know like those yoruba movie when a lady loses her pregnancy) i tried to walk and i couldn’t, passer bys came rushing to us as the foolish bike men argued which was just annoying and the useless prado owner kept on with his phone call and drove off and the only thing i kept saying was “Alhamdulilah” i sat on the pavement for consciousness and was ready to leave. You know they say “person wey motor jam, na motor go carry am commot” i had to call another bike to take me to an hospital. Right there and then i saw the deep cut on my ankle, then i started feeling cold and dizzy, i was strong (i had to be) getting to the hospital i had to deposit 15k before anything (ontop wetin na) i was forced to leave to go to my family hospital on the mainland, but darn, that ride was long, i had to scream at the taxi man to hurry not minding my phobia for 3rd mainland bridge.
I got there safe, my ankle was stitched (i made a video), my butt was stitched and my knee was bandaged. Only to wakeup to realise my whole back hurts and my mum is out to get us a living because i made them believe i was fine.

Then, i realised i wasn’t fine but who cared enough to realise my staus updates and even though all i can think of was how i won’t disappoint my clients and how i won’t stress my mum at the end of saturday i realised nobody really cares, they only want updates, no one came to check me, had to go to the hospital alone again? Yes. All my friends were busy, atleast the once i told, and the rest just didn’t notice, its saturday, everyone is grooving( i can’t really blame them). I have jumped bikes, rode miles just to see a friend down with flu but then i can barely walk and i can’t even get someone to get me lunch? Pathetic, had to wait for my mum. I might not call people but i secretly look out for them. During the course of my lamentation; a friend said no matter what 3people care about you. And i said i know, my mum, and my 2 sisters who are not around.

Am glad you were not obligated to write RIP or come to my house by force to pay homage but now that am forced to live by the book that says “no one really cares if they not getting something, its all the struggles of life- survival of the fittest”. I hope the true friends can finally find there way into my life….

And am grateful to the few that cared so much but can’t make it down. And am sad i can’t make “Encomium’s WHITE GIG” but you know what? Am still very much around to flood your updates , make a name and keep blogging about my life and yours :p

we are all well MADE.