Many people say that maturity in relationship means not getting angry when he does not call, she does not text and no one beeps the other. They say it is immature to argue but I posit that how else can misunderstandings be resolved? You try to make excuses for lapses as ‘little’ as she missing a date without saying why and you feel that that is maturity. You try to reason out why she has not so much has beeped you in days instead of just going the easy way and calling him to know why.
‘He will understand’ or ‘she understands me’ has become the safe way to lie, cheat and do all sorts on the other party. We have sacrificed the necessary feistiness between couples that bring their relationship alive and make them ever more close to each other on this altar of ‘maturity’.
I strongly believe that there is just too much of ‘understanding’ that a relationship can and should take. A damsel should be comfortable with asking her dude why he did not take her out as he promised without the dude going “oh, she is starting to become jealous” and he begins his explanation with “baby, you need to understand that…” and the list goes on.
I do realize the fact that there are immature people but the problem starts when we begin to explain every action away on that premise. So I say, fight when necessary, argue things out, stop making excuses for each other because by God that is what love is about!

BY: Timothy Olawale @lestat058