Well, sitting on this couch i wish my mum would just change or i get a raise to atleast change, its so old and freaking uncomfortable but guess what, am always sitting on it and my boyfriend(ouch my ex) like us cuddling on it, guess that’s why I still sit on it. Sad me, by the way, at the moment am so sad and angry, I think am more of angry than sad. Cause generally am a sad little puppy. That takes me back to blue balls, i would really L♥√ع to explain what i learnt in biology and human behaviour (my grandma just interrupted-now am more angry) dnt ask.. Anyways as i was saying, where was i sef(checking) yeah science; it says that ‘blue balls’ is this testicular pain that happens due to prolonged and unsatisfied sexual satisfaction sometimes could be ojukokoro or irresistance of a particular brand of gal e.g ME(yeah dnt change face, am very sexy! Ask my bedmates)..
I don’t quite know how to describe the face but I’ll try…. It’s the puppy dog face …that sad pity face….meets desperation meets frustration..its all of them all rolled into one and it’s a not so pleasant looking face.
And at that moment, especially, if you are alone with the guy, he would go on his knees and start begging, i for one don’t enjoy that episode of my series with such guy cos i pity people a lot but not when am not in the mood. Then he goes, baby, why are you doing this to me, don’t you L♥√ع me anymore; wow! Sex is so cheap its now compared or used to express L♥√ع. Anyways, he starts getting aggressive unknown to him thou, and you like dele you’re hurting me, he snaps off and begs you with all sincerity saying am sorry. He’s at the verge of almost crying( i just wonder if its as much pain as menstral pain-i doubt). Anyways you look down at him on his knees and you just in fear stand up as Junior is already up, you wanna go but he’s begging.They look like they are in pain and are gonna pass out ….how u have to give them several blows to the head sometimes after shouting NO for them to come to their senses…..why they have to, need to come up with hilarious fibs to get a piece of the action…….
Seriouzly, why beg, you L♥√ع someone and wana make L♥√ع to em, make em want you. Don’t beg, as a temperamental asshole like me, i won’t give in, if i don’t want to. Cos begging stirrs up my anger. I remmebr one dude like that i got really close to, asin very close (stop thinking- yet) we jammed on bbm and we started chatting and all, we did some really nasty stuffs and we then agreed to meet, seeing him, he’s cute( ion deal with the ugly ones) and i just wanted to kiss his soft lips, iwas praying he doesn’t touch me cos am defeated by soft palms, you know they make me go gaga. So after a while i noticed he was staring too much and the look on his face was asif he wanted me to look at something and i did, his peninsula was saying hi to me and ion like that kind of Hi (same annoying hi i get from one of my co-workers i just hate- okay dislike) iwas trying to be nice and said “oh sweet, this isn’t happening” and he started the whole beg( ouch u got it wrong) he starts the whole am not going in, just want to rub the tip, okay suck me, please just touch me (hian, WTF) i had to spill it- am on my period dude! Oh don’t worry, ill use a condom(gross) with great surprise on my face i was like u weren’t gonna use 1 b4? Wow! Am out! Well he tried to stop me nd i hit my shoe on hs head, that was the last time i saw him but we still talk, am just a nice gurl- sure he’s reading this (just incase someone tried to rape me, ya’ll lawyers, soldiers, razzoferian friends ihave be at alert!
That’s just the height, most guys go as far as raping their girlfriends/fiancee all due to this stupid urge of urs. Am nt saying girls don’t get it, but i trust those homosapiens we knw our way around, we talj dirty, send pictures etc (thou stupid but we don’t have to beg) you come right at our feets.
Guys need to learn to stay ontop of there games and be romantic…ur blue balls time is as disgusting as our PMS time is to you!

What’s δ craziest fin u’ve heard frm sum1 wu thinks he’s gonna die if he doesn’t get laid?

we are all well MADE.