A kingdom of kings denied their crowns
And wise men are treated as clowns
Fools approved judgement to decide
The poor are left to float in the tide

Day and night we suffer and smile
A defect long endured becomes a style
We put our hopes in a counterfeit hero
And now our joy is back to zero

They tell us lies in form of budgets
Increase fuel price our only nugget
They pass their wealth from son to son
Their bloody seats are good for none

We asked for good they gave us luck
A programme designed to rid their mock
Justice delayed is justice denied
When and how will wisdom be applied?

Fight we shall till our last blood shed
We sing the songs of our heroes past
Like sheep to the slaughter we will not be led
Every tear every breath will linger till its last!!!

WRITTEN BY: Antoni zimo  ff @Antonio_zimo


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