A friend once asked me “Adeola, do you think God likes you?” I laughed at what seemed to me a silly question and replied, “of course, God loves everybody” She smiled at my naivete and gently assured me that Yes God loves everybody but just like a father who doesn’t stop loving his son when the little boy does something wrong, God stops liking us until we apologize for those wrongs we do and that those special ones that God likes are His real children. Hmm… (Food for thought) I take a lot of trips, mostly by road and not once did I think about an accident, to me it seemed like something that happened to other people, I see accident sites all the time, I feel sorry for the people involved and hope nobody died there but that’s the extent to which it used to touch me. As I sit here tonight and think about the number of times I shuttled between Abuja and Ilorin without any thought at all, I realize that I have indeed been extremely lucky, an almost 10hour trip that came to mean absolutely nothing to me, I began to take for granted more and more how it’s GOD who keeps me and it’s not just because its my right. This notion came to be corrected during my NYSC year, I was involved in an accident less than 1hour into a 4hour journey; I was reading a novel, starting to feel sleepy, beginning to settle into a comfortable position to continue reading my novel and thereafter fall asleep, I looked at my neighbor and thought to myself what an idiot he must be for wearing dark shades in an already dark bus, I looked at the young pregnant girl in front of me and wondered if she was married or just got knocked up. I thought about my friends with whom I should have traveled had I arrived at the park earlier and I smiled to myself imagining how I’d make sure they apologized very well for abandoning me. Now I can only say thank God they had gone with the bus they went with! They say when you’re about to die, you see images of various stages of your life flash before you, I didn’t see that, in fact my one single fleeting thought was how my family and my friends were going to know my body was there and even that just came to me as “how will they know?” after that nothing! Not fear! Not pain! Nothing! In fact, when the bus tire busted and the driver stepped on the brake and swerved off the road, I immediately thought “he shouldn’t have done that” and then I closed my novel and waited. While the bus was somersaulting, my mind was completely blank, I was resigned! And then when the bus stopped on its roof and I broke out of my trance as a young lady was scrambling out through a window, my first thought was “I hope my Blackberry’s okay” LMAO, how funny is that? In the midst of all that?! I was the 2nd person out so that means there were still 10 people in there and I completely blocked them out and focused on the”health” of my BB. Incredulous! Even more incredible, I was probably the only person in the bus who didn’t have an open flesh wound.