Its so amazing the number of calls, texts, emails,  and PINGS I have gotten since the beginning of this series. I am grateful but you have to admit, if I had written all in one piece, it would have been incredibly long, besides I didn’t get the entire story in one day, this all happened over a period and I want you to live this period with our brave heroine. I know though that the main question on everybody’s mind is simply “did she survive?” And to answer that and put your minds at ease – Yes, she did. Another question you could be asking is “did her suffering end or did she continue to live her life between her house and hospital wards?”… To get the answer to this though, you have to continue reading…

This time, I got the rest of the story from her mother, in her own words… It showed me very clearly her own fears n suffering through her daughter’s suffering, at one point, it almost looked like she went through so much more and I certainly couldn’t have imagined it if I hadn’t gotten these words from her.

…Finally, I could let out a sigh of relief, I was so happy; we had finally found a solution. I remembered to shower at night as my beloved daughter was sleeping with no fear, I said my prayers, thanked God and went to sleep with my heart still crying out in absolute joy and thankfulness.

I slept peacefully for the first time in as long as I could remember; I slept so well, I actually had a dream. I woke up at 9:14am, Yes 9:14am, I remember exactly because I jumped up in alarm, thinking to myself what a bad mother I was, my daughter should have taken her drugs at 6:45am! I ran to her room as fast as I could and then ran back out with even more speed, for on my daughter’s bed, I saw a green swollen human, I called out to my neighbors…I dialed as many numbers as I could…I screamed for everyone to come and see this strange thing I was seeing. Of course I couldn’t admit it was my daughter, not even to myself because my daughter was a fair slim girl. There was absolutely no way this creature could be my daughter. I am thankful to people around who could think straight because I was completely handicapped by my fear and disbelief…”How could this have happened?” I kept wondering. She was taken into the bathroom, she was sweating and not breathing, they poured water on her head and she started coughing and for the first time – Blood.

We rushed to the hospital and she was taken into the emergency ward, her personal doctor wasn’t around but other doctors attended to her, within hours she came back to life with tears in her eyes and requested for food. For the first time in months, my daughter requested for food, I was told to give her anything that could be easily digested. I asked why her skin was green and was told that they were still running tests to determine exactly what it was but she would be fine, I didn’t believe them but I believed in God. I sat by her bed, holding her hand and praying non-stop, she would wake up at intervals shaking and crying and they said it was rigor. Various injections were administered at intervals.

Finally, there was one last test to run and they required sputum but my daughter wasn’t producing any, waiting for this, we had already been at the hospital for 3 weeks, the rigor was subsiding but there was still no sputum. The doctors informed me that if there was no progress in another five days, they might have to operate. At that point, I was ready for anything they could do to make my daughter feel better because I was tired of seeing her in that condition. I was finally convinced to go home to freshen up and rest a while after I had been with her at the hospital for 3 weeks.

Another week passed and still she didn’t produce any sputum but my God was with me and finally the rigor stopped. I fed my daughter with coconut and everything I could think of that could induce cough so that she would produce sputum but it was all to no avail. At this point, we had spent 2months in the hospital in a private ward where we paid so much money per day but we had help from friends, family and charities to keep up with the bills, infact one of the doctors also helped by conducting free tests.

ATLAST, we were moved to the general ward and the surgery was scheduled for a date about 6 days from then, I didn’t tell my daughter though because I knew she would be afraid and I just didn’t have the heart to add to all the burdens she already carried on her so-young shoulders. Surprisingly however, on the 5th day, she called to me and said “I think I just coughed out large blood-clotted sputum”… I had never been happier to see some disgusting sputum in my entire life, I cried out in joy, hugged her and ran to call the doctor, the test was finally carried out and with the results, she was asked to stop some of the drugs she had been taking and a few others prescribed.

She was  discharged after another week and we went home, my daughter was now fully well and could cook for me, eat whatever she liked and go where ever she wanted without an inhaler or anything but she was on drugs for 9months… It’s now been 3 years since she’s encountered any of those symptoms and she still goes for regular check-ups.

I took her back to our old doctor with her results and prescriptions just to let him know my daughter is fine.

She has since had no attacks or major illness and she’s back to being the strongest amongst her peers… …

hmm at long last, this young girl now a lady, is fine and healthy but in my intention to avoid further mistakes if not by all quacks but by the few I know, I went to the hospital with threats and they were able to fish out where the problem was it was the technician who got names wrong and also no serious cross- checks from the doctors.

I requested they pay a visit to the home and will do further investigation as how to make them pay back some money.


Watch out for more stories on the big apple but remember; we are all MADE…