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M’ade, it’s been 8years…8 years I’ve been struggling with this thing, but I’m alive so I am of the belief that things will be fine, am currently undergoing treatments, and things are beginning to change. Trying not to show the pity I was feeling and which she very obviously would not want to see in my eyes, I gave her a hug, held her for a while and urged her to go on with her story…

The first university she gained admission to was in the Northern part of Nigeria but her parents did not approve of her going there because of her health situation and the distance from home, admission opportunities had closed, so she had to stay home to help her mum and for a long while, to her utmost surprise and relief, she barely had attacks, so she became convinced that she was cured, she was grateful and happy, family and friends couldn’t help but be happy for her because it seemed to everyone that she had finally surmounted that mountain… Even after she gained admission into a school around her abode and started to attend classes from home, so that her health could be properly monitored because she had begun to have minor attacks, everyone was still thankful because after all, she hadn’t had a major attack in so long and these minor ones were probably as a result of the harmattan and she would manage them on her own without telling her parents.

She started to get the same treatment as she got in high school as friends and colleagues regarded her as a sickle cell patient (a fact that always made her cry)

One day, she got really sick and was taken to the school clinic and then referred to a private hospital outside school, the doctor asked for her medical history which she gave, after which he told her, “My dear I can tell you, you do not have asthma” Time stopped! Her mind screamed! She could hardly hold her own weight up! “Wh…what?!” She managed to find her voice, “Yes my dear, but I will refer you to specialists which I hope your parents can take you to”, fresh sadness filled her heart at the thought that once again she wasn’t sure what exactly her medical condition was and also knowing that seeing the specialist she’s been referred to would put a big strain on the family’s income.

Because she had always been a firm believer in the sciences and hard fact, not knowing what exactly was wrong with her caused her great pain n fear, she became more prayerful and gentle as death seemed to have drawn nearer to her, she would make friends and embrace enemies…

Unfortunately, on the last day of her exams, it rained heavily and badly affected her breathing, she could hardly take a breath and had to be rushed from the examination hall to a hospital. Hitherto, she missed the examination she had studied so hard for. At this point, this once-upon-a-time little girl who had been so very brave all of her life had been rushed to a hospital more times than she could count but she wept bitterly all through that night, not because of the pain she had felt or was feeling but because of the embarrassment of being carried out of the examination hall in the presence of her friends and classmates.

This very brave girl who I had totally fallen in love with at this point because of her strength and passion for life began to get depressed because of her situation and would cry all the time… She got a fever and avoided her mom in the house so she wouldn’t find out about the fever as she was tired of making her mother sad so much of the time, she self-medicated and couldn’t eat, she got very thin, on one fateful night, her mother noticed how weak and pale she looked, she felt her forehead and it was extremely hot. Her mother immediately called her uncle who came running and they drove her to specialist hospital that she had been referred to earlier… The nurses checked her temperature and she remembers them saying to her mother, “Do you want to kill your daughter?”, her mum in tears and anger asked “how?” The nurse replied “her temperature is at 45 degrees, she’s down with chronic fever”.
she was administered drugs and given injections, was asked to come for proper consultation the next morning and sent home.

She gave a heavy sigh and it was obvious that this next part was the most difficult part of the story for her to tell, I held her hands to remind her that I’m still there, physically and emotionally; her new journey into diagnosis started the very next day. Her parents were made to realize that they would have to pay monthly registration fees and fees for consultation is based on doctors, a female doctor who is still a part of her life today and who she loves very much still (she smiles at the thought) was assigned to her, a personal nurse was also assigned to her.
She started with several tests, she was to do a full medical checkup, everything was to be checked, down to her nails, if possible (she actually laughed out loud here), the last test was on a Friday and she was scheduled to see a doctor on Monday for all results, that weekend was the longest of her life, she wouldn’t sleep or eat, she would shed tears at random like she had received a death penalty, she couldn’t even decide which of the tests to be most afraid of; the HIV test, the diabetes (which her parents and grandparents all have), the liver function or any of the numerous tests that had been carried out, she was so confused and scared.
On Monday morning, she was quick to get ready and off they went, she and her mom, She entered the consultation room with apprehension and the doctor has a smile on her face that makes it impossible to even read her mind, two other doctors came into the room, and before our brave now-big girl could help it, tears fill her eyes because fear filled her heart as she wondered how serious her case must be that she would require 3 doctors, her mom held tightly unto her hands, much like I was doing now, she told me and said “my love, you will be fine”

The senior doctor then began speaking, he started by saying it was amazing that she had never coughed out blood, he told them that she didn’t have a heart problem, although history showed it had been swollen before but already corrected… Then he told them that she had some fluid in right lungs and it was already affecting the left… And then he gave the biggest blow of the day, telling them that the inhaler that had been prescribed to her by a doctor as the thing that would save her life and keep her safe had all this time been aggravating her problems, the doctor explained that the use of the inhaler causes the fluids in her lungs to clog and that was what was causing the pain in the chest that affected her breathing when she exerted herself, the doctor went further to explain that the relief she got from using the inhaler was only temporary because of the artificial oxygen provided, he said she also had several infections because the lung infection had been left untreated but that she would be fine. With a huge sigh of relief, she said “thank God” as she accepted another doctor’s diagnosis and then asked, “doctor, what exactly is wrong with me if it isn’t asthma because I’m confused”… the doctor said it was TB- tuberculosis but that her friends and neighbors were safe because she wasn’t coughing or vomiting blood and also that it was a miracle she had come just then because she had roughly 3months for her right lung to collapse completely.

Her mum just sat there in tears of pain that her daughter was going through all these and of joy that they finally knew what was wrong… they finally had a diagnosis. She asked what would be done and they were told that she would be placed on drugs for 2 months and if the fluid didn’t dry up, she would undergo a mini-surgery to extract the fluid, the brave girl was ready to face this with the same courage she had shown towards anything that life threw her way but then her consultant said there would be no need for surgery if she can adhere strictly to instructions on taking her drugs and she was happy.
She was administered drugs and was supposed to be observed strictly for the first 48hrs of usage… The drugs costs which was N15,000 per week was a huge expense for her family… Her mom kept getting the drugs though, no mater what…
Some side effects of the drugs, she had been informed was dizziness and lemon- green smelly urine but she was told that she would get used to it… She wondered how life would be when she returned to school and all but then decided that to be healthy was the most important thing of all…

When they got home, she had one of the best dinners ever, took her drugs and slept peacefully until the next day…

…Hmm, its a long story i know. but sincerely i think we all the need break  to prepare for the final story, did she wake up from that sleep? was she able to survive the drugs?, are this doctors going to prove doctors can save our lives?… let every lawyer be ready so we can know how many doctors we suing… lol or maybe there would be no need for that…


story by: anonymous

edited: @aeyeshadeedee